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RCV on Ballot in Boulder Colorado

RCV is on the November Ballot in Boulder
City Elections are Poised for a Major Upgrade

“If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we should never wait to improve our processes and systems. We should never wait to hear the voices of our community members and we should never wait on issues of equity and representation,” said Alli Fronzalgia to the Boulder City Council on Tuesday night. She and others who risked their health to gather 5,800+ petition signatures during the pandemic spoke about why this upgrade to democracy maters to them. By a 7-2 majority, the Our Mayor-Our Choice initiative was referred to the ballot for this November! Boulderites will get to vote on whether to directly elect the Mayor with ranked choice voting (RCV).

People LOVE Ranked Choice Voting
Time and again the Boulder folks who signed the petition were familiar with ranked choice and knew that getting more voice in election gives the people more power. So many people around the state and country have been talking about getting free to securely vote our values that this upgrade is becoming common sense. That average people were aware that RCV is available surprised the council – and they knew that they couldn’t stand in the way of progress.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work
RCV for Colorado is supporting Our Mayor-Our Choice by providing voter education about what Ranked Choice is and how it works. Not everyone is okay with voters getting more power. What they do is run disinformation campaigns. We have to help the voters discern fact from nonsense. For that we need to expand our digital communications. Donations large and small are all helpful. If you are able, please…


Where is Our Statewide Initiative?
Other states like Massachusetts, Alaska, Nevada, and North Dakota have RCV initiatives this year because their elections have fewer rules. Colorado leads the nation in reliable, innovative elections — our clerks are rockstars in the world of elections. RCV for Colorado has been working with the Office of the Secretary of State, the Colorado County Clerks Association, and Denver Elections to craft policy that ensures that we will have a well-managed rollout in the most complex state in the nation. Our team is targeting a 2022 statewide initiative, and we have to have legislation first to make sure that everything will be in place. Getting RCV in Colorado is going to leave the rest of the nation with a template to follow.

State Legislation
RCV in the Primaries is a potential bill in 2021 that will expand local option for RCV, support the County Clerks in their implementations, and begin using RCV in the primaries. In March, over 150,000 Colorado voters in the Democratic party’s presidential primary had their votes go uncounted because candidates had dropped out at the last minute. The Republican leadership is very aware that what happened to the Democrats this year can happen to them in 2024 – which is why both major parties and legislators from both sides of the aisle are part of the policy committee.

YOU Are Part of This Success
Our email list is growing, folks are signing up to volunteer, and we are getting in donations . All of these things demonstrate support for an upgraded democracy at the grassroots level that makes leaders realize that they need to start backing RCV. There are folks who have signed up for recurring donations of $5 per month and also some who give $50 per month. This kind of support means we can have regional organizers talking to county parties, rotaries, and all the organizations that are part of the wins we need in 2020, 2021, and 2022. It also means that we have enough support on our own to only make partnerships when it serves the voters. The mission of RCV for Colorado is to be a voice for the voters. You are part of building this.
Thank you.

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  1. Bondurant Bondurant August 23, 2020

    I hope this is a successful effort. There was a push for RCV in Glendale, AZ a few years ago but it did not pass.

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