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Jo Jorgensen social media comments on BLM, insurrection act

Jo Jorgensen@Jorgensen4POTUS

This evening I will attend the #BlackLivesMatter candlelight vigil at Stark Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. If you are in the area, join me in honoring lives lost to injustice.

And on facebook…

Jo Jorgensen:

The Insurrection Act of 1807 states that it can only be enacted when states have exhausted their own resources. President Trump has threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act nationwide, even without the express consent of state governors. This is unconstitutional.

As President, I would never deploy American troops on our own soil. States and localities can, and should, engage in deescalation tactics to calm the situation and come to a solution within their own communities.

Property destruction and violence against innocent people is wrong. I fully support the right of individuals to protect themselves, and their property with our second amendment right to bear arms.

It is important to understand how we came to this point; The militarized police response to what were initially peaceful, first amendment protected protests. Well documented excessive force was shown to non-violent protesters all across the country. In some cities, deescalation tactics were used in place of riot gear, chemical weapons, and use of force. In those cities, violence and looting is practically nonexistent.

We all want quick and peaceful solutions to the current crisis. End qualified immunity, require law enforcement to carry liability insurance to price bad officers out of a job, end victimless crime laws, reduce negative police interactions with communities. All of these are practical, yet highly effective ways to start real change.

You don’t end riots that were caused by excessive force with even more force.

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  1. Kevin Kevin June 2, 2020

    Hmmm…does she think before opining? She opposes deployment of US troops on US soil. But she also opposes deployment of US troops abroad (don’t forget, that would be interventionist world policing). Of course, that raises the question: If US troops are prohibited from both domestic and foreign deployment, what is the point of having a military force?

    Jorgenson overlooks the elephant in the room. Why is the US a tinderbox at this particular time? Hmmm….has it ever occurred to her that the lockdowns (primarily in states with Dem governors that are now besieged by rioters, looters, and aronists) have upset normal life for most Americans? That Americans have been pushed too close to the edge?

    What a sad commentary on the sorry state of the national LP, when Jorgenson was the best candidate available for the POTUS nomination. At least she is not as bad as platform czar Thomas Knapp, who recently said of Trump’s residence (or person): “Burn that motherfucker down”>

    Hopefully, future online conventions will restore more realism and sanity.

  2. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos June 2, 2020

    Actually, this was a pretty decent statement from her, especially compared to some of her recent messages.

  3. Jared Jared June 2, 2020

    Kevin, I think the point isn’t that armed forces should never be deployed for any reason. It’s that they are almost always deployed for the wrong reasons.

  4. wolfefan wolfefan June 2, 2020

    Exactly, Jared. Kevin makes this comment repeatedly, ignoring that she doesn’t oppose the use of US troops for self defense.

  5. dL dL June 2, 2020

    If US troops are prohibited from both domestic and foreign deployment, what is the point of having a military force?

    Bjornson, why are still hanging around the LP?

  6. Dylan Robnett Dylan Robnett June 3, 2020

    Jo Jorgensen has it right. What would it be like to have a president who spoke the truth and offered practical solutions, I wonder?

    Just look at what happened in Michigan when Sheriff Chris Swanson took off his helmet and marched with protesters. Some of the people showed up ready for battle but they were met with humility and love. Law enforcement should be handing out fist bumps and bottles of water and standing against injustice because the cops who kill do not represent all of law enforcement.

    In Fort Worth, the police agreed to take a knee in respect for George Floyd’s tragic loss if the protesters would disperse thereafter and guess what? Everyone cleared out and nothing was burned. We need to get down on a human level and see that most of us want the same thing and the protesters deserve to be heard.

    Thank you Jo Jorgensen for offering a clear-headed alternative to the politicization of rage by Trump and Biden.

  7. MD Blake MD Blake July 11, 2020

    Giant elephant in the room. Rioting, looting, burning neighborhoods, murders, CHOP/CHAZ areas popping up around the country & mayors & governors basically rolling over for it. Please explain her position. Covering ears & eyes singing “lalalala I can’t hear you” isn’t cutting it. Neither is
    “the cops over reacted at the beginning therefore protests are warranted.”

  8. paulie paulie July 11, 2020

    Protests are entirely warranted. Riots, looting, burning neighborhoods, murders, have been vastly exaggerated. Where they have occurred much of that has been a combination of agents provocateurs, freelance criminals taking advantage of political events for entirely nonpolitical purposes, and anger boiling over which would have done so – perhaps more so – without protests. The vast majority of protests have been peaceful. For that matter so has most OP/AZ activity, which is not to any major extent “around the country”. The giant elephant in the room is not just that cops “overreacted” but have been systematically abusing, beating, setting up, unjustly caging, intimidating, raping, shooting, wounding and murdering people all over the country for many years, and especially but not only in a racially prejudiced manner. These protests are a long time coming, long overdue, entirely justified, and tiny Marxists cults as well as various looters and criminals taking advantage of them does not change that in the least. The looting and rioting might in fact be worse without the mostly peaceful protests.

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