IPR celebrates its 12th year combating the duopoly

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12 years ago today, the Independent Political Report first went online to fill in the void that the demise of Third Party Watch brought. In its dozen year existence it has served as a hub for Third Party Politicians and activists across the political spectrum to combat the Two Party Duopoly of the United States in it’s own unique way.

In an election year where citizens are again faced with candidates that are two sides of the same coin, IPR is needed to bring to attention the other names on the ballot.

Here’s to the next dozen years…

24 thoughts on “IPR celebrates its 12th year combating the duopoly

  1. Timothy Yung

    Congrats to IPR on 12 years. IPR has been around almost my entire adult life. I remember first discovering TPW my first year of college then a couple of months later this site launched. Although I am way less political than I was before, I still come here occasionally to check out what’s going on. Especially on even years (midterm and presidential elections).

  2. Thomas Knapp


    I remember that last minute “please change my press credentials — Third Party Watch is dead, long live Independent Political Report” moment.

  3. Thomas Knapp

    You, me, Jason, and maybe Michelle.

    Fuckin’ Gordon. I miss him, but when he decided to be a snake, he got waaaaaaay down in the grass.

  4. paulie

    I miss him too. He definitely could be that way at times. But it was small potatoes compared to what I saw, and did, when I was with the Democrats.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    Happy birthday, Paulie, and congratulations to all of you who have kept the site going!

    Will anyone be live-blogging the Libertarian on-line convention this weekend?

  6. Thomas Knapp

    “Will anyone be live-blogging the Libertarian on-line convention this weekend?”

    I suggest an “open thread” approach for whoever’s paying attention.

    Since I’m an alternate and incredibly unlikely to be seated — at least unless the delegates decide to do everything online and the thing drags out for weeks — I may not be around to watch in real time. I’ve got a friend who needs help moving house.

  7. paulie

    Happy birthday, Paulie, and congratulations to all of you who have kept the site going!

    Thank you. Luckily William, Fernando and others are taking up my slack now.

    Will anyone be live-blogging the Libertarian on-line convention this weekend?

    My state chat is probably too busy for that. Hopefully we can recruit a non-delegate or several to help. I’ll provide updates as time allows.

  8. Jill Pyeatt

    California will have a chat going on, also, and I’m not sure I can multi-task that many things at one time.

    I’ll definitely check in throughout the days and post anything important that happens.

  9. Thomas Knapp

    Presumably it will be live-streamed on YouTube, and unless there’s a delegate-driven change it will be a very limited agenda, so it seems to me that an open thread with comments is more useful than someone trying to chronologically “cover developments.”

  10. paulie

    Yes, it will be on the LPTV youtube. I’ll put up a discussion thread. But despite what should be a limited agenda I am expecting tons of parliamentary fuckery in the main meeting. Also, there will be ongoing vote lobbying, procedural vote tallying and unrelated conversations in the Alabama delegate messenger chat. So that will be my main focus, assuming no technical problems precluding my participation. I’m just letting everyone know not to rely on me to do a whole lot of liveblogging. I will do what I can and hopefully other people will do more.

  11. Losty

    Can any of us get on any of those chats?

    They Should be fun, Especially on the discussion of the Agenda Change Motion that you KNOW has to be coming…

    Or if there is a BIG PUSH for NOTA… That would be… Interesting too…

  12. Curt Boyd

    As someone who rarely comments, and still follows the site daily, congratulations on 12 years! I was more active in the early years of the site, but much, much less so now. Anyway, I’m glad to have a source to get information on a topic very few of us are passionate about. Here’s to 12 more years and beyond!

  13. paulie

    Would love to see some of our previous commenters come back.

    Much more motivating to spend hours a day chasing down information and compiling it like I used to if I know there are people reading and appreciating it. Nowadays I don’t get that feeling as often.

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