Paul Stanton: LP Florida Chair Marcos Miralles Must Resign

Email from Paul Stanton:

Greetings fellow Libertarians:

August 30th will mark the one-year anniversary of when you honored me as the winner of Florida’s first-ever statewide Libertarian primary, and Florida’s first third-party primary in nearly a century.  I was deeply humbled by the support shown to me, and thank everyone for helping us set records in 2016. After our huge strides forward, we must retool to make future gains even larger.

Unfortunately, 2017 has been hitting a few major hitches, and it’s time that we demand accountability from our leadership. Sadly, the Libertarian Party of Florida has largely stagnated since our convention in February.  We have lost activists, candidates, and many opportunities. To make matters worse, the lack of ethics and principles shown by Marcos Miralles is just sickening. On Friday, it appears that Marcos Miralles hacked an account of Char-Lez Braden, reading through his private messages and information. It is time for Marcos Miralles to resign.

Marcos Miralles began his race for Chair of the LPF with the support of Augustus Sol Invictus and Ryan Ramsey, both leaders in white supremacist groups, including the American Guard.  (The American Guard was one of the groups present in Charlottesville last weekend.)  Invictus was also a featured speaker at the Charlottesville white supremacist rally.  The support has not been one-sided.  Last year, Marcos Miralles provided a town hall for Invictus (as part of a campaign to stir up drama during the primary), the pictures from which are still used by the Miami Herald to associate our party with Invictus.  Additionally, he proudly displayed Ryan Ramsey’s endorsement on his website and appointed Ryan Ramsey to our Legislative Review Committee.  There is no place for white supremacy in the Libertarian Party of Florida.

Thankfully, there was a recent press release condemning the events in Charlottesville.  Unfortunately, Marcos Miralles has refused to condemn the white supremacists within our party, or recant his previous support.  Instead, he insists that he will “work with everybody” and has dismissed worries about white supremacists using our party to support their platform as “non sense,” despite the support of the previously-mentioned Libertarians, and despite the Libertarian Party of Florida’s representative to the Libertarian Party platform committee, Frank Caprio.  Caprio regularly makes very racist comments, including quotes white supremacist Bob Whitaker. I physically cringed when I read Marcos write: “The Libertarian Party of Florida will forever remain the safest home for all of those that fight for civil rights.”  As one of the Libertarian victims of violent threats and harassment (a Muslim mother of biracial children) stated, “The Libertarian Party was not a safe haven for me and many others like me.  It should be, by principle. […] But that’s not the present day reality.”  Sadly, she ended her participation with the party after concerns with the safety of her family. When she reached out to Miralles, she was ignored and blocked on social media.

To make matters worse, Marcos Miralles has unilaterally declared Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux, a foreign national, to be the “Chief of Staff” in the Libertarian Party of Florida, in clear violation of federal law, which could severely jeopardize the Libertarian Party of Florida, subjecting us to heavy FEC fines and complaints.  Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux may be most famous for the fraudulent 2012 presidential campaign, which resulted in The Boston Tea Party disbanding.  Additionally, he has made unlawful contributions to the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade, and serves in multiple leadership positions, once again in clear violation of federal law.  As a Libertarian, I oppose these federal laws on principle, but the reckless regard for our state party puts our donors’ funds in strict jeopardy.

Additionally, any criticism has been met with strict retaliation, often in violation of party rules. After sending an email suggesting we not work with white nationalists, Miralles attempted to remove me and another from committee appointments. When he was stopped from doing so, he unilaterally declared one committee to be “expired.” Such petty unethical actions should not be tolerated.  We need real leaders heading our party.

Tonight, I will be introducing a motion to the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee to remove Marcos Miralles from the Chairmanship for the August 18 hacking of a fellow Executive Committee member, and the unauthorized access of private information. Please join me in calling for the immediate resignation of Marcos Miralles.

Additionally, please join with me and the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party, Wes Benedict, in calling for all white supremacists to resign from the Libertarian Party.

You can listen in to the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee call tonight:  641-715-3580 Access Code: 624-367#

If you would like to make your voice heard, you can email Marcos Miralles at: or the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee at:

In liberty,

Paul Stanton
Libertarian nominee for US Senate, Florida (2016)
Libertarian Party of Florida Regional Representative (7)

IPR note:

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20 thoughts on “Paul Stanton: LP Florida Chair Marcos Miralles Must Resign

  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    To make matters worse, Marcos Miralles has unilaterally declared Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux, a foreign national, to be the “Chief of Staff” in the Libertarian Party of Florida, in clear violation of federal law

    Nope. Pierre is Miralles’s chief of staff, not the LPF’s. He holds no official position whatsoever in LPF and the violation of federal law is not only not “clear,” it’s non-existent.

    With respect to Invictus and Ramsey, Mr. Stanton wants Mr. Miralles removed for actions/positions that happened before the LPF, in convention, elected him.

    Or, to put it a different way, Mr. Stanton wants the LPF’s executive committee to rebel against the state convention and overturn an election result he doesn’t like, because he doesn’t like it.

    The executive committee met last night. I didn’t listen in, but I’m assuming his motion to remove Mr. Miralles failed.

  2. paulie

    I was also sent the following correspondence:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “josephawendt .”
    Date: Aug 20, 2017 12:44 PM
    Subject: Re: Platform Committee
    To: “Chair LPF”

    To Mr Miralles,

    Given that I’ve attended every Platform Committee meeting since I was appointed, I find your attempt to justify your actions as ridiculous. I have read your motion, and saw both your hypocritical logic (given that you’ve appointed one announced candidate for public office from your affiliate to a LPF committee) and outright lies against me.

    Given that you, as spokesman for the LPF, have already made a false accusation against me (that I allegedly called the police on an individual) on a public podcast (the Dankertarians), and that I have verified with Cocoa Beach PD that no such call or report was made, I am currently reviewing legal options against you (both civil and criminal). I will also be sending a Federal Election Commission compliant on Monday, regarding a non-citizen holding two decision making positions (precinct delegate and executive director) in the Miami-Dade affiliate, which violates the law.

    Given the previous sexually harassment of my campaign manager, the harassment of members of my campaign by you & your associates, and you’re public campaign to slander me, any further contact between you and members of my campaign staff will result in the campaign filing harassment & other appropriate charges against you with the appropriate law enforcement agency.

    I’ve tried to be civil to you, unfortunately you clearly lack the maturity or intellect to behave in an appropriate manner befitting the position you currently hold. Now I am forced to use more extreme measures.

    Joe Wendt

    On Aug 20, 2017 10:47 AM, wrote:
    Mr. Wendt,
    I wanted to inform you that the Executive Committee of the LPF will be voting on a motion to remove you from the Platform Committee this evening, in a simple attempt to clean house from members that have been inactive within the committee.

    Thank you for your time.

    Marcos Miralles, Chairman
    Libertarian Party of Florida

  3. Anthony Dlugos

    “On Friday, it appears that Marcos Miralles hacked an account of Char-Lez Braden, reading through his private messages and information.”

    Why not call the cops?

  4. Anthony Dlugos

    Fair enough.

    Joe’s e-mail appears to be more effective. Frankly, I’d just sic the authorities on them as an easier method of removing them from their positions. There’s no way white nationalist or white nationalist sympathizers don’t slip up and run afoul of the law a lot more than the typical “3 felonies a day” we all commit.

  5. paulie

    They also have a lot of friends and members in the ranks of law enfarcement. But again, that does not mean that is not one of the means by which they are being addressed.

  6. Joe Wendt

    I was calling for Marcos Miralles’ resignation before it was cool:

    On a personal note: I hope there are radical changes to the LPF EC. So far, there have been 5 resignation from the Executive Committee since Marcos’ election, party activity has stagnated, Marcos refuses to communicate with other EC members, and Marcos seem more concerned with more self-aggrandizing pursuits (such as traveling to Freedom Fest) than actually doing his job. Marcos is fiddling while the LPF burns. I do hope Marcos does resign, so the party can move forward and regained the momentum we’ve lost under Marcos.

  7. Anthony Dlugos


    What’s his endgame here? Does he just want to be a Little Napoleon?

    You don’t need to be the chair of a state LP in order to get to Freedom Fest. How much is a flight to Vegas from anywhere?

    If anything, the time commitment would appear to be more of a hindrance.

  8. Joe Wendt

    Anthony Dlugos,

    I don’t know what his endgame is, or could comprehend what he is thinking. However, based on his actions so far, it seems he just cares more about his own image than actually ensuring a functional party in Florida.

  9. Anthony Dlugos

    “it seems he just cares more about his own image…”

    A guy concerned about his own image taking leadership of a state affiliate of a third party and making it smaller and less functional. Doesn’t sound too bright. He would have been better off making a funny dog video and posting it on youtube.

  10. paulie

    If he does not resign or get removed, neither of which seems likely at this time, how much are you doing to ensure a different outcome at the next convention?

  11. Thomas L. Knapp

    Mr. Miralles was presumably elected on the basis of the plan/vision that he carefully laid out in his campaign. He made no secret of who his allies were, and he was elected fair and square anyway.

    So far as I can tell, he is in fact pursuing the agenda he said he was going to pursue.

    If there’s evidence of actual malfeasance, e.g. the hacking allegation, that’s one thing. Going after him on these other accusations — especially the bullshit accusation about his “chief of staff,” which has precisely zero merit of any kind — is nothing but an attempt to overturn an election result that his accusers don’t like.

  12. Joe Wendt

    @ Paulie,

    Right now, I am focused on my Senate campaign, so I am not doing too much myself. I will support and work with candidates who also agree that the LPF is heading in the wrong direction and want to replace the incumbent leadership in 2019 (the year of the next LPF Chair election).

  13. Paul

    After over five hours of (what seemed like dilatory) motions (primarily by the chair), my motions were postponed until the next meeting. The motions are to create an investigative special committee to investigate the chair for the 8/18 hacking allegation and to suspend him until the special committee gives its recommendation.

    I am not trying to remove him for his alliances with white nationalists or other such things – as there is no precedence or mechanism for such action. I am of course asking him to resign for a variety of reasons.

    As far as the “chief of staff,” that was not the title that I made up. I have received several messages from Pierre where he assigns himself what appears to be an official LPF title. “Chief of Staff” implies decision-making capacity within the party, which is a violation of federal law, which translates into fines and other legal action. Thankfully, last night there was a motion to legitimize such titles. It failed. As the title appears to clearly be illegitimate now, it hopefully should not be a problem but it was incredibly reckless nonetheless.

  14. Thomas L. Knapp


    Let me be as clear as I can here:

    There was never any legitimate controversy over Pierre as “chief of staff.”

    It was not, and was never advertised as, any kind of official LPF position.

    The whole thing was Know-Nothing Immigrant-Baiting horseshit that it’s hard to imagine you not knowing better than to stoop to.

  15. JT

    Why doesn’t Paul Stanton resign? I never hear about him doing anything to advance libertarian ideas. All he ever does is attack White nationalists. So does every leftist on the planet, but so what? I have no idea where he stands on any other issue. He could be a Marxist Leninist for all I know.

  16. Thomas L. Knapp


    You not paying attention to what Paul Stanton does is not the same as Paul Stanton not doing things.

    I sometimes disagree with Mr. Stanton on strategy, and in particular he and I don’t see eye to eye on the role of the executive committee versus the decisions of the state convention.

    On the other hand, although he saved the Libertarian Party of Florida’s bacon from the embarrassment of having Augustus Invictus on its ballot line last year, he’s right that there’s still work to do in removing the “white nationalist” cancer from the party.

  17. JT

    What are his other views? What does he do to promote them? The only time he is ever mentioned here, he’s talking about pro-Whites. Does he support lower taxes? Gun rights? Less regulation? Bringing the troops home? If he does, why do we never have see anything posted here about any of these other positions? It’s all antifa posturing and intra-party squabbling 100% of the time with this guy…again, judging by the times he pops up here or anywhere else I have seen.

  18. Thomas L. Knapp


    If IPR is your only source of political information, that’s your fault, not IPR’s or Paul Stanton’s. But here, let me help. From Wikipedia’s account of his Senate campaign platform:

    Stanton will propose to cut taxes for companies with less than $500,000 in revenue completely, and work to reduce taxation for all businesses as much as possible. He supports the immediate decriminalization of all drugs, and the end of mandatory-minimum sentencing for drug-related offenses. Stanton advocates eliminating FICA taxes for all workers under the poverty line and believes direct charitable help to the poor should be encouraged, and that this can be done by instituting a dollar-for-dollar tax rebate for charitable donations. He advocates a complete and full audit of the Federal Reserve, and will oppose all efforts to provide weapons to foreign governments and insurgent groups. He has stated that he wants to help fix environmental problems in Florida by ending subsidies to the Big Sugar industry.

    If you bother to read that article, you’ll find that he had a past activist record of protesting the TSA porno scanners and suing a government airport over its anti-free-speech policies.

    As far as him being against “pro-white” groups, aka white nationalists, aka authoritarian racist nationalists, and wanting to cleanse the Libertarian Party of their influence, well, yes, he is. That pretty much definitionally comes with the label “libertarian.” And someone has to take out the garbage.

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