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Ken Armstrong: Looking Beyond the Convention Drama

2020 Libertarian vice presidential candidate Ken Armstrong sent the following message to Libertarian activists today to earn support for his campaign at the National Convention. 

To my fellow tireless liberty activists,

I address you now during a complicated and stressful time for our party. Much of our energy lately has been occupied by the controversy surrounding the Convention’s date and location. But I want to focus beyond all that and express my deep pride in all of you for your commitment to our party and our mission. Despite our disagreements in the last few weeks, we all fight for a truly free America.

I fight for all Americans—for my friends and colleagues, my fellow Libertarians, and my family and grandchildren—to ensure that those who follow us inherit a better world. My fight led me to run for President when I heard Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, suggest that those facing unemployment during the 2019 government shutdown simply take out loans. At the time, I was working with Coast Guard families who, unlike the other military service members, needed help getting access to financial resources. I was infuriated that the Secretary of Commerce could be so out of touch with the reality that average Americans face. I knew that it was time for bold action. I am compelled to bring my experience forward and offer America a candidate who has not only worked and led in all levels of government, but who also, at the end of the day, lives with and understands the struggles of average Americans.  Since then, my fight has moved on to Vice President, but my objective remains the same: a world set free in our lifetime.

The experience I’d bring to the table as Vice President would be invaluable. Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with many incredible experiences that have shaped my character and honed my leadership capabilities. I have been a media consultant on terrorism issues, CEO of Habitat for Humanity in Hawaii and an ordained minister. Perhaps more notable, I have experience in every level of government—from Honolulu County Neighborhood Board to NATO base commander at Lampedusa, where I also served a U.S. consul representative to the Pelagie Islands during the Second Gulf of Sidra Incident. My NATO experience led me to serve as a U.N. adviser for Rules of Engagement during the Bosnian War, where I helped ensure no shots were fired by UN forces, and to be credentialed to the White House Situation Room for media relations during a major human trafficking case.

I was later appointed Chief of Healthcare Quality Assurance for the US Coast Guard and became the first Coast Guard line officer to be granted full membership in the association of federal health care professionals. Additionally, I commanded the humanitarian response to Hurricane Iniki on the island of Kauai and was a disaster response operations coordinator in the Port of Los Angeles. I know how our system works, which means I have observed firsthand the mistakes and failures of our government. And I know how we can improve.

I will bring a level of credibility to our ticket that the media and voters will take seriously. My lifetime of experience in government will back up my words.

But I will only be able to bring my story to the ticket with support—your support. I humbly ask that you vote this Memorial Day weekend for Ken Armstrong for Vice President, to restore freedom and liberty to America.

In Liberty,

Ken Armstrong


  1. George Dance George Dance May 15, 2020

    Good to see how well Ken has done in the race. I started following him when his campaign team was just himself, his partner/manager, and his dog driving around the country by car, speaking to to whoever would have them.

    I think he’d make a good running mate.

  2. George Dance George Dance May 16, 2020

    Another good running mate would be John Monds – a very capable longtime LP candidate who, unlike Armstrong or Jorgensen, is young enough for a 2028 POTUS run. Unfortunately the pandemic killed his campaign just the way it’s hurting the LP’s this year.

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