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LNC Taps Whitney Bilyeu of Texas as New Chair

The Libertarian National Committee has announced that Whitney Bilyeu of Texas will serve as the new Chair of the LNC.

“Her natural ability to lead and her drive for excellence make her an outstanding choice for the position,” the LNC said via press release.

The LNC convened a special session to fill the vacancy left by Joe Bishop-Henchman’s resignation in June. Over the previous two weeks, members of the committee nominated candidates to fill the position. LNC members used RCV (ranked-choice voting) to select their preferred candidate from the pool of nominees or to select NOTA (None of the Above). Should NOTA have prevailed, Acting Chair Ken Moellman would have continued to serve in his capacity until the national convention in May of 2022.

“The Libertarian National Committee, and the Libertarian Party as a whole, is emerging from a trying time,” said Bilyeu. “It is, however, far from the most tumultuous in the Party’s long history. I accept the great honor to lead this committee as Chair with the optimism that, united by our common principles, we emerge from the divisions and uncertainties of the past month with a renewed commitment to each other in our shared cause. It is a testament to our growth and strength as a Party that the good work of our activists, affiliates, and staff all around the country has continued unabated throughout. It is that same strength and perseverance that will continue to carry us forward. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Vice-Chair Ken Moellman for bearing the burdens of this past month with dignity, compassion, and unstinting diligence as we work toward solutions to the challenges we confront. I look forward to continuing to work with Mr. Moellman, the other members of the LNC, our affiliates, and our staff. We have great things ahead of us as a Party and, together, I know we will accomplish them.”

Bilyeu is the current Region 7 Representative to the LNC and also the Chair of Texas LP. In 2020 she was a candidate for Texas State Board of Education in District 6, winning 2.9% of the vote in a tightly contested race. Republican Will Hickman won that election with 49.8%, defeating Democrat Michelle Palmer who captured 47.4% of the vote.

“Ms. Bilyeu’s wide breadth of experience at all levels of the party will be invaluable to understanding and engaging with our affiliates, our members, our candidates, and our supporters,” added Tyler Harris, the LP’s Executive Director. “The Libertarian Party has a proud 50-year legacy of advocacy for individual liberty and of challenging the omnipotent state. I congratulate Whitney on taking a place in that legacy as the party’s 21st National Chair. I look forward to working together on the critical work so important to executing the vision of our Party: supporting over 230 elected officials around the country, expanding our party infrastructure and activity at the grassroots level, running energetic and successful campaigns, growing the party’s legislative impact, and spreading a message of liberty.”

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Austin Cassidy


  1. Bilyeu 3:16 Bilyeu 3:16 July 13, 2021

    “Should NOTA have prevailed, Acting Chair Ken Moellman would have continued to serve in his capacity until the national convention in May of 2022.”

    Actually, that wasn’t the consensus of the LNC. Moellman would remain as acting chair until the next in-person LNC meeting in September when the process would start all over again.

  2. ATBAFT ATBAFT July 13, 2021

    Best wishes and good luck to Ms. Bilyeu. Was she one of the LPers pushing to get rid of the NAP? Has that issue been buried again or is there still a good number of LPers who would like to do away with signing it as a condition of membership?

  3. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy Post author | July 14, 2021

    Bilyeu 3:16 — That’s interesting… the LNC’s press release disagreed. But you may well be correct.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen Anastasia Beaverhausen July 15, 2021

    Why didn’t the Vice Chair just automatically succeed as Chair? Is that not a constitutionally-allowed provision? Seems silly to have a Vice Chair if that person doesn’t assume the full duties of Chair (and not be some nebulous “Acting Chair”) in the event of a vacancy.

  5. George Whitfield George Whitfield July 15, 2021

    Congratulations to Ms. Bilyeu and thanks for her willingness to serve our Libertarian Party. I give her my best wishes for success during her term.

  6. NewFederalist NewFederalist July 19, 2021

    I agree with Anastasia. What IS the purpose of a vice chair?

  7. George Phillies George Phillies July 19, 2021

    “Why didn’t the Vice Chair just automatically succeed as Chair? Is that not a constitutionally-allowed provision?” No, it’s forbidden by the Bylaws. The Vice Chair has assigned duties, but becoming Chair is not once of them.

    1) The officers of the Party shall be:
    8) The National Committee shall appoint new officers if vacancies occur, such officers to complete the term of the office vacated

    The matter was badly confused by Roberts nonsense. To ask thwe LP Judicial Committee to clear up the mess, please go to and sign the petition.

  8. ATBAFT ATBAFT July 20, 2021

    Several previous Chairs have resigned – Paul Grant, Jim Turney. How did LNC handle the issue then?

  9. ATBAFT ATBAFT July 26, 2021

    George – now I remember. Ver Hagen picked at Seattle after Grant resigned. Turney resigned during a NatCom meeting (Phoenix?) and Walter moved up from Vice Chair and was immediately elected successor, even though he wasn’t at the meeting nor even asked if he would serve (but he ended up serving).

  10. From Der Sidelines From Der Sidelines October 21, 2021

    And 3 months later, we see that Witless BlewYou does not know how to run a meeting, thinks that she knows it all when she doesn’t, is biased, and doesn’t look as good in a dress than she she thinks she does.

    She may have won fair and square, but that’s the only positive thing.

  11. Jared Jared October 22, 2021


    Total coincidence, I’m sure, that you post minutes before Seebeck on another old LNC thread, hurling third-grade insults while commenting on Bilyeu’s appearance and torturing her name into a sexual reference. Funny, I seem to recall Harlos complimenting her dress during the Sept. 4 session. Sexist remarks are uncalled for, even when you anonymize your name, and people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    It’s either “der sideline” or “den sidelines” btw. Pick one.

  12. NewFederalist NewFederalist October 23, 2021

    Sehr gut!

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