Tues 12/4/18: A call with Nicholas Sarwark


Thank you for your interest in our December 4, 2018 conference call on “an outlook on the Libertarian Party in 2019.” Nicholas Sarwark, the Libertarian Party’s Chairman, will be the featured speaker on this one-hour call.

Please fill out the below fields and we will send you an email with the call-in details.

Form at https://libertarianparty.typeform.com/to/RDnsOP, facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/531133597386042/533387777160624/.

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  1. paulie Post author

    Jess Mears

    2:16 PM (24 minutes ago)

    Good afternoon,

    This is a reminder that you had RSVPed for a conference call this
    evening with Nicholas Sarwark, Libertarian National Committee Chairman.

    Below are the details for the call:

    Tuesday, December 4, 2018
    6pm Pacific
    7pm Mountain
    8pm Central
    9pm Eastern

    Dial-in: 515-604-9600
    Access Code: 615126

    Please note: some cell providers (such as TMobile) ask for a fee to
    enter this call. The call is provided at no charge by the Libertarian
    Party. If you use TMobile, we recommend joining the call via the
    internet. The access link is http://www.freeconferencecall.com/join/lpdevelopment

    We hope you are able to join us on the call.


  2. paulie Post author

    Libertarian Party shared a link.
    Published by Libertarian Party · Just now ·

    The call will start in [18] minutes. It is never too late to RSVP. Well, after the call would be too late, but you still have time as of this moment.

  3. paulie Post author

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Ballot status in 34 states already for 2020, a record. Includes many hard ones like New York and Oklahoma. But yes 16 states to go

    Many of our candidates came very close in 2018. Looking to expand that for next time, and start candidate recruitment now.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Party has passed a balanced budget while preserving core programs. Looking to expand as we get more support.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Yes some disappointment in the election results but we also learned more about what works, and we are positioning ourselves well for 2020.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: can we do more to define libertarian since most people don’t know what it means?
    A: I always say don’t hurt people don’t take their stuff. We do want to develop a branding campaign to put our own spin rather than being defined by others.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: what is our strategic plan for the next 3 election cycles?
    A: we do for the next 2 cycles but fuzzy beyond that. A lot of building infrastructure so we don’t slide back. Delegates should keep political environment in mind when picking candidates, contrasting with the D or R candidates. We always need to reevaluate after each election to identify new opportunities and challenges.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: is the LP a good fit for young voters?
    A: absolutely. Polls show as the voters are younger, our percentage goes up. At one point Gary Johnson polled at 25% with 18-25 voters. We don’t make people pay their dues for 40 years before doing things of meaning or import. We also don’t make young people compromise their values.

    Daniel Fishman Also we’re the only ones not making a mountain of government debt for young people to pay off
    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: how can I help the party other than by donating?
    A: We have lots of activists with lots of skills we can leverage, that are more valuable than the money they can contribute. We have set up more subcommittees to use those skills, such as convention voting to get our business done faster and youth engagement to reach new voters. We also need lots of people to help with campaigns.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: how do we convince voters a third party is viable?

    A: Republicans are very limited in what they can do in deep blue states. It’s an opportunity to run more candidates than them and become the second party. DC for instance ran a full slate and did better than the Republicans this year.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman (Jeff gives me a high five for the DC shout-out)

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: Why is ballot access important?
    A: We are the only entity in the libertarian movement who contests elections and you need ballot access for that. Reporters don’t pay attention to you unless you’re on the ballot and the Dems and Reps cheat to keep ou…See More

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: What is party doing to increase brand awareness?
    A: Candidates are doing a lot of this on the ground. Straight ticket voting enables people to just vote all D or all R which is a challenge. We need to build a brand of being a strong alternative option for voters.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: Can you shout out to Ohio Libertarians?
    A: Yay Ohio

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: Are they any plans to do research as to why we get the election results we do?
    A: We’ve done polling on what people like or don’t like about us. All politics is local though and the best knowledge comes from your neighbors and canvassing to see what people say is important, why they would or wouldn’t vote for us. Nationally we can aggregate this and find out what issues are important for people in different places.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: Targeting purple congressional districts?
    A: might not be the best targets. Lot of money gets showered on those districts.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: Why support LP and not libertarian think tanks and groups?
    A: you can do both but we’re the only ones competing in elections

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: Should birth rights be a major issue for us?

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: can we get help recruiting candidates?
    A: Yes contact Cara Schulz

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: are we reaching out to Generation Z?
    A: we should try to capture the entire post millennial generation. We need to reach them in channels they’re familiar with and in a language they’re comfortable with. We have to be willing to say stuff that is attractive to this group even if it puts off the older generations.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: Who is running for President in 2020?
    A: Kokesh, Vohra, Ruff. A few more who done things that look like they’re laying groundwork. And some who have contacted me privately for advice on how to do it.

    Daniel Fishman Ben Leder for President has announced too

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Q: How do we make clear that equality is not at odds with freedom?
    A: Harrison Bergeron equality where we force everyone to be equal in outcome is damaging to society. We support equality of opportunity, equality of dignity, equality of rules, equality before the law. Freedom creates the right kind of equality and leads to better outcomes.

    Joe Bishop-Henchman Join! I have a referral link: http://lp.org/wethepeople/?f=jbh

    Joe Bishop-Henchman End of call! Have a good night everyone.

  4. Starchild

    I would’ve been on the call if the call-in information and access code had been sent out directly, instead of unnecessarily requiring people to register*. I called LPHQ to ask for the info, but nobody got back to me. Disappointing.

    *This was a matter of principle – I believe our stance as a party should be “individual privacy, institutional transparency”.

    But thanks to Joe for the live-blogging. I’m wondering whether they did as I’ve repeatedly suggested and allowed people to ask questions directly during the call, or whether the questions were filtered through a moderator.

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  6. paulie Post author

    Unfortunately didn’t see this post on IPR listing the call-in info until after the fact.

    See the recording at the pingback.

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