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Movement for a Peoples Party announces Marianne Williamson and Mike Gravel as speakers

Former Senator Mike Gravel and Author Marianne Williamson, both of whom ran for the Democratic Nomination in 2020, have been announced as speakers at the 2020 Peoples Convention. The goal of which is to discuss the idea of forming a Progressive Independent Party and their game plan for 2022 and 2024.

Both Gravel and Williamson have had independent streaks in the past. Gravel previously running for the Libertarian Party Nomination in 2008, as well as endorsing many Third Party/Independent Candidates, and Williamson previously running as an Independent for Congress.


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  1. Fernando Mercado Fernando Mercado Post author | August 27, 2020

    The hypothetical Peoples Party would be an OK way to get a fresh start to build that Multi-Tendency Party together, but it may have its issues.

    I have a whole podcast bout that:

  2. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly August 27, 2020

    Fernando, not totally buying that. Our Revolution has a fair chunk of nepotism and grift, at least nationally. I smell a Berner small-scale version of Project Lincoln, to be honest. (I’ll have my blog post on this up on Friday.)

    That said, it IS funny that Ryan Knight invited Tulsi to be a speaker 6 days ago …. and she’s still not listed as one.


    That then said, the territoriality, or more, I do get. Mimi Soltysik called it out after his 2016 run. But, I think that’s more a problem with the people and parties “beyond” the SPUSA … PSL and others who have not shown to me any reason for existing.

    THAT that said, within the GP, I know there’s a lot of resistance from certain factions within Greens to making it a full-on party of the left. Small part of the Dario hive-off, but more of that is the cult of Dario plus many Greens believing Putin did nothing.

  3. Fernando Mercado Fernando Mercado Post author | August 23, 2020

    The Peoples Party is saying that we need to toss out the old parties and politics as usual and begin anew.

    Similar to MORENA in Mexico

  4. Bondurant Bondurant August 23, 2020

    What would the People’s Party offer that the Green Party or other established progressive parties do not? This comes across like a group of folks want to discuss a new party that they can control instead of working within an established party. That is fine as they are entitled to do so. Just seems like a futile and hollow effort.

  5. Caryn Ann Harlos Caryn Ann Harlos August 20, 2020

    Will we live blog this?

  6. Fernando Mercado Fernando Mercado Post author | August 20, 2020

    SG: TBH I get that, I would like it if Bernie AOC and others would join the Greens and call for a huge Multi-Tendency Left Party but every Left party is too territorial and sectional to do it. I’d say let’s see where this goes and if these guys do better than the Greens in 2022, maybe it would be best if they joined up with Peoples Party and not try to curb them like how Mexico’s Left Parties tried to do.

    RP: Most I’ve gotten is that MPP says Greens have been around too long and they need a new face to build up a new base of young voters

  7. Red Phillips Red Phillips August 20, 2020

    What is their issue with the Greens?

  8. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly August 20, 2020

    Fuck em. If they want to truly be a party of the left, we’ve already got the semi-left Greens and other parties further left than that. Per Mimi Soltysik, we don’t need yet more factionalism, and we also don’t need vanity projects.

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