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Life and Liberty Party On Arkansas 2020 Ballot

The newly organizing Life and Liberty Party has achieved ballot access for its Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in Arkansas.  This is the first state that the Life and Liberty Party has obtained ballot access under its own name.

The Life and Liberty Party is “a coalition of parties across the nation.  They are centered on the Constitution of the United States of America, and upholding the rule of law.”  Currently, the Alaska Constitution Party is also an affiliate of the L&L Party.  Association discussions are underway with several other state parties and potential candidates.  For more information see the L & L website at Life and Liberty Party

About Post Author

J.R. Myers

I have spent over 40 years as a civic activist in the Libertarian, Republican, Reform, Constitution and Independent Party movements. I am currently the founding Chairman of the Life & Liberty Party.


  1. fred stein fred stein August 6, 2019

    Another political going nowhere fast. There is a Conservative Party it is called the Republicans. Rank and file that is with some in leadership positions. Not Trump.

  2. Michigan Voter Michigan Voter August 6, 2019

    All conservative third parties are doomed to a future of infighting and failure. These people cannot play well with others. It’s happened with the Reform Party, America First Party, and Constitution Party. If these people couldn’t get a long with others before, why will this be any different?

  3. Mike T Mike T August 6, 2019

    The issue I see here is more impatient folk don’t wanna wait on the Constitution Party because it’s taking tpo long, so they’ll just make another splinter party which will go nowhere fast. Pointless, just plain pointless.

  4. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak August 6, 2019

    There’s no title once again in the headline. Anyway, here are the comments from ATPR:

    FWW said…
    I am compelled to take issue with a report (June 2, 2019) found on the L&L Party website which claims that CP-Idaho is “on board”.

    Actually, CP-Idaho’s relation with the L&L Party has been, and should continue to be, considered as informal. In fact, the 3rd quarter CP-Idaho State Central Committee (SCC) conference call (Thursday evening, July 18th) TABLED a so-called “coalition agreement”…due to a number of technical reasons.

    This tabling was published in minutes of the 3rd quarter SCC call. These minutes were forwarded to the conference call participants and to the invitees to the call on Friday morning, July 19th, the following morning.

    The future of CP-Idaho’s relation with the L&L Party will be taken up in the pending 4th quarter SCC Conference Call (+/- Thursday evening, October 17th–TBA). That said, the L&L proposal is not an overly urgent priority at this point.

    CP-Idaho’s immediate interests rest in concluding our public outreach booth at the Latah County Fair–September 12-15. We are developing economic planks and so forth for the 2020 campaigns, and we are also close to announcing a presidential candidate, or possibly two, in the upcoming March 2020 CP-Idaho Primary.

    August 4, 2019 at 8:10 PM

    Blogger J.R.Myers said…
    The Idaho CP Chairman is correct. The L & L webisite has been updated to reflect current facts on the ground. While we hope to maintain a working relationship with the IDCP, and others, the L & L Party will continue to organize in various other states and to engage independently in discussions with potential candidates. The L & L Party is entirely autonomous and independent from the control of any other party, only bona fide coalition partners have a voice within the L & L Party. That doesn’t include the Idaho CP at this time.

    August 5, 2019 at 7:01 AM

  5. Jared Jared August 6, 2019

    That party logo still makes my face hurt.

  6. Martin Hale Martin Hale August 6, 2019

    Well this will be interesting. I will love to see how many states the L&L will get onto and what the reaction from the Constitution Party would be.

  7. Mario Mariotti Mario Mariotti August 8, 2019

    It is important to note; that the Constitution Party has ballot access in Arkansas, and is actually rapidly growing in many states. The contention is; dividing up the ‘Constitutionist Vote’ into new parties does not do much, in regards to a unified voice of support towards an ultimate goal of bringing back constitutional, law abiding governance to our states & our nation. In order to be successful in this kind of endeavor, there needs to be people that will work with one another towards it, NOT run away, & start the effort from ‘scratch’, when there are differing opinions on minor issues. In addition; the Life and Liberty party appears to be trying to Target existing political parties, and co-opt them, rather than actually doing the hard work required to be successful. This is a recipe for disaster. If they cannot be willing to actually do it on their own, instead of solicitation of others that performed all the real ‘grunt work’ over many years, then they will never last as an independent organization.

  8. paulie paulie August 8, 2019

    Constitution Party has ballot access in Arkansas,

    They and the L&L Party only have presidential ballot access in Arkansas. The Libertarian Party completed it’s full party petition for all offices but the case about the “new” “law” (repeatedly ruled unconstitutional, yet the dixiecrat legislature keeps bringing it back) keeps winding through the courts.

  9. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk August 10, 2019

    Mario, ever notice that the founders of the L&L party are former Constitution Party members that tried hard to help grow and promote the party- only to get thrown under the bus and sabotaged by Frank Fluckiger and several members of the CP’s executive committee that are anti-Reform and want to maintain the leadership fiefdom that is currently driving the CP into the ground?

    Maybe if Frank wasn’t hell bent on ruining his own party- like he did in South Dakota -the CP would actually be growing and not pissing off state affiliates like Idaho & Virginia to the point that they disaffiliate, or even causing competing constitutionalist parties to form in the first place.

    Speaking of the CP-

  10. Mario Mariotti Mario Mariotti August 11, 2019

    Cody, things should only be spoken of, in context to the truth of the matter, and not in either a misleading, nor a slanderous manner. There was no “Thrown under the bus” scenario. Any decisions to vote against new policy proposals from members of the National Committee; are the absolute responsibility of the National Committee to pursue, whereby; approving, or disapproving it to be passed, is NOT the responsibility of the Executive Committee. This is the way ALL political parties operate. There is no other way. The voting National Committee; is made up of representatives from all member states, across the country, and not a selective group of “Anti Reform” people, as is being alluded to. Any failure of a proposal, is a failure to convince a simple majority of the overall national voting membership to agree upon, & have it be passed. A denial of this, is a denial of reality itself.

    No one in the C.P.’s Execitive Committee is “hell bent on ruining his own party” that’s just ridiculous & pathetic. The issues surrounding certain state parties are the responsibility, purview, & control of the leadership of those parties, and nowhere else. The issue of South Dakota existed because one group of people in South Dakota wanted control, over another group. It had little to do with an influence by any individual person in the national party, but rather by an influence isolated within South Dakota itself. The facts of it have been exhaustingly gone over, and no need to do it again. Bottom Line; the State Leadership & it’s members are responsible for any decisions made by the State Leadership & it’s members. This is true for all political parties regardless of who they are. A state party succeeds or fails, because of issues that occur within it’s leadership & membership, PERIOD.

    As for the Life & Liberty party; if they are to remain focused SOLELY upon achieving Constitutional, Law Abiding Governance, & will work in partnership with any other political party towards this goal, and not create an atmosphere of “partisan politics”, by, figuratively speaking; “stealing” other parties, then I would be happy to work with them, in sharing of that common goal, & the achievement of it. Otherwise; my previous stance of this resulting in just a furthering of the dividing up of the conservative / Constitutionist voters, will stand.

  11. Mario Mariotti Mario Mariotti August 11, 2019

    Attn. To Paulie; ….. Regarding your comment concerning: “Constitution Party has ballot access in Arkansas,”

    You said:
    “They and the L&L Party only have presidential ballot access in Arkansas.”

    I’m sorry, but that is an absolute false, & misleading statement. The Constitution Party in fact; has ballot access in Quite a Lot of states! While not always being ‘up to the minute accurate’ because of continuous changes and progress in the effort of gaining ballot access, the C.P. clearly has on it’s website; THE source to go to & have an idea of the activities surrounding this subject.

  12. Chuck Moulton Chuck Moulton August 11, 2019

    The “only” did not refer to “Arkansas”; it referred to “presidential”. Paulie was just pointing out those other parties do not have full party ballot access (the ability to run candidates in all races) in Arkansas.

  13. FW Whitley FW Whitley August 14, 2019

    @ Moulton’s effort to clarify: “those other parties do not have full party ballot access”.

    Confusion exists in the “3rd party public” by the use of “ballot access”. As your post implies, “ballot access” in a particular State for a presidential candidate is NOT the same thing as having a “ballot qualified” state party. Not even close.

    “Ballot access,” as it has typically been used by the national CP, is ephemeral and expensive. It has a short shelf life, expiring immediately upon the close of the respective State general election polls. Each general election, it must repurchased. Castles made of sand, so to speak.

    Further, “ballot access” for a specific presidential candidate says nothing whatever about the existence of a functional State political party wherever the national party purchases or petitions (same thing) a mercenary ballot line. As such, it can be used to mislead, to say nothing of an inherent conflict of interest.

    My recommendation is to use the term “ballot qualified party” in those states wherein an actual functioning and reporting state party exists.

    Your post rightly draws attention to this distinction. Whether or not the pretentious national CP wants public attention brought upon this distinction is another story.

  14. paulie paulie August 14, 2019

    I’m sorry, but that is an absolute false, & misleading statement.

    No it’s not. It’s a plain, factual and accurate statement. I was in Arkansas earlier this year and helped qualify the Libertarian Party for the ballot. That is a petition which takes 10,000 valid signatures* and qualifies the party for every office on the ballot ie US House, statewide offices, legislative offices, etc. Several of us had “side deals” to qualify presidential tickets for the ballot. I had one myself. Andy Jacobs had the deals with the Constitution Party and the L & L party. Those take 1,000 signatures and do not qualify the party for any other offices.

    I have qualified both full parties and presidential groups for the ballot in Arkansas numerous times. I am well aware of the difference between the two.

    If you don’t believe me please feel free to contact the Arkansas Secretary of State Elections Division to have them explain it to you. They can tell you the legal and statutory difference between the two kinds of ballot access and which parties have which.

    If that still does not do the trick for you, I’ll bet you any amount of money that the Constitution Party and L & L Party are not qualified for any office except president in the state of Arkansas. Please let me know how much you want to bet and I will provide details on where you can send your check or money order.

    *see qualifier in prior comment above regarding the “new” “law.”

  15. paulie paulie August 14, 2019

    The “only” did not refer to “Arkansas”; it referred to “presidential”. Paulie was just pointing out those other parties do not have full party ballot access (the ability to run candidates in all races) in Arkansas.

    Thank you. The other reading hadn’t occurred to me.

  16. FW Whitley FW Whitley August 15, 2019

    @ paulie “Was that actually a gaffe?

    Personally speaking? If you are asking me, my honest answer is: I simply do not know. I cannot ascribe intent (or even meaning) to the res gestae of another.

    Giving benefit of doubt to the gentleman, I would assume that it must have been a misstatement. Or better said, I took it to be a strange construction which attempted a point [roughly translated: “Our parade is not extremist.”]…but the oratorical craftsmanship was so poor that it invited the faux pas.

  17. paulie paulie August 15, 2019

    by Stephanie K. Baer, Buzz Feed News

    A failed US Senate candidate who believes that the LGBTQ community is waging a “cultural attack” on society is planning a “straight pride” rally in Northern California to promote “whiteness” and “Western civilization,” and is asking members of a far-right extremist group to show up in force.

    Don Grundmann, founder and director of the National Straight Pride Coalition, recently submitted a special event permit application to hold the Stanislaus County Straight Pride Parade/Event — a thinly veiled white supremacist rally — at a park in Modesto next month.

    Grundmann, a 67-year-old chiropractor based in San Jose, told BuzzFeed News that the event aims to celebrate masculinity, femininity, “the natural family of man, woman, and children,” babies, “Western civilization,” Christianity, and “whiteness.”

    “A celebration of life is just a celebration of natural functions of heterosexuality which are under attack actually, culturally in our society,” Grundmann said. “All those things we are defending and celebrating and that makes up the core of our beliefs.”

    The LGBTQ movement, he said, “is a massive multibillion-dollar social engineering movement to destroy the foundations of our culture,” resulting in a “24/7 psychological war against the appearance of conscience.”

    On its website, the National Straight Pride Coalition claims the “inherent superiority” of whiteness, Christianity, Western civilization, and heterosexuality…

  18. paulie paulie August 15, 2019

    From Grundmann’s straight pride coalition page:

    Straight Pride Coalition …in accordance with our national motto of “normal, natural, healthy, sane;” invites all people of good will to join us in supporting, promoting, defending, and celebrating the Divine Design of the following foundational principles of life. These following fundamentals, among many others not mentioned, are under unprecedented, sustained, and coordinated attack within our society, culture, and nation:

    Heterosexuality […]

    God ordained natural nuclear family (one man, one woman, and children) […]

    Western Civilization […]

    Caucasians – the biological majority of the historical developers and founders of Western Civilization […]

    Christianity […]

    Nationalism – the patriotic love of their nation and its interests, principles, and future that motivated the Founder’s development of Western Civilization.

  19. dL dL August 15, 2019

    BTW, Grundmann’s permit was apparently denied. And that’s as much time as I have to dig into this.

    Grundmann is a textbook demonstration that it is better to be rich than internet famous…lol

  20. paulie paulie August 16, 2019

    Milo is the only openly gay person I know of who is involved with “straight pride” but 99% plus of them set off the gaydar. Every word and photo pretty much screams “PNP with str8 guy at local motel, must be discreet” gay ad on craigslist.

  21. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk August 25, 2019

    Mario Mariotti does a good job being the CP’s Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, especially when ignoring Paulie’s testimony and other stuff like this, which lead to the creation of the Life & Liberty Party in the first place-

    -and that also doesn’t include what I & Joshua Fauver personally went through during the days of the Clarion Call To Unite Committee.

    “The Constitution Party in fact; has ballot access in Quite a Lot of states!”

    Another Lie from this Bagdad Bob; the CP currently is on the ballot in 13 states (Oregon & Idaho certainly don’t count.) The Green Party is on in more states then the CP is.

    Btw, Don Grundmann is sure doing a good job getting the Constitution Party of California publicity these days, even if the national party intentionally refuses to list the California CP’s contact info on their website.

    So what’s this I hear about Don Blankenship leaving the CP?

  22. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk August 25, 2019

    “Was that actually a gaffe? Didn’t Grundmann have something else about white pride recently?”

    Either or, I personally find it amusing -and Grundmann is welcome to check out ATPR and shoot his mouth off there 😉

  23. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak August 25, 2019

    Thanks to the dominatrix and psychology student I’m in insanely in love with, Kasia, my views on social issues have shifted progressively to the left over the course of many spectacular months. She had me read Slavoj Zizek, and he made some good points on certain topics. However, now that I’ve seen what Chicago’s LBGT community looks like, it’s pretty damn cool. They have some good restaurants and nightlife. I have no issue with LGBT people, and I don’t have issue with women making decisions about childbirth, so yes, I’m while I’m personally pro-life, I don’t believe the government should be in the business of forcing women who were raped, subject to incest by family members, or facing the possibility of death what they can or cannot do with their body. Kasia also told me she would not tolerate any anti-Semitism in her apartment, we actually met for a “therapeutic , mind-blowing, blissful happiness session” on the day of that synagogue shooting in Pennsylvania. Kasia wrote in my notebook, quote, “Stop wasting your time looking at Daily Stormer and other garbage like it. You’re smarter and better than that. Wierze w Ciebie!” She bought me a G.E.D. study book and cried when I was too lazy to meet her benchmarks, because I was smoking weed, wasting time on the interwebs and getting drunk after work instead of studying. Wow. Amazing how a single woman can change your outlook on everything. Lowkey – Something Wonderful <(search on YouTube)).

  24. J.R.Myers J.R.Myers August 26, 2019

    Why aren’t my articles being posted? I posted one several days ago. Either I’m welcome to post here or not. If not, then I’ll stop with this site altogether.

  25. Fernando Mercado Fernando Mercado August 26, 2019

    Cause someone’s gotta publish it. Yesterday someone posted an article on a subject I wrote and submitted for approval 3 days ago.

    You just gotta spam and hope a publisher see’s it

  26. paulie paulie August 26, 2019

    Why aren’t my articles being posted?

    They are. I don’t see any pending.

    Either I’m welcome to post here or not.

    You’re welcome to post here. However, please review IPR rules. Also please make sure the list knows when you have a pending article. I can’t always be around to approve every pending article personally, sometimes I need to be off the computer for a few days or weeks.

    If someone wants to hire me to make IPR my full time job please let me know. Unless and until that happens, I have other responsibilities like everyone else.

    Chris, happy to hear that you are making some progress. Keep up the good work. And send her my regards, she sounds like she is a good influence. Hopefully your studies will include classical and Austrian economics so you don’t lurch all the way to what passes for today’s left on everything 🙂

  27. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak August 26, 2019


    Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Your advice from January 2018 when I called you and was really tweaking out definitively helped push me in the right direction, I copied it into one of my three notebooks.

    Kasia also lent me The Fountainhead, which I didn’t unfortunately read, and on her Amazon wishlist, she has a book by John Locke 😉 Libertarianism is keeping the government out of your wallet and out of your bedroom, right? Ideally, there’d be no government, but a socially tolerant government is better than Riley Hood’s Christian Sharia version of America 🙂

    Left-libertarianism sounds a LOT, LOT better now than Cantwellian/Rockwellian/Invictus’ian “paleo”libertarianism, I gotta say!! 🙂

    Yeah, she’s One out of 3,500,000,000 fish in the sea. She gets back to Chicago in mid-October. At the point, I have to have the G.E.D. completed. I also became best friends with a rapper, Gio Reynolds, you can look up G.I.O – No Hook:

    He’s going to help my rap dreams come true, with the #X44concept, which signifies 1 and 2, one being winning over that One out of 3,500,000,000 Fish in the Sea, and 2 being achieving rap dreams.

    Klesiak- Zadoscuczynienie is due out on August 30th, 2019 @3:15 PM on one of two YouTube channels I have remaining: The album by K127 Records in Arlington Heights, Illinois is due out in mid-October to coincide with the successful completion of the General Education Deficiency (Diploma, idk?!) test. Album title: Klesiak- 17 Dni w Niebie (17 days in Heaven).

    Things are finally, slowly but surely, moving in the right direction. IPR has played a big role in my development since that first article about Robby Wells at the CP natcom meeting was posted by Paulie on December 31st, 2012. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff, and eventually you through the Great Wide Open, climb the Stairway to Heaven, and finally, at long last, at some point in the future (hopefully not-too distant future) reach Nirvana! 🙂

    P.S.: I was at the August 6th, 2019 meeting of the Libertarian Party of Chicago somewhere on Irving Park Road. I have something like 4 pages of notes. I have to look up to Kasia as a role model and do my best to emulate her incredible discipline and work ethic!

    Peace out!! 🙂

  28. paulie paulie August 26, 2019

    Libertarianism is keeping the government out of your wallet and out of your bedroom, right?

    That’s a decent start, and I would say get out of other countries’ internal business also. Trade with all, entangling alliances with none.

    Ideally, there’d be no government, but a socially tolerant government is better than Riley Hood’s Christian Sharia version of America

    I would just say tolerant – economically and socially, at home and abroad – the government which governs least governs best.

    Left-libertarianism sounds a LOT, LOT better now than Cantwellian/Rockwellian/Invictus’ian “paleo”libertarianism, I gotta say!!

    Yeah, I certainly think so.

  29. Jake Leonard Jake Leonard August 28, 2019

    @Mario Mariotti you say your party is growing, but in states like Illinois, they are officially dead. It’s bad enough they were desperate and was willing to nominate a RINO Republican (William J. Kelly) to be their nominee when they neither had the monetary resources nor the manpower to even bother petitioning.

  30. paulie paulie August 28, 2019

    but in states like Illinois, they are officially dead

    Illinois isn’t an average state in terms of ballot access, it’s one of the most extremely difficult. Even the LP has failed to get on the Illinois ballot at times.

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