LNC Expected To Fill Vacant Secretary Position at 04 Dec 2021 In-Person Meeting; Seeking Applicants Now

Following the removal by the Judicial Committee of the previously suspended secretary of the Libertarian National Committee, a proposal was made by LNC Vice-Chair Ken Molleman to leave the position vacant and to “let the delegates decide” at the next in-person convention in Reno.

Mr. Moellman posted the following yesterday (14 Nov 2021):

“I would like us to consider leaving the position of Secretary vacant through the end of the term.”

He also proposed that (apparently) the first act of the convention should be for the delegates to choose a secretary to run the convention:

“We can let the delegates elect a secretary for convention.”

Acting Secretary, and current Treasurer of the LNC, Tim Hagan, replied:

“… the (convention secretary) should be selected prior to the convention so they can prepare.”

LNC Chair Whitney Bilyeu, quoting relevant Bylaws sections, indicated a replacement Secretary must be elected by the LNC at its next in-person meeting:

“6.5  . . . The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the National Committee and all Party conventions and shall act as secretary thereof…  6.8  The National Committee shall appoint new officers if vacancies occur, such officers to complete the term of the office vacated…. I’d like to see nominations close on the 24th or 26th (of November 2021) . . . leaving the (Thanksgiving) holiday and/or week preceding the (in-person LNC meeting in Boston) for review of the candidates.”

Interested IPR readers are encouraged to apply.

Details on the Boston in-person meeting of the LNC can be found HERE.

(According to various reports received by IPR the recently removed, formerly suspended secretary, has posted on various social media accounts and YouTube channels an intent to attend the Boston LNC meeting in-person, is seeking funding for travel expenses for same, will continue to produce minutes and act as LNC secretary nonetheless, with an intent to seek election to (reinstatement to) the position of Secretary by the delegates in Reno, and eventually to the position of LNC Chair, at a subsequent convention.)

IPR readers with direct access to related social media posts are encouraged to share them in the comments below.  It is currently unclear whether the removed former secretary intends to enter the candidate pool of those to be vetted prior to the Boston LNC meeting.

The discussion among members of the LNC about this issue is ongoing.  The public portion of that discussion can be followed in (almost) real time at the Google Group, LNC Business.

Presumably the members of the LNC will also have a new photo taken during the Boston in-person meeting, as they have a new chair, and several other region representatives and alternates in the photo above have resigned for various reasons, in addition to the removal of the secretary.
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2 thoughts on “LNC Expected To Fill Vacant Secretary Position at 04 Dec 2021 In-Person Meeting; Seeking Applicants Now

  1. Joseph Buchman Post author

    The following proposal for a process to choose a new Secretary is currently being voted on by the LNC:

    “1) Nominations for LNC Secretary open at the conclusion of this vote and end at midnight eastern time November 28.

    2) Nominations are to be submitted via the LNC business list.

    3) LNC members and alternates may submit one qualified nominee each.

    4) Speeches for nominees will be heard at the December 4, 2021 meeting,

    5) Followed by an election using IRV (Instant Run-off Voting).”

  2. Joseph Buchman Post author

    IPR has received multiple reports that the recently removed former Secretary, Ms. Harlos, has announced an intention to attend the LNC meeting in Boston in person.

    Additional reports indicate funds are being raised by supporters to cover her travel expenses.

    Several members of the board who did not support the suspension, either by voting against it, or by explicit abstention, or by not being present at the time the vote was taken at the Louisville meeting, are expected to nominate Ms. Harlos to return to the position of Secretary.

    Such nomination by even one member of the board, under the process outlined above would then entitle each candidate an opportunity to speak during the 04 December 2021 meeting, presumably by phone or zoom if they are not physically present, and presumably from the front of the room if they are physically present, potentially with other supporters who could speak on their behalf (as is common practice for board elections during conventions).

    IPR looks forward to covering the event.

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