Lavender Caucus complaint against Georgia Green Party OKed by Accreditation Committee for Nat’l Committee action

Reportedly, the Accreditation Committee of the Green Party of the United States has accepted the complaint filed by the Lavender Caucus against the Georgia Green Party over its 2020 platform and specifically, the platform’s containing the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights, on a 24-0 vote with three abstentions. With that, it goes on to the National Committee of the Green Party for its consideration.

The likely process is for the National Committee of the GP to take 30-45 days to review the complaint, maybe longer depending on the number of procedural challenges, and then take its vote.

The Lavender Caucus’ complaint is here.

As mentioned, there may be a number of procedural and other challenges. That includes the issue of whether this does indeed violate the Green Party’s “Ten Key Values,” and if not, therefore not being “actionable.”

The response to the complaint has been led by an organization styled the “Dialogue Not Expulsion Caucus.” Its response to the complaint is here. It does, among other things, address that issue.

The DNE Caucus has stressed for some time that many of its members do NOT agree with all of the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights, and that some may agree with little or none of it. They have joined for reasons of procedural concern, per the possible “procedural challenges” referenced above.

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