Mises PAC Report Not Signed By Treasurer, FEC Requests Info, Audit Possible

Photo: Todd Hagopian, July 2021 Mises FEC Report signator

As reproduced below, Jamie Timmie, Senior Campaign Finance Analyst with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) in a letter dated 20 October 2021, states:

“Your report(s) was not signed by the Treasurer,”

and directs Kyle Burton, the (former?) Treasurer of the MISES PAC to provide the following:

  1. The signature of an individual that is authorized to sign.
  2. The addition of required addresses for disbursements.
  3. Descriptions of why each disbursement was made.
  4. Correction of the reporting of financial activities that, “have been reflected on the wrong lines”.

Nick Sarwark, Executive Director of the Libertarian Policy Institute provided the following analysis on his Twitter Account:

“Oklahoma Mises Caucus organizer who also signed an FEC report for the Mises PAC in spite of not being Treasurer of the PAC, was apparently unaware of the FEC letter citing problems with the report he filed until the day after the deadline to respond to said letter.

“Many PACs are managed poorly, including missed reports, missed deadlines, and incomplete reports that violate the Federal campaign finance rules. That’s common.

“What is less common is for the filer of such a report for such an organization to announce a run for Treasurer of the Libertarian Party, third largest political party in the United States, with revenues at least an order of magnitude higher and much more complex FEC reporting.

“Wondering whether @ToddHagopian is or is not the Treasurer for the Mises Caucus PAC.

“He signed their mid-year report here: https://docquery.fec.gov/pdf/913/202108199466334913/202108199466334913.pdf

“However the website and the FEC say he’s not treasurer, instead listing a Kyle Burton, Jr. https://docquery.fec.gov/pdf/237/202110200300127237/202110200300127237.pdf

Mr. Hagopian replied, “I am not the treasurer, and have no formal position in the PAC, therefore I received no letter. As stated, I will not answer for the PAC.”

Nick: “Signing a FEC report is taking responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the report, under legal penalty. There are other significant issues with the report you signed, according to the FEC’s letter to the Mises PAC, other than whether you could technically sign.

“Do you think ignoring FEC letters requesting more information on a report that one signed and filed is something a good candidate for Treasurer of @LPNational would do? In the six years I served with him, I’m not aware of current LNC Treasurer Tim Hagan ignoring an FEC letter.

“Mr. Hagopian announced his candidacy for @LPNational Treasurer on Twitter, has made claims about his qualifications for the role on Twitter, making Twitter the appropriate forum for questions about that candidacy and those qualifications.”

While IPR will update as additional information becomes available, the Twitter debate is ongoing.

Nick Sarwark can be followed on Twitter HERE.

Todd Hagopian can be followed on Twitter HERE.


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  1. Guess

    Headline should probably include PAC between Mises and Report. Otherwise it makes it sound like you’re talking about the Institute itself rather than the L party PAC.

  2. Joseph Buchman Post author

    Guess @ December 1, 2021 at 07:44
    Headline should probably include PAC between Mises and Report.

    Good point, corrected it. Keep the ideas and feedback coming.

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