Credit: Ahmed Eltouny

Green Party Praises Venezuelan Election as ‘Advanced’ and ‘Fair and Democratic’ Process

Reporting from Venezuela as an on-site elections observer in Caracas, U.S. Green Party co-chair Ahmed Eltouny described witnessing a fair and efficient election.

The Maduro Government invited an assortment of international observers to witness how Venezuelan elections are conducted. Eltouny, in addition to observers from the European Union (EU), was present during regional elections for state governors, mayors and city councils, which were conducted nationwide.

The elections saw the ruling socialist party win sweeping victories, with reports of scattered violence and charges from the opposition that the election was a farce. Despite that, the Green Party’s press release described the elections as a “technologically impressive and rigorously secure exercise in democracy.”


“There’s really very, very small risk in terms of any kind of foul play in these elections and I am very impressed with what I have seen so far,” said Eltouny, who observed the voting process at three different polling sites. “Despite the massive sanctions that Venezuela must deal with, it is amazing that they are able to utilize advanced technologies and anti-fraud measures that we can’t come close to in the U.S.”

Eltouny’s presence as an election observer is an initiative of the Venezuelan Solidarity Project of the Green Party’s International Committee. The trip was made possible with additional support from the Maine Green Independent Party, and many individual donors.

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