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FL: Augustus Invictus campaigns in front of white nationalist skinhead music banner

Krzysztof Lesiak at A3PR:

On December 10th, controversial Florida Libertarian Party U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus gave a speech at a locale called Shanty Town. Interestingly, there was a Rock Against Communism banner visible on display behind him, which is a musical genre that encompasses white nationalist and hardcore neo-Nazi bands and song lyrics. Invictus has in the past disputed claims that he is a neo-Nazi, even though his campaign insignia very closely resembles a fascist eagle clutching fasces.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to Thane Eichenauer in the comments for pointing out that the text of this speech is also available at

A rich man drives his luxury car up to the poor farmer, and he says, “I’m here from the bank. The bank is taking your land back because you failed to make your payments.”

The farmer says, “I’ve got nothing left but this land, and it’s hard enough to grow anything on it just for me and my family. Now get out of here or I’ll shoot you!”

The rich man says it’s not him who is forcing the farmer off the land, but the bank. He was sent there by someone sitting at a desk in the city.

“Then I’ll go and shoot him!” says the farmer.

“Well you can’t shoot him,” says the rich man. “He’s just doing his job, just like me.”

The farmer, exasperated, throws up his hands and yells:



We have the same problem, brothers & sisters. We are farmers tilling barren ground so that we have just enough – if we’re lucky.

And the Federal Government is the rich man in the luxury car, driving up on our farm and telling us:

We are taking back your right to freedom of speech.

We are taking back your right to freedom of association.

We are taking back your right to bear arms.

We are taking back your right against warrantless searches.

We are taking back your right to due process of law.

And God forbid you fail to make your payments to the IRS: We will take everything you have.

Yes, we face the same problem as that poor farmer, brothers & sisters. The rich man says, “It’s not us, the federal agents, who are taking these things from you. It’s the folks in Washington, the Senators & Representatives, the President & Vice President, the Supreme Court Justices: they sent us here to take your rights away.”

And if we, like the poor farmer, were to say, “Okay, well let’s shoot them, then!” the federal agents would say to us, “Well you can’t shoot them, they’re just doing their jobs, just like us.”



Our enemies are those who direct the policies of the Federal Government; and our enemies are faceless. This is exactly how they want it: They know exactly who we are. They have us on watchlists; they have our home addresses, our pictures, information on our jobs, our families, our shopping habits. But they cannot be discovered.

So I will name our enemies.

The mainstream media: CNN MSNBC, Fox News, and the rest, those that sell lies about us to the gullible public

The financial machine: the Federal Reserve, the banks, the IRS, those who destroy our nation’s wealth so that they can get richer

The propagandists: the communists, the Marxist professors & the think tanks, those who poison the minds of Our Fellow Americans so that they will believe in nothing anymore

The Federal Government itself: the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court, those who are turning America into an internationalist, communist country by force

Make no mistake: the Federal Government has turned hostile toward us, the American people.

Why, less than two months ago, the Department of Justice stated that nationalists, white racialists, anarchists, and those with anti-government views are a bigger threat to America than ISIS.

That means every single one of us in this room is considered a bigger threat to our own country than the people being bombed in Iraq & Syria. Think about that. If the Federal Government has no qualms whatsoever about bombing schools & hospitals over there where ISIS is, why do you think they’re going to show your children and your women any quarter when they come after us?

That is why I saw & I say again: Prepare for war.

Make no mistake about it: the Federal Government has turned hostile toward us, the American people.

One hundred years ago, Woodrow Wilson sold our country out to the internationalist bankers – and every day for a century the Federal Government has done their bidding, and every day for a century we have marched further and further toward communism. Why today, even the word “nationalism” is a profanity – even amongst our fellow Libertarians.

This disease has spread so far & wide that it is now deep within our culture. But while the Federal Government may be beyond saving, our nation is not. And that is why I say and I say it again: Fight for your country, not for your Government.

Make no mistake: the Federal Government has turned hostile toward us, the American people. And we now find ourselves forced to choose – between loyalty to the Federal Government and the freedom of the American people.


War is coming. And when it does, the mainstream media must be the first targets. For if they call you traitors and terrorists now, and the American people believe it – what lengths will they go to in order to poison the minds of the very people you are fighting for?

I know that it’s scary to think about. I have to worry every single night whether this will be the night the FBI breaks in my front door and hauls me off as a political prisoner, like Marcus Faella; or whether they will simply burn my house down with me inside, like Robert J. Mathews, who died at 31 years of age 31 years ago tonight.

I know that it’s scary to think about. But hiding your heads in the sand and letting the Government know you are good subjects won’t change a goddamn thing. What makes us think that we are immune to history? What makes us so gullible to believe that all the civil wars and government massacres and oppressive regimes are things of the past, things that we and our children will never see?

You already live under an oppressive regime – you are just too distracted by your televisions to realize it.

Our people already are being massacred by the Government – but it is more comfortable to swallow the official story the media gives us.

Civil war is already here – we just haven’t woken up to the fact that the military helicopters, the armored personnel carriers, the cops in tactical gear with assault rifles are not on our streets to protect us from the Russians and the Chinese and ISIS and al Qaeda: they are here to protect the System from us.


Now, let me open your eyes to just one last thing: It is our fault that this country is where it is today. It is your fault, and it is mine. We allowed this to happen when we looked the other way as the Government began its War on Terror. We allowed this to happen when we said we were too smart to vote, because the choice is always bullshit, and the candidates are all the same. We allowed this happen when we were too proud to get involved in politics, because politics is dirty & it’s violent & we don’t want anything to do with these scumbags. We allowed this to happen when we said, “The Democrats did it,” or “The Republicans screwed this up,” because we were pushing the responsibility off of ourselves and onto someone we could not hold accountable.

Yes, the Democrats have taken away your freedoms. Yes, so have the Republicans. Yes, the media has brainwashed the American people. Yes, the banks & the government officials are bloodsucking parasites.

But we would not have lost our freedoms if we had risen up to fight for them.

We would not be brainwashed if we would simply stop swallowing it.

We would not be on the verge of national collapse if we had not allowed the banks & the Government to eat us out of house & home.

So when that rich man drives his luxury car up on your farm and tells you, “I’m here to take your land,” you need to recruit him, and show him the error of his ways, and ask him to fight for the American people. And if he still decides to keep his job and do the bidding of the bank – then you know who to shoot.


My name is Augustus Invictus, and I am a candidate for United States Senate. I thank you for your support, and I look forward to fighting by your side in the coming year.

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  1. Darcy G Richardson Darcy G Richardson January 21, 2016

    “It’s been said that politics is the highest form of the performing arts.” — Marc Restivo

    That may be partly true, but in this case the delusional artist appears determined to turn the Libertarian Party of Florida into some sort of theater of the absurd.

  2. Darcy G Richardson Darcy G Richardson January 20, 2016

    “Will Hass, nailed it! I’ve personally met Mr. Invictus, before the Senate campaign, and even then he was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.” — Hermes Autocorrect

    For an Olympian god, you apparently don’t get out too often — unless, of course, by “interesting” you really mean “bizarre.”

  3. Marc Restivo Marc Restivo January 20, 2016

    I think we need to compare the bland, establishment “egghead” Libertarian candidate with Augustus Sol Invictus. Uh, Thomas Knapp? Ugh! Darryl W Perry, decent but he hasn’t caught on in a big way. It’s been said that politics is the highest for of the performing arts. If that’s true, then his competition better quickly come up with something more original.

  4. Hermes Autocorrect Hermes Autocorrect January 20, 2016

    Will Hass, nailed it! I’ve personally met Mr. Invictus, before the Senate campaign, and even then he was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

  5. Will Hass Will Hass January 20, 2016

    So,instead of meeting& asking the man his politics…face to face & eye to eye,you’ve chosen to sit on a message board and speculate. YOU’RE what’s wrong with people these days. Gossip mongering someone who just wants to help his fellow Floridians…not a sociopath or someone trying to become rich or feed their ego. Yet the amount of audacity I’ve seen from people on here leads me to believe that the LP has become the new home for disgruntled or tail-covering liberals. I guess it’s easier to sit behind a keyboard and pontificate then to hit the pavement & make a change…one person at a time. It seems that too many have forgotten to support the IDEALS. And as a former lifelong resident of Florida,no one here has the right to be judgemental about anything… Keep dumping on a guy who wants to actually IMPROVE things in Florida. #Assclowns

  6. Wang Tang-Fu Wang Tang-Fu December 30, 2015

    Central planning doesn’t work any better within the party than it does in government.

  7. Caryn Ann Harlos Caryn Ann Harlos December 30, 2015


    ==The bylaws require the LNC to “respect the autonomy” of its state affiliates. As we’ve seen with Oregon, there’s a faction (of which I am a part) that’s very sensitive about that.==

    Of which I am a part too…

  8. paulie paulie December 30, 2015

    Copying from an earlier thread:

    Earlier we talked about Raquel Okyay being the hypothetical “missing link” between Stone and Invictus. A few days ago, I spoke with Ken Moellman who attended an LP Florida event. Invictus was there with his campaign manager. Ken did not remember the campaign manager’s name but did note that the man was a big Trump fan and a non-libertarian Republican. Okyay is also a Trump fan.

    So Invictus is surrounded by Trump fans as his campaign staff, and Stone is an advisor to and supporter of and decades long associate and friend of Trump. Stone also is known for decades of setting up dummy opposition to make himself and his clients seem less bad and thus more acceptable and electable by comparison, going back to at least high school.

  9. steve m steve m December 30, 2015

    to extrapolate a touch further… exposing potential candidates to the broader population and engaging in editorializing about them is a very legitimate function of members of the fourth estate… such as IPR.

  10. paulie paulie December 30, 2015

    I agree with Steve M. This is a matter for the Florida LP exec comm and concerned Libertarians in Florida. LP members from around the country are more than welcome to contact their own friends or even strangers in Florida, but the national LP would be justifiably accused of butting in where it doesn’t belong. Furthermore, it would not be a good precedent for the national party to take sides in a primary contest within a state, nor does the national party have the bandwidth to do this effectively. A mere link to a candidate put out by the national LP isn’t enough to generate 10k in donations; and a direct appeal to contribute to the candidate may not even be legal. Plus, candidates from all over the country would expect the same for themselves, and it would turn into a giant mess.

    Bottom line: this is an issue for Floridians to sort out, even if it does constitute a national embarrassment, and I agree that it does.

  11. steve m steve m December 30, 2015

    There is a difference between funding a potential candidate and encouraging people to run for specific offices.

    I certainly think that the LNC should be looking for good candidates to run for President. I certainly think that State Parties should be looking for good candidates for US Senate, Governor, Treasurer and other state wide jobs. Dito for local organizations finding candidates for state representative, congress, city council etc.

    Having a candidate search committee is a good legitimate function of political parties. But that is different then funding candidates before the primaries.

    I also think it is a function of political parties to help potential candidates set up their committees, and get their state and federal paper work inline. Again this should be a service provided to all potential candidates.

    Picking the party candidates should be a function for the registered voters (ideally) or at least picking them by convention and not picking them by a small party committee.

    So in my opinion it is a legitimate action of the Florida LP executive committee to be out looking for their senatorial candidates and if the happen to find one that is good and not just an anybody but Invictus then I hope that other Floridians jump on the candidates bandwagon and advertise their need for support from outside the Florida LP coffers. Then I and others may reach into our wallets and help… but not through the party accounts.

  12. NewFederalist NewFederalist December 29, 2015

    “…but maybe the LP & LPF really are as inept and useless as they appear to be.” – Austin Cassidy


  13. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy December 29, 2015


    That’s fine, I certainly wouldn’t be able to debate by-laws with you. Any money invested in this could be quite minimal (sub-$10,000) and would be to avoid further embarrassment from this “Invictus” guy.

    But whatever — it’s not my problem. I hope something will happen to challenge this guy, but maybe the LP & LPF really are as inept and useless as they appear to be.

  14. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp December 29, 2015


    The bylaws require the LNC to “respect the autonomy” of its state affiliates. As we’ve seen with Oregon, there’s a faction (of which I am a part) that’s very sensitive about that. Back in 2002 (I think it was), the LNC gave substantial money to a candidate in Massachusetts when that candidate was not yet even the LP’s nominee for office, thus putting its finger on the scales concerning who the party would nominate. That also raised hackles on the autonomy front.

    Aside from those concerns, if LPF is not strong enough to generate good candidates and choose those candidates as nominees, it’s also not strong enough to take advantage of having a good slate. Which would make LNC money for its campaigns a mal-investment.

  15. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy December 29, 2015

    The national officers ought to have the sense to talk to the party officers in Florida and work together toward recruiting a candidate or two.

    The national LP has, in the past, gotten involved in promoting and providing funding to candidates beyond the Presidential ticket. It’s not unprecedented.

    And I know I’ve gotten multiple generic appeals from the party to consider running for office as a Libertarian, via email and regular mail. They’re not entirely above candidate recruitment.

    A letter or mass email targeting Florida Libertarians wouldn’t be too much to ask for.

    Just explain the unique situation — the likely chance that Florida Libertarians will have a statewide primary next year for U.S. Senate. Offer a phone number of someone who could counsel potential Libertarian candidates on the fees and paperwork requirements to get on the ballot. It’s education. If someone steps forward and takes the plunge, make sure they get a nice article on the blog and social media accounts… including a link to their campaign website to help drive some donations.

    If it’s beyond the LNC’s capabilities to gently help the LPF find a non-nuts candidate for one of the highest profile U.S. Senate races in the country for 2016, then the LNC isn’t worth very much. I hope that’s not the case.

  16. paulie paulie December 28, 2015

    I don’t see, e.g., a new round of goat-killer stories coming out of Orlando

    That depends on whether something is done to prompt such a round, for example a terrorist incident of round of arrests by federal agents of a group planning terrorist incidents that directly or tangentially involves Invictus…or some other stunt like another goat sacrifice or whatever else.

  17. Andy Craig Andy Craig December 28, 2015

    I know. I was just being flippant. I agree this in particular isn’t really something they could do. I also think LPF’s drama will more impact their ability to capitalize on hosting the national convention, as opposed to somehow embarrassing the national party. I don’t see, e.g., a new round of goat-killer stories coming out of Orlando, or much interest at all in LPF matters from those there to attend and cover the national convention & presidential nomination.

    Though… if somebody at the LNC in their personal capacity happened to help recruit a candidate and referred them to our state party, you wouldn’t hear any complaints from me about it, particularly if we were in need of a ticket-topper. Point taken that’s not generally speaking their job, however. The only candidate campaigns that are the national party’s responsibility, are for Pres/VP.

  18. paulie paulie December 28, 2015

    One would think and hope the LNC would do a great many things the LNC does not do.

    It’s very limited in its scope by the bylaws, LNC policy manual, Roberts Rules, and a large committee membership pulling in different directions trying to direct a very small and overburdened office staff and raise enough money to keep the lights on.

    Between BCRA aka McCain-Feingold and the independent streak of Libertarians, most state LPs (including Florida) have asked the LNC/HQ to butt out of their local affairs.

  19. paulie paulie December 28, 2015

    That’s not really something the LNC does. It’s up to the Libertarians in Florida to do that.

  20. Andy Craig Andy Craig December 28, 2015


    One would think and hope the LNC would do a great many things the LNC does not do.

  21. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy December 28, 2015

    With the party’s national convention set to be held in the Sunshine State next year, one would think (and hope) that the Libertarian National Committee would make a real effort to recruit and support a legitimate LP candidate for Senate in Florida.

  22. steve m steve m December 28, 2015

    Power in the darkness
    Frightening lies from the other side
    Power in the darkness
    Stand up and fight for your rights

  23. steve m steve m December 28, 2015

    Freedom from the niggers and the Pakis and the unions
    Freedom from the Gipsies and the Jews
    Freedom from leftwing layabouts and liberals
    Freedom from the likes of you”

  24. steve m steve m December 28, 2015

    No thanks. I’ll fight for my FREEDOM, not for your “country.”

    All I ask is everyone be careful, that their freedom doesn’t infringe upon the liberties of others.

  25. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp December 28, 2015

    “… your children and your women …”

    Does Augustus explicitly state his view of children and women as the property of men anywhere, or does he just implicitly tease it like this without coming out and saying it?

    “Fight for your country, not for your Government.”

    No thanks. I’ll fight for my FREEDOM, not for your “country.”

    “Why today, even the word ‘nationalism’ is a profanity – even amongst our fellow Libertarians.”

    Correction #1: “Even” should be “especially.”
    Correction #2: Somehow the words “our fellow” got stuck in there, where they obviously don’t belong.

  26. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt December 27, 2015

    Thanks for your answer, Thane. I wish he’d returned my interview questions.

  27. Wang Tang-Fu Wang Tang-Fu December 27, 2015

    Thank you Thane Eichenauer. I updated the post with the text of the speech.

  28. Bondurant Bondurant December 27, 2015

    No one, to my knowledge, has expressed a shred of interest in running for the US Senate in AZ even before the ballot access laws were gamed by the GOP.

  29. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer December 27, 2015

    I haven’t heard of anybody in Arizona that was willing to run for US Senator for Arizona even with the old law. As for None of the Above I wasn’t aware that was a listed choice in Florida apart from simply not voting for the office. If a person doesn’t vote I don’t think many people are going to notice (though Ernest Hancock might disagree with me on that).

  30. Andy Andy December 27, 2015

    None Of The Above is a better choice for the LP of FL than Invictus.

  31. Andy Andy December 27, 2015

    Thane, are there no LP candidates in Arizona in 2016 due to that law that got passed which increases the petition signature for LP candidates in Arizona to get on the primary ballot (the presidential candidates are exempt from this)?

  32. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer December 27, 2015

    Apart from the Robert Jay Mathews commemoration, his campaign web site is worth looking at and discussing with others. I don’t recall any other campaign web site with a “Library” page.

    He doesn’t make a secret of his commemoration of Mathews.

    I don’t know of any other declared Libertarian Party candidate for US Senator for Florida. He is unrepentantly against the current US government foreign policy of invasion and occupation. If he is able to qualify for the ballot and bring that issue into active discussion in Florida would that not be praiseworthy?
    His issues page has a section on the Non-Aggression Principle which seems to have a good handle on what libertarian principles are all about.

    I don’t live in Florida and cannot vote for Augustus Sol Invictus. I haven’t met the man.

    Here in Arizona there is no declared Libertarian Party candidate for the 2016 election. I have a hard time believing that a complete absence of information and candidacy is going to promote Libertarian ideals more than the entire effort Invictus has put forward so far. Maybe, maybe I am wrong.

    If someone wanted to learn all the reasons why not to vote for Augustus Sol Invictus there is at this moment plenty of sources for people to draw unfavorable reviews of him.

    Maybe We the People of Florida would be better off if Alan Grayson were elected US Senator from Florida in 2016. He has a surprisingly agreeable foreign policy position.

    In closing thank you for asking the question. I appreciate the opportunity to offer my thoughts on the Invictus campaign.

  33. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt December 27, 2015

    Thane, what is it about this guy that leads you to support him (Invictus)?

  34. steve m steve m December 27, 2015

    Tom Robinson Band – Power in the Darkness

    Today, institutions fundamental
    To the British system of government are under attack
    The public schools, the house of lords
    The church of England, the holy institution of marriage

    Even our magnificent police force are no longer safe
    From those who would undermine our society

    And it’s about time we said ‘Enough is enough’
    And saw a return to the traditional British values of discipline
    Obedience, morality and freedom
    What we want is

    Freedom from the reds and the blacks and the criminals
    Prostitutes, pansies and punks
    Football hooligans, juvenile delinquents
    Lesbians and left wing scum

  35. Caryn Ann Harlos Caryn Ann Harlos December 27, 2015

    Nice. By that I mean, terrible.

  36. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp December 27, 2015

    If it’s the same speech I watched awhile back, he also commemmorates the anniversary of the death of neo-Nazi terrorist Bob Mathews (of The Order) as if Mathews was some kind of innocent anti-government martyr rather than the murdering fascist scumbag he actually was.

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