First Green Party Presidential Debate in St. Paul, Minnesota

The Green Party has been running a Presidential Nomination process as other parties have, as such they have had some debates to help the members who plan to vote in their party’s primary. The first one was held on July 19.

The candidates who participated in this debate were Sedinam Kinamo Cristin Moyowasifa-Curry, Howie Hawkins, Dario Hunter, David Rolde, and Ian Schlakman (Via Telephone). The debate was moderated by Green Party Candidate for St. Paul City Council Danielle Swift.

Topics covered include: Housing, Russiagate, allegations of favoritism in the party in favor of Hawkins, and Reparations for Slavery.

The second Debate is to be held at the Annual National Green Meeting on July 26.

4 thoughts on “First Green Party Presidential Debate in St. Paul, Minnesota

  1. Jim

    I watched the first 40 minutes. I thought their answers were entertaining, so I wrote a few of them down.

    David Rolde

    “I’m not against rent control, but I think we need to move away from having real estate, like, speculators owning property, especially from out of town, but even a rich person in town owning a lot of property and renting it to people to try to make money.”

    “I’m all about reparations… We need to turn over all the resources of this country to the African and indigenous people because our whole country and capitalism and stuff was built on European imperialism and Africa and Asia and this continent and everything we have was built on blunder and slavery and western white nationalist imperialist capitalism that runs the Unites States is destroying the world. The world is going to be destroyed. We’re not going to be able to live anymore. The system we have can’t be in charge. We need to put aggressed people, Africans and indigenous people, we need to get them the resources and the power so that they can come up with solutions to save the world. It’s the only hope for white people as well as for everybody.”

    “Russia did not hack the DNC emails. They were leaked. The US interferes in elections all over the world interfered in the Russian election that install Boris Yeltsin, interfere to steal Russia’s resources for us in the 90s. So, Russia doesn’t interfere here. The US interferes there and everywhere. And I wouldn’t even care because everyone in the world should be able to vote for the United States President because we have bases everywhere and nuclear weapons everywhere in the world. The leader of the US empire is the business of everyone in the world.”

  2. Jim

    Howie Hawkins

    “We need rent control ’cause the rent is too damn high…. But you put that on, you won’t have private development. That means we got to recommit to public housing, except do it the right way this time…. A new public housing program can be a program with mixed incomes, like they do in Europe, so it’s a desegregation program… In Europe, 30 to 60 percent of housing in a lot of cities is what they call social housing, which is public housing. And they don’t have homelessness. And the rent isn’t too damn high for those people.”

    “On reparations, we need to get behind HR 40, the bill that Congress wrote and now carried by Sheila Jackson Lee, commissioned to study how best to do reparations for the descendants of slaves. And we need that because we need to do it right. I think in the end it will involve both collective and individual reparations. In other words, building institutions of empowerment in black community and also cutting checks to people so that, you know, the wealthy black people is like 5 percent of that of white people, so there’s that reparation to be made. I think while it’s being studied, remember Dr. King called for a promissory note to be paid… and he said it came back to us insufficient funds. Now, the government needs to pay that promissory note. To me, that’s the economic bill of rights we’ve been talking about. And how you pay for it? You tax the rich. They’re the ones that accumulated the capital based on all this exploitation of all kinds of people.”

    “Imperialism comes out of capitalism. Capital exports, invests overseas, draws profit back, and extracts surplus from the global south to the global north. And that’s the process we got to stop.”

    “We got to get socialist internationalism right. We don’t stand with states. We stand with working people and oppressed people…. We got to do class politics, not geopolitics like we’re Henry Kissinger.

  3. Jim


    “It’s really important that we brown our party.”

    “Let’s go backwards. We got to take a step back to the doctrine of discovery. Let’s start with the European monarchs agreeing not to fight each other to take over our planet. That’s the root of capitalism, that based on rich folks, monarchs, going around taking over people’s property. So, unless we get Europe involved, the Native American’s have sued them, so the US participated in the 2nd conference to draw up Africa, and then they came here with that same doctrine of discovery to take over Native Americans. So I think we have to have a fundamental base of understanding about how we got here through capitalism. We need a system change. Not a Green Deal. Not a Blue deal. A change. The 1 percent are, they take over the means of production. So unless we have a system change in our nation, these are just reforms folks are talking about.

    “Reparations. Serious. Cut a check and invest. How many folks have already received reparation for enslaved? ‘Cause I heard slave. No, we were enslaved, Africans. So let’s get that straight. And then, there’s no such thing as white people. You’re from Europe. There’s 15 tribes. I’m from somewhere. So we have to correct ourselves when we talk about each other…”

  4. Jim

    Dario Hunter

    “Rent control, absolutely. We do need rent control. We, as a Green Party, we advocate for guaranteed housing. For guaranteed utilities. Food. The basic essentials of life. This is a part of our socialist approach. And as a campaign, we advocate for universal basic income. And that will address these issues in part. But we have to deal with the systemic racism, the systemic classism in our society… We have to deal with the predatory landlords that are pushing people out of the housing market…”

    “Reparations is an issue of fundamental justice. It seeks to make us whole. It is not a giveaway. It is not a freebee. We have built this country and it is not just cutting a check, because that is not how you will seek to make this situation whole. You have to invest in the upliftment of a people for the upliftment of a nation as a whole. And that means investing in education, investing in HBCUs, It means giving back property stolen from black folk by violence… This country has abused people for capitalist profit… The colonialism must end here, in the United States of America, against our own people, and it must end against people’s across the world.”

    “We are also going to reshape our economic system. Because, unlike many of these Democratic candidate’s I’m seeing, what they don’t seem to get is you can’t layer, you cannot layer socialist reforms on top of a capitalist abusive system. You must fundamentally change the system. This includes democratizing our money supply. Because as it stands right now, banks have way too much power. We are going to democratize the creation of money and we are going to use that power to invest in human infrastructure. This is a part of the Green platform. We call it Greening the dollar. And it’s a very important part of how we’re going to pay for this.

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