Open Thread for September 2021 — We’ve Moved!

Good morning and welcome to the new server!

IPR is now housed on a new and upgraded web hosting plan that should lead to snappier performance and MUCH less downtime. In fact, I expect no more downtime!

Apologies to anyone who has written or posted any comments in the past couple of days, those appear to have gotten lost in the shuffle. But the full historical archive of everything from earlier this month all the way back to 2008 appears to have survived the move intact.

This is the open thread for September 2021.

16 thoughts on “Open Thread for September 2021 — We’ve Moved!

  1. Jared

    Executive summary of the LPNH Investigation Report:

    “Past LPNH Chair Jilletta Jarvis acted to address concerns with the LPNH Communications Committee, and only after all such reasonable efforts had failed, began preparations to resign. After informing others of her intent, a suggestion was offered by another party to try a different approach, one that was seen as preventing damage not only to the LPNH (in the form of feared disaffiliation) but also to other Libertarian state parties, to candidates nationwide, some of whom had contacted her directly, and to the LP itself.

    We conclude that LNC Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman was involved in, guided, and likely initiated, this strategy. We conclude that his actions were inappropriate. We further conclude that at least one other actor was involved. We were unable to identify that individual(s). We further find that Joe Bishop-Henchman deleted LP.ORG email evidence prior to his resignation.”

  2. Jared

    FM: “I hit 600 Subs, feel free to ask a Q for part of the celebration if u want”

    Can the Q be Anon?

    Just kidding.

  3. George Phillies

    The LNC debated at length the motion to suspend Caryn Ann Harlos as National Party Secretary. at the end, the vote was 11-2-1 in favor of her suspension. The needed 11 yes votes having been obtained, she ceased to be National Secretary. An appeal to the judicial committee is possible.

    She did not get to vote on the motion. Joshua Smith was ill, and did not attend the meeting, but his absence had no effect on this vote. The two votes against were Nanna and Bowen. The recorded abstention was Moellman.

  4. Jared

    Predictably, Harlos is losing her mind… vowing to get even (“bitches!”), denouncing the 11 or 12 members who wouldn’t stand by her as corrupt actors and scumbags, railing about too many “soy boys” in the party, and cackling about her Mises Caucus friends replacing all her LNC enemies in Reno.

    I disagree with CAH on a number of issues that I don’t think would ever warrant her removal. She is consistent to a fault and works tirelelessly. That said, she is a constant source of drama, almost maniacally vulgar, and reputedly very difficult to work with. Her behavior suggests she’s mentally unstable.

  5. Carol Moore/

    LP youtube video of LNC meeting suspending Ms.Harlos:

    The suspension of Ms. Harlos starts at around 2 hours 46 minutes and after several minutes of making it clear they have a right to suspend her the motion to suspend begins, with discussion, and then Ms. Harlos histrionic defense

  6. NewFederalist

    Now that this site has a new hosting let’s see if the traffic returns. BAN has all the crazies now and I cannot imagine that Richard Winger is too happy with the “discourse”!

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