Joe Collins leaves Green Party to run as a Republican (Plus another party)

Joe Collins, Who had previously registered to run as a Republican before changing his affiliation to run with the Green Party has changed his party affiliation again to run as a Republican. While he’s expressed interest in the small government ideology espoused by economic rightists, this may be for the best as his views may not fit well with the Ecosocialist Green Party.

Though page 2 of his most recent FEC Report says he’s running with a new party he calls the Millennial Political Party, a Political Organization focused on giving Millennials a platform of their own.

5 thoughts on “Joe Collins leaves Green Party to run as a Republican (Plus another party)

  1. wolfefan

    I give him credit for coming up with a pretty good mascot/logo for his party.

  2. Nick

    Funny how his campaign manager doesn’t even have a social security number, not has she run anything other than scams

  3. CaptGene

    Okay, Joe Collins is running as a Republican, HOWEVER, he switched from the GREEN PARTY. The Green Party is just another arm of the CDP – Communist-Democrat Party. Their politics are “ecosocialism”. One of the tenets of Marxism is to use “environmental” issues to defeat capitalism. Now, just as people who’ve never known Christ come to Him, there is the possibility Collins has had a political epiphany just as Ronald Reagan had and is truly a Republican now. Being a Veteran doesn’t make him a Constitutionalist. There are lots of leftist useful idiots who believe in Socialism in the military, but there is the possibility, like I said, that he has had a political transformation. At least one thing is for sure, he has GOT to be a whole lot smarter than “Mad Max” Maxine. That woman puts drooling turnips to shame when it comes to defining stupid.

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