‘Let’s Party: A Movie to End the Duopoly’ Finds Major Support on Crowdfunding Site

‘Let’s Party’ is the brainchild of indie film director Brad Leo Lyon and is planned to be a hybrid documentary film with elements of narrative story built into it. The film project is currently raising funds via IndieGoGo and over the weekend was ranked as the #1 Trending CREATIVE CAMPAIGN on the popular crowdfunding platform.

In fact, Lyon has raised just north of $21,000 to fund his vision, with more than 400 individual donors chipping in at least a few dollars each. Donors will earn “perks” ranging from stickers to signed posters and logoed gear. A few individuals contributed enough to earn walk-on roles in the film and other higher level rewards.

Despite achieving its initial goal, IndieGoGo has awarded the project “In Demand Status” to allow Lyon to continue raising money and offering perks for a bit longer.

“This means we can still raise more funds to make an even better movie,” Lyon explains. “So if you haven’t purchased all the perks you want yet, now is the time! We’ll even be adding stretch goals this week. So help us see this movie reach it’s full potential.”

Lyon’s resume includes directing more than a dozen lower budget indie films that featured actors such as Dustin Diamond, Joe Estevez, Todd Bridges, and Jake the Snake Roberts. A politically charged film is new territory for him.

Lyon stresses that his focus will be debunking the wasted vote myth, noting on his fundraising page that: “The concept that voting third party in the United States is throwing away your vote was literally marketing propaganda devised by a major party and likewise supported by the other in an attempt to suppress third party growth.”

“A film of such a controversial nature is not easily funded,” adds the director. “The two largest political parties in the nation will actually work to prevent it from happening. In addition, it is a dangerous and polarizing undertaking for any filmmaker to be involved in. To make it successful, we need your help in funding its production so we can spread awareness that, contrary to popular opinions, there are third party options and considering such might just be a pathway to turning this country into the great one we all want it to truly be.”

If you would like to be a part of ‘Let’s Party’ there is still time to contribute, just follow this link to the project’s IndieGoGo profile.

2 thoughts on “‘Let’s Party: A Movie to End the Duopoly’ Finds Major Support on Crowdfunding Site

  1. ZD Smith

    This is great to see! We need a vehicle like this to get people to think differently about how they use their vote. I’m one of the 400 backers and I know there are MANY more than that who feel the same in that “lesser of two evils” tactics will NEVER change what you complain about with the current system. We need more principled voting and to take a stand in wisening up above media induced fear-based voting! Support “Let’s Party” by contributing and sharing the campaign today!

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