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Libertarian Party Press release on recent unrest

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President Trump’s implication that he will deploy the American military on American soil to battle Americans is yet another failure in leadership. Given the opportunity to act as peacemaker, the president chose instead to escalate the division across the country, risking even more violence and bloodshed. Rather than focusing on the crime that was committed and using the investigation as a focus for de-escalation, he took the unconscionable step of openly advocating for the deployment of trained warriors to fight their own countrymen.

The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police was tragic in isolation, but it is part of a systemic failure of a law enforcement model which measures success largely via a high arrest rate. Law enforcement justifies budgets by putting people behind bars. As a result, law enforcement has a perverse incentive to create more criminals. Instead, we should be honoring police agencies with a low arrest rate. We can achieve that by eliminating laws that criminalize behaviors which hurt no one.

Every law requires enforcement. Enforcement injects force into our society. The recent violence we see mirrors that which the police have been dispensing for decades. Police have been breaking into houses without justification at an alarming rate, a practice which recently led to Breonna Taylor being killed in her bed. Police in New York City killed Eric Garner by choking him for selling something that he could have given away for free. And police across the country continue to engage in racist and prejudicial behavior, targeting African Americans for illegal searches and seizures via stop-and-frisk laws. These acts have injected a new and terrifying violence into our society. That violence is now erupting onto the streets.

We seek to end this cycle of injecting force into our society.

We call on Governors to reject Federal overreach and the activation of the military for policing.

We call upon every member of Congress to support the “Ending Qualified Immunity Act” introduced by Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI), and we ask the American people to contact their representatives in Congress to urge them to support the bill.

The Libertarian Party believes that all power derives from the people, and the only legitimate
power held by the state is strictly by the consent of the governed. It is now time for the people
to take that power back.

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  1. Dylan Robnett Dylan Robnett June 2, 2020

    This is the statement every true leader should be getting behind. With humility and compassion, good cops and peaceful protesters far outnumber racist cops and political agitators. This is the sensible response to senseless acts of rage from all sides and this is why I am a Libertarian.

  2. Roger Roots Roger Roots June 3, 2020

    It is a disgrace that the Libertarian Party has never released any strong statement denouncing the government’s 3-month-long martial law exercise and mass house arrests pursuant to the much-hyped coronavirus scare. The coronavirus “unrest” was and is far more costly to liberty (and treasuries) than the unrest over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The coronavirus unrest involved the governments of various states ordering Americans locked in their homes and unemployed with government officials dictating the terms of everyone’s life.

    As far as I can tell the only statement issued by the LP is short quip by Dan Fishman on March 9 entitled “Make your own hand sanitizer!”

  3. paulie paulie June 3, 2020
  4. paulie paulie June 3, 2020

    Recent unrest is using US military on US soil to attack Americans.

  5. Roger Roots Roger Roots June 3, 2020

    Yes, i just read through some of these after my comment above. There have been a handful of official releases about the COVID bailouts and other related matters. But still nothing that approaches a full-scale condemnation.

  6. paulie paulie June 3, 2020

    There have also been some LNC resolution(s). Not sure what ever gets done with those. You can shoot them some language and see if they use it. I just sent HQ a suggestion that news should be above features on the website; news is updated more and that’s where press releases usually go, although it doesn’t always follow a logical division.

  7. Roger Roots Roger Roots June 3, 2020

    Sarwark’s remark that civil liberties should be “balanced” against “public health” reminds me of a great point made by Justices Black and Douglas in Baldwin v. New York, 399 U.S. 66, 75 (1970) (Black, J., concurring). Black and Douglas disagreed with other justices regarding the “petty offense exception” to the right to jury trial. (The other justices declared that the constitutional right to jury trial applies only to serious crimes, not petty crimes. Black and Douglas responded that “Those who wrote and adopted our Constitution and Bill of Rights engaged in all the balancing necessary . . . . They decided that the value of a jury trial far outweighed its costs for “all
    crimes” and “[i]n all criminal prosecutions.” Id. The abandonment of the Constitution’s
    plain language represented “little more than judicial mutilation of our written

  8. paulie paulie June 3, 2020

    Did you watch the video? I think his point was that civil liberties should not be forgotten among the concerns for public health. He seemed to me to be saying, or trying to say, that public health can still be served without destroying civil liberties.

  9. dL dL June 3, 2020

    The coronavirus “unrest” was and is far more costly to liberty (and treasuries) than the unrest over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

    The CV shelter in place orders where I was at were only half-assed enforced by the police. The curfews that I’ve been under the last 5 days are another matter. i would not want to be detained/stopped by those fuckers right now if I were alone. And while I subscribe to a liberty of movement that trumps the social good(i.e, I don’t balance the freedom of movement against public health or national security), I also think that for most places, the shelter in place orders were largely redundant, at least up until around May.

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