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Jade Simmons Campaign: Consistency Is Key

Independent presidential candidate Jade Simmons’ campaign team sent the following message yesterday to email subscribers encouraging them to contact Vanity Fair and Essence Magazine about Simmons’ 2020 presidential bid.  Simmons is a concert pianist who was Miss Illinois in 1999 and the first runner up in the 2000 Miss America pageant.  She has currently qualified for ballot access only in Oklahoma with her petition effort falling short in South Carolina.  Her goal is to attain ballot access in states without a write-in option.  Fellow Independent candidate Kanye West expressed interest in making Simmons his running mate even though he already has tapped pastor MIchelle Tidball for the position.  Simmons has not yet announced a running mate of her own.

Thank you all for your posts, tags, and shares on social media this last week to help bring attention to and spread the word about Jade & Operation Restoration. It really does make a difference, and in less than 2 weeks, Jade’s instagram following has increased by almost 2,000 people! The more people listening and learning, the better.

We truly feel like Jade’s mission and policies resonate with people from all walks of life… even those on opposite ends of the political spectrum. We have found that once people actually take the time to read and/or listen to Jade’s vision, they realize that this is a leader worth listening to and worth sharing with others.

To start this week, please continue to let Vanity Fair and Essence Magazine know that you want them to cover Jade.

Consistency and persistence pay off, and we are convinced it will take just one person digging a little deeper into her story and mission to then decide that America needs to know about this exceptional third option. Her story needs to be told, and her vision needs to be shared. We all obviously know that, but they need convincing!

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Have you heard of 2020 Independent Presidential Candidate, Jade Simmons? She has been running a powerful campaign since January and unfortunately, mainstream media has shut her out. We’ve found AND been told that she is a disruption and messes up their plans and political agendas. They are refusing to cover or give attention to her campaign, instead of doing what’s right…reporting the news fairly and letting America know they have more than two options.

We are relying on publications like yours (who like to disrupt the status quo and bring to light and give a voice to people like Jade) to do what mainstream media won’t do…let America know they have more options at the polls this November. You can learn more about Jade Simmons campaign at as well as listen to her recent interview on The Breakfast Club.

Thank you so much for helping us raise awareness about Jade and Operation Restoration!

-Operation Restoration 2020 Team

#JadeSimmons4president #operationrestoration2020

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