Democratic Senate Candidate Runs Attack Ad Against Constitution Party Candidate

A few weeks ago, the Constitution Party nominee for U.S. Senate in South Carolina, Bill Bledsoe, dropped out of the race and endorsed Republican Senator Lindsey Graham after polls and fundraising numbers showed Graham’s Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, gaining strength.  Despite dropping out, Bledsoe remains on the ballot.  He had polled at three percent in an internal Democratic poll before exiting the race.

Nevertheless, perhaps as a campaign strategy to convince conservatives to vote for Bledsoe over Graham, the Harrison campaign has run an attack ad against Bledsoe.  The ad points out Bledsoe’s position on abortion and gun rights as well as his support for President Trump, and deems him “too conservative for South Carolina.”

Thanks to Steven R Linnabary for the link in the October 2020 Open Thread.

2 thoughts on “Democratic Senate Candidate Runs Attack Ad Against Constitution Party Candidate

  1. Jared

    That’s some dirty, transparent reverse psychology to split the conservative vote, but the Harrison campaign needs to find some way to spend his tens of millions of dollars pouring in from out of state. If only Graham and Harrison could both lose. There isn’t a Libertarian on the ballot this year, unfortunately.

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