Libertarian Party Second Round of Presidential Voting 2020

Ballot Access News:

Again, no one has a majority. The second round results: Jo Jorgensen 339; Jacob Hornberger 257; Vermin Supreme 184; John Monds 169; Jim Gray 64.

The third round will be Saturday night, May 23.

The other votes were: NOTA 6, Adam Kokesh 6, Justin Amash 1, Nick Sarwark 1, Darryl Perry 1.

Judge Gray was eliminated and endorsed Jo Jorgensen. Larry Sharpe said he is dropping out of the VP race.

16 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Second Round of Presidential Voting 2020

  1. Thomas Knapp

    Wow — 62% favor blowing off this election cycle completely. But if that’s what we want to do, why not just be honest about it and vote NOTA?

  2. Thomas Knapp


    The combined vote for Hornberger and Supreme is right at 38%.

    That’s a combined 38% in favor of having some kind of LP presidential campaign this year, which leaves 62% in favor of meaningless and ineffectual fucking around.

  3. Thomas Knapp

    If Jo Jorgenson or Judge Gray ran naked into a theater screaming “FIRE!” the people in the theater wouldn’t run for the exits, they’d nod off.

    I’m not saying Hornberger or Vermin would set the world on fire, but either one of them MIGHT at least get a LITTLE attention. The rest, not a fucking glance, let alone a stare.

  4. Kevin

    Running someone named “Vermin Supreme” would get the wrong sort of attention, and further marginalize the LP to the outer fringes of the Twilight Zone. While nominating Hornberger would send the wrong sort of message, that non-intervention = non-aggression.

    Dr. Jorgenson is insipid and appears incapable of uttering anything other than platitudes. She admits she robotically follows the platform, plank for plank, which is probably the most unread political manifesto in all history.

    But at least she would not disgrace the LP, so that in the future, when the LP is primarily libertarian, there would be something to build on. And, she has proven credibility as an MD, particularly suitable for these times.

  5. paulie Post author

    First round Bumper + Hornberger was 40% as well.

    Jo can do a Browne/Ruwart thing, and has talented people on her staff. Good contrast to two 70s-something white men with cognitive issues, accusations of sexual harassment and abuse, and racial sensitivity issues.

    I’d prefer Vermin – I think you’re right, he is much better at getting people to pay attention – but I am glad we are not nominating another retread Republican.

  6. Nik

    Was puzzling over that one myself. Jorgensen has a PhD in industrial and organizational psychology.

  7. paulie Post author

    LOL, who said something that stupid? I hadn’t seen it so must be Bjornsen. I scroll past his comments each and every time. If we had a block option, I’d block him.

  8. Thomas Knapp

    I find it odd that most people — not just Kevin — seem to assume the title “Dr.” refers to an MD.

    But then, my wife works for a PhD, and around a bunch of others, and most of the “doctors” I run into are in the humanities. So maybe I’ve just become used to not assuming an MD.

  9. George Marshall

    Kevin Bjornson? Of the erstwhile Libertarian Defense (sic) Caucus? He’s a fucking moron.

  10. Thomas Knapp


    Yes, that’s him.

    While he seems to be wrong about pretty much everything, I suspect it’s less about being stupid per se than about a combination of being completely batshit insane and not especially steeped in rigorous logical thinking.

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