American Solidarity Party Member Appointed to Local Council Office in Ohio

The American Solidarity Party of Ohio has announced that Christopher Zehnder, a former Vice-Chairman of the party, has been appointed to a seat on the Hartford, Ohio village council.  Hartford is a small community with about 400 residents located in the center of the state.

“We hope that all will join in and applaud him for his efforts to grow our party across the Buckeye State,” proclaimed a statement from the Ohio ASP.

Despite not appearing on the Ohio ballot in 2020, ASP presidential candidate Brian Carroll did manage to receive 1,450 write-in votes in that state. That represented a sharp increase from the 552 Ohio write-in votes cast for Michael Maturen in 2016.

One thought on “American Solidarity Party Member Appointed to Local Council Office in Ohio

  1. Steven R Linnabary

    Being from near there, Hartford is known for a couple things.

    Hartford goes by two names, Hartford or Croton. I forget which is the real name and which is the USPS name that most folks use.

    The “Hartford Fair” is located here, sort of a county fair but independent. Huge traffic jams the last week or two of August.

    The Croton Egg farm is located here. The odor is striking. A tornado ripped the place apart a few years back, giving freedom for those incarcerated there. But the place was rebuilt in days.

    Croton/Hartford is also well known as the meth capital of Ohio.

    A couple years back there was a feud between Croton/Croton Twp (or is it Hartford/Hartford Twp?), as they both shared facilities.


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