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Spike Cohen message to delegates

Candidates for LP Presidential and VP nominations are sharing their final pitches to delegates ahead of this weekend’s nominating zoom convention. Some are text, some are video. This one is from Spike Cohen, VP running mate of Vermin Supreme (Spike is also open to running with a different presidential nominee as of the last time I asked him, but he and Vermin have endorsed each other). I asked Spike which message he wanted me to post here and this video was his choice. Also so far in this series:

Jacob Hornberger

Desarae Lindsey: Message to delegates on behalf of Vermin Supreme

Sam Robb

Phil Gray

Jo Jorgensen

I’ll post as many others as I can today, hopefully with the help of other IPR editors.

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  1. paulie paulie May 21, 2020

    Richard Manzo:

    Social media statistics if anyone cares to cite them.

    Supreme: 60.8k
    Kokesh: 56.1k
    Hornberger: 9.8k
    Others: < 10k combined Facebook Supreme: 102k Kokesh: 72k Behrman: 13k (+66k on Taxation is Theft) Hornberger: 6.9k Gray: 4.7k Others: < 5k combined

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