James Jobe to run for VA House 96 Libertarian Nomination

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James Jobe is a 22 year old resident of James City County Virginia. Despite his youth, Jobe has been very politically active. In 2016 Jobe ran a Write In Candidacy for the US Presidency under the Justice For Harambe Party, and plans to do so again in 2020 under the Seize the Memes of Production Banner. While Jobe intended to run as an Independent, after meeting with a local Libertarian Party affiliate, he decided to reenter the race as a Libertarian candidate, possibly forgoing a future Independent Run.

While Jobe has endorsed many prominent Progressives such as Bernie Sanders, he has also supported Libertarians like Gary Johnson and Cliff Hyra. The limits of a State Delegate are reflected in Jobe’s platform, which is not necessarily Leftist or Libertarian in nature but rather more of an Anti Two-Party System in Nature, due to him advocating for:

  • Ending Gerrymandering by giving redistricting power to a nonpartisan body
  • Instituting Term Limits for General Assembly
  • Limiting Campaign Contributions
  • Legalizing Marijuana and Decriminalizing other Drugs
  • Make it easier for third parties to be state recognized, obtain automatic ballot access, and hold primaries
  • And ending Civil forfeiture

While Jobe’s candidacy is obviously a long shot like most Third Party candidates, it has the potential of bringing a Progressive/Libertarian alliance in Virginia, albeit a small one.

Jobe’s campaign website can be found here.

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