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Dr. Grundmann on the Constitution National Convention & Coronavirus

With the threat of coronavirus cancelling large gatherings, I have attempted to contact the leadership of the Constitution Party since earlier this week to confirm whether the National Convention will go forward as scheduled April 29 to May 2 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Thus far I have received no responses. I discussed the matter with Constitution Party presidential candidate Dr. Don Grundmann, who offers his own insights on coronavirus.

Grundmann (campaign website), a chiropractic doctor who practices Natural Healing, says he would oppose any potential cancellation of the Constitution National Convention. He believes the threat of coronavirus has been overblown.

“Standard precautions are well to accentuate in this situation but it is nothing to panic about,” says Grundmann, “There have been far more deaths proportionately from the flu (inclusive of swine flu) in the past but there was no panic as there is now.”

Grundmann sees the pandemic as an opportunity to promote two health principles, which will improve the quality of health and decrease overall spending on health care.  Those are:

  1. “how to keep our immune system in top shape via chiropractic care, diet, supplements, and many other methods” and
  2. “that lack of health is not only not caused by a lack of drugs but can be caused and worsened by pharmaceuticals.”

Grundmann adds, “this situation can end up resulting in a very positive health revolution in our nation.”

In addition to Grundmann, as listed on the Constitution Party website, other candidates seeking the party’s 2020 presidential nomination are Don Blankenship, Daniel Cummings, Charles Kraut, and Samm Tittle.