David Earl Williams III Speech, “Solution to Chicago’s Gang Violence”

On October 20th, 2018, David Earl Williams III, candidate for Alderman in Chicago’s 48th ward – spoke in front of a crowd of 31 attendees for 46 minutes at the College of Complexes on his “Solution to Chicago’s Gang Violence.”

He spoke fiercely against stop-and-frisk and the use of the National Guard to quell Chicago’s on-going violence. As an alternative, he spoke about cost effective measures such as: full legalization of Marijuana, decriminalization of harder drug substances, cracking down on illegal guns & more Active Shooter alarms installed in schools, ceasing with public school closures on the South & West side, encourage ex-gang members who want a 2nd chance in life to join the U.S military or Illinois National guard, and further promote ex-felons rights to vote in Illinois.

10 thoughts on “David Earl Williams III Speech, “Solution to Chicago’s Gang Violence”

  1. Terrell

    Common sense is rare in Chicago. Mr. Williams good luck in your election. The city needs change.

  2. Kevin

    He’s right. Tough policing has led to police brutality. The incumbent in the 48th ward is a bootlicker.

  3. Jim

    Stop and frisk can also cause resentment and non-cooperation with police even by people who aren’t criminals.

  4. Ian

    Illinois legalizing recreational Marijuana would benefit the state, and less Minority fathers in jail

  5. Jeff

    I sympathize with him on not wanting to be involved in these political parties. Always vote for the person you believe in. These parties suck.

  6. Sarah

    Conservatives are afraid to talk about mental health when it comes to guns. They’ll attack Chicago’s Southside when it’s convenient. Mental health should be a priority in this country

  7. Karen Mac Leish

    From the news magazine, THE WEEK: Ecuador’s once soaring homicide rate has plummeted 70% over the last eight years thanks to better policing and an innovative outreach to gangs.
    Law enforcement reforms–higher pay for officers, more training, a focus on community have helped reduce the carnage. Also…a gang legalization program which let’s gangs operate openly as long as they quit crime. Instead, gangs get training in computers and even food service–the Latin Kings now run a business called Kings Catering.

  8. James Schubert

    David, I honor you and thank you for your service to our country. I back your theories 110%! It’s great to have you as alderman in the neighborhood I’ve called home for over 20 years. I’ll back you up all the way to being our country’s next great president.

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