Prohibition Party of New York Responds to Governor Cuomo’s 2020 State of the State Address

Prohibition Party of New York

On January 8th, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his annual State of the State and budget address. On January 10th, the Prohibition Party of New York responded with a 6-page document critically evaluating the governor’s address and providing their own vision and proposals for state policy.
The full document is available on their website.
The Prohibition Party of New York gave a mixed assessment of Governor Cuomo’s proposals. They stated their opposition Cuomo’s proposal to weaken state restrictions on the alcohol industry, his proposal to expand programs at state colleges that teach alcohol production and to allow the sale of alcohol produced by such programs, and his proposal to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. In each case, they gave detailed arguments contending that such changes were detrimental to the public welfare and should be rejected.
They stated approval of his proposals to have the state ban fentanyl analogs, have the state crackdown on illegal tobacco sales to minors, and to close the intoxication loophole in the state’s rape laws.
They criticized governor Cuomo for not taking adequate steps to address issues such as the systemic underfunding of many schools in the state’s public education system, improving college affordability, declining populations in many communities in the state, dealing with corruption and inefficiency in state economic development efforts.
They pointed out that Cuomo did not address the recent hijacking of the state’s commission for public financing of elections, to rewrite state ballot access laws in a way that will cause most, if not all minor parties to lose statewide ballot access and will deprive voters of most of their current options on the ballot. They contemned these ballot access changes as anti-democratic and an attack on the rights of all voters in New Yorkers, and called for them to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in court.
They expressed a general agreement that more should be done to improve the state’s infrastructure and boost environmental conservation. They stated that his proposal to hold a statewide vote for a 3-billion-dollar environment restoration may be worth considering, but otherwise did not offer opinions on any of his specific infrastructure and environmental proposals.
They expressed interest in the governor’s proposal to pass a law requiring elected state officials, making over $100,000/year, to publicly disclose their tax returns. But were doubtful that Cuomo would make a serious effort to actually get it passed.
The Prohibition Party of New York put out its own list of proposed policies. This included ending state support for the alcohol industry, increasing restrictions on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, increasing support for education, prevention, rehabilitation efforts to combat alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, increasing restrictions against gambling, passing stronger ethics laws for public officials, restoring the state’s old ballot access laws, extending the lookback window in the Child Victims Act, passing Britany’s Law, abolishing the statute of limitations for rape and the sexual abuse of children, reforming the state’s economic development programs, improving the quality of public education, expanding the state’s Tuition Assistance Program, improving services for those living with disabilities, reforming the state fiscal system to reduce the burden of property taxes, working to address the problem of rising hate crimes in the state, and working to foster a healthier environment of political discourse in the state.

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  1. Christopher Olenski

    Check the date at the top for editing.. it says January 17. Today’s the 10th. Nice piece otherwise.

  2. fred stein

    Abolish the income tax and sales tax and replace it with a higher tax on alcohol, and of course cut the budget big time…………….. Alcohol free lifestyle is the way to go (voluntary).

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