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Cindy Sheehan: Do Gray Lives Matter?

Longtime peace activist Cindy Sheehan, who was the Peace and Freedom Party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee and the party’s 2014 nominee for governor of California, wrote the following statement yesterday on her Facebook page.  She has given IPR permission to republish:

Since some of you only believe mainstream sources on the Coronavirus, the WSJ today reported that 50k deaths here in the US are from nursing homes….that’s 43% of the total US deaths (of course, those are “confirmed” or “presumed”).

Anyway, a large percentage of those 50k deaths are from states where their governors placed covid-19 ill patients in with, or back in long-term elder care facilities, knowing that this was contraindicated BECAUSE FROM THE BEGINNING, WE WERE TOLD THAT WE HAVE TO DO ALL THESE HARSH MEASURES TO “PROTECT” THE ELDERLY.

I believe that 50k deaths were pre-meditated murder and that their inclusion in the counts have dramatically increased the numbers for the US to the benefit of the state and billionaires. Cuomo is one gov who we know gave pre-immunity to these facilities.

All of this was done while the poor inmates were not allowed to have visitors, or any protection from this murder AND other vital procedures were denied to them just like for tens of thousands of other people seeking cancer and other needed treatment.

Do Gray Lives Matter? It was blatant Eldercide.


Edit: Here in my county in California, Solano, we have 23 covid 19 (suspected, or confirmed) deaths. 16 of those deaths (2/3rds) were from the same nursing home in Vallejo. Talk about massively inflated numbers. It is confirmed that ill patients were roomed with people displaying no covid symptoms.