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CANADA: October 2019 Elections Approaching

The general election in October will be keeping Libertarian Party of Canada busy this year!

With this in mind, I want to take this opportunity to fill you in on some of the events happening in 2019.

  • Congratulations to our York-Simcoe by-election candidate Keith Komar. Keith represented the party well and received 0.6% of the vote. That may not sound like a lot, but we didn’t run a candidate in that riding in 2015, and he was up against 8 other candidates. Keith plans to run again in York-Simcoe this October, so he will be able to build on his experience and name in this riding. Thank you Keith!
  • With the election coming up quickly, we are actively assigning candidates to ridings. We have had a lot of interest from people across the country, which means our policies are resonating with many voters. You can check our candidate page for updates throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a candidate, complete our online form:
  • There are a number of vacancies on the Board of Directors, Ethics Committee, and the Executive at this time. We are actively recruiting volunteers to submit a resume or a letter describing their interest and experience to We receive many volunteer requests, but having you tell us where you can best make a difference will help us focus our efforts during the run up to the 2019 election in October. If your membership has lapsed, please renew at

I want to take a minute to ask you to consider contributing to the party. If you haven’t donated yet this year, you’ll be eligible for a 75% tax credit on the first $400. That means that with a $400 donation you’re only actually paying $100. The maximum donation for 2019 is $1600. A portion of membership fees and previous donations all contribute to the $1600 limit.

In order to run an effective campaign the year, and field a Libertarian candidate in EVERY riding, we need your financial help. Please consider donating just $100 ($25 after the tax credit) or $400 ($100 after the tax credit) to help us reach our goals. We can’t hope to compete on the same level as the big parties — we are all volunteers — but every bit helps us spread our message and support our candidates in ridings across Canada.

Donate now:

Thank you for your time.

Coreen Corcoran,
Libertarian Party of Canada

Libertarian Party of Canada
126-372 Rideau Street
Ottawa ON
K1N 1G7

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