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Ken Armstrong message to delegates

Dear Paul,

With the convention only days away, it’s time to get ready for our last Vice Presidential debate. I hope to have the chance to participate and bring my resume and experiences to the table, so I would greatly appreciate it if you submit your token for me. You may be wondering how to do that; let us explain.

By now you should have received an informative email about debate tokens from “”. If you did not, you are urged to contact the Convention Oversight Committee at:

In that email, every delegate received a unique link that can be used to submit their “tokens” via SurveyMonkey. To give me your token, click on your link and fill in “Ken” and “Armstrong” in the “first name” and “last name” boxes for Vice President (do not combine them on a single line). Then, just put in the Presidential candidate of your choice above, and click submit. Thank you!

Most of you know my resume and the qualifications I bring to the table. For those unaware, I have experience at every level of government: I’ve held county-level elected office, and I’m a 17-year veteran of the US Coast Guard.

During my time in the Coast Guard, I commanded the NATO base at Lampedusa and was a US Consul Representative to the Pelagie Islands during the Second Gulf of Sidra Incident. I led the Coast Guard’s disaster response after Hurricane Iniki, I was credentialed to the White House Situation Room for a major human smuggling case, I received top-secret training in counter-terrorism, and I served under the US Surgeon General as the Chief of Healthcare Quality Assurance for the Coast Guard. I am also an ordained minister who has done humanitarian work in Mexico. I was also CEO of Habitat for Humanity in Hawaii.

Over the past year, my wife, Dawn, and I have traveled over 51,000 miles to 47 states, met with thousands of people and appeared on local news stations–all in order to take the message of liberty directly to the people. I’ve used my virtual town halls to share “down-ballot” candidates across this country, and I am committed to ensuring their successes. I’m here for the success and future of the Libertarian Party and our founding principles.

I am uniquely qualified for the office of Vice President and will bring legitimacy to our ticket. As your Vice President, I will preside over the Senate and shine a spotlight on the corruption, waste and abuse of government: I will show the American people exactly what their elected representatives are up to and demand accountability. So now, I’m asking for your help: help me share my story, my experience and my plan. I would be honored to receive your token for the Vice Presidential debate.

For Liberty,

Ken Armstrong

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