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Constitution Party: Vermont and New Jersey Qualify for Ballot Access

The Constitution Party sent out the following press release yesterday to email subscribers concerning ballot access

With Covid 19 hampering our ballot access efforts, it has been a very challenging summer for the party. In spite of this, we have been pushing forward. Our newly elected and appointed regional chairmen have done a remarkable job in moving the ballot access effort forward.

This week word has been received that the party is now ballot qualified for the November General Election in Vermont and New Jersey. In Alaska and Washington the signatures have been turned in along with the required paperwork and we are just waiting confirmation that the party has met the required number of signatures. Tennessee has also completed their signature drive and will be submitting their paperwork to the Secretary of State shortly. Neither Vermont nor Tennessee were ballot qualified in 2016. North Carolina was not ballot qualified in 2016, but is now qualified for 2020.

Currently we are gathering signatures in Iowa and that project should be completed by the 12th of August. Our next goal is Minnesota and if funds allow we will work to gain ballot access in Rhode Island and Kentucky. Your generous donations are needed to make this all possible. The tremendous effort and dedication of our newly elected regional chairmen: Nicholas Sumbles from the Eastern Region; John Blazek from the Midwestern Region; Thom Holmes and Kevin Hayes from the Southern Region; and Janine Hansen from the Western Region has made this possible. Glen Miller of the Executive Committee has also been a tremendous help in this effort.

Our presidential candidate, Don Blankenship has been a guest on a growing number of radio stations. He does a masterful job with his interviews and is doing a remarkable job of promoting the party. I would encourage you to check out his website and then forward it to family and friends of like mind. It is very well done.

We also want to introduce our supporters to candidates who are running for statewide office in their respective states. We hope to feature at least one of those in each future newsletter between now and the November General election. Below is an introduction to Kevin Hayes of North Carolina who is running for the US Senate. Kevin played a key roll in getting North Carolina on the ballot in 2018.

In the Cause of Liberty,

National Chairman
Constitution Party


Kevin Hayes For Us Senate

Take A Stand Vote Kevin Hayes US Senate

I think I have a great opportunity to make a national impact for The Constitution Party. I am running against one of the more liberal Senate Republicans in Thom Tillis. The last 5 years I have worked events for the Constitution Party in North Carolina. I would always have people ask who The Constitution Party would run against Tillis. Little did I know that person would be me but I need your help. It cost almost $2,000 to file in NC which I did out of my pocket. I need to raise at least $3,000 in the next few weeks to be able to order signs and possible billboards. Will you join me in this fight for liberty? If you can donate any amount you can do so by visiting or by Mail at:

Kevin Hayes For US Senate
416 SW Center Street
Faison, NC 28341

Together we can place the Constitution Party on the national map but I can’t do it alone.

For the Record: I am the only US Senate Candidate who has called for Governor Coopers Impeachment. After the tyrant Cooper’s order today I hope every Bar owner, and Gym Owner remember this in November and elect someone who will stand up to out of control Government.

Kevin Hayes

Candidate For US Senate North Carolina
My sincere thanks to each of you for your dedication and continued support.


  1. Just Some Random Guy Just Some Random Guy August 14, 2020

    On the downside for the Constitution Party, they didn’t make it onto the presidential ballot in Wisconsin, even though they had in the past four presidential races. Which is kinda surprising to me, as the American Solidarity Party, which I believe is smaller, did get enough signatures.

  2. Just Some Random Guy Just Some Random Guy August 17, 2020

    Apologies: I erred in my statement that they were not on Wisconsin. That statement was based on the fact they weren’t listed as turning in signatures with the other parties in some news reports I saw, but on their website they list Wisconsin as having been achieved. I believe they achieved their ballot access at a different time than the other parties, so they wouldn’t have been listed with the other parties in the news reports. So my previous comment was in error.

  3. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk August 20, 2020

    I think you mean Minnesota; they failed to get on there.

  4. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk August 20, 2020

    In fact it looks like the CP will be on in 19-20 states this year. No more.

  5. Just Some Random Guy Just Some Random Guy August 21, 2020

    I think you mean Minnesota; they failed to get on there.

    No, I was talking about Wisconsin. See, I read a report ( that said that the people who turned in the required number of signatures were Kanye West, the Green Party, Libertarian Party, American Solidarity Party, and Kyle Kopitke (seems to be an independent running under the title of “The Peoples Revolution”). You might notice the Constitution Party is not listed there, so I just assumed they didn’t have enough signatures to turn in.

    However, as noted, the Constitution Party IS qualified, because they apparently qualified in some other way beforehand. I’m a little confused about how, but I think it had to do with the fact that, rather than getting 2,000 signatures and turning them in on August, if you get 8,000 signatures (1,000 is required from each district) and turn them in on January you get to have a primary for your party which gives you ballot access via the party itself. Or something like that. I’m not sure. The point is that the Constitution Party wasn’t mentioned in the article I read because it had already gotten the access in some way the other parties didn’t go for. So I was correcting myself on that.

    As long as I’m talking about it, here’s an “update” on Wisconsin: the Libertarian Party had its signatures certified and is on the ballot, as is the American Solidarity Party. Kanye West got denied because the signatures were turned in too late. The Green Party is in a weird situation because apparently Angela Walker (VP) moved or something, so some of the petitions have a different address than than the other and there’s a dispute over whether they count or not, so their ballot status is unknown right now. I’m not sure what’s going on with Kyle Kopitke, as the article that gave the update on the ballot access status of the ASP/LP/GP ( for the record) didn’t say anything at all about him, so he probably just didn’t have enough signatures certified.

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