Happy Holidays: IPR Update and Open Thread

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

In the past few months we’ve moved IPR to a new web hosting platform and made some other changes behind the scenes to improve site performance. Starting in 2022, there will be more obvious changes to visually and functionally upgrade, expand and (hopefully) improve IPR in other ways. Look for a new comment system, expanded focus on original content and much more as we get into a pretty major election year.

For now, we hope you’re having a safe and happy holiday season and that the new year will bring us all better and more prosperous times.

This is the open thread for January 2022.

101 thoughts on “Happy Holidays: IPR Update and Open Thread

  1. Austin Cassidy Post author

    Disqus (and other commenting systems) have ways to import comments from WordPress. My intention would be to switch to a new platform only if we can preserve the archive with it.

  2. wolfefan

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone here, and thanks for your interesting and worthwhile contributions over the years!

  3. .

    Merry Christmas. Never surrender to the loony leftist war on Christmas, and never forget that Jesus is the reason for the season. Happy New Year, and looking forward to the further unraveling of the criminal Biden-Harris Chinese puppet regime and the coming GOP wave that will wash away that communist plot against America and God in the Year of Our Lord 2022. In Christ’s Holy name we pray. Praise the Lord and Amen!

  4. Austin Cassidy Post author

    Let’s just stick with Merry Christmas, please. lol

    Also, if you’re going to keep commenting here… please choose a username other than “.”

    A couple letters or something, it doesn’t have to be too elaborate.

  5. Robert Milnes

    Oh, gee, Austin.
    I was just about to respond in kind to Mr’ Dot’s comment.
    Is this the new (kinder and gentler?) IPR method to delete a comment?
    Well, Happy Holidays Everybody!
    May 2022 be the Year of the Great Sweep!
    Sweep out the democrats and republicans!
    And for the unvaccinated, GET VACCINATED!
    Or get sick, maybe die.
    Have a safe Holidsay Season!

  6. Richard Winger

    Austin, I am really glad you posted those county maps of the US, showing voting for various elections. Between 1963 and the drawn of personal computers, I made hundreds of similar maps, not using a computer; instead using colored pencils on large US government maps that show all the counties. I would love to get in touch with Mill 226. I also made computer-generated maps in the 1990’s and 2000’s decade, some of which are in the Encyclopedia of third Parties in America, published 2000 by Immanuel Ness. They are in volume one. I don’t know how to get in touch with Mill226 and hope he or she is willing to be in touch with me at 415-922-9779 or richardwinger@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  7. Austin Cassidy

    Hi Richard,

    Not a problem… I’ll reach out to him and pass along your contact info.

  8. Robert Milnes

    Well, we certainly have the makins to Sweep Out the Trash-Democrats and Republicans! In 2022!
    Replace Every Democrat with a Green! Replace Every Republican with a Libertarian!
    The Four Third Parties Must Have Full Ballot Access!
    Even if they must help themselves to get it!
    The democrats and republicans always get full ballot access.
    We know that from history.
    The Libertarian party usually gets close; the Green party usually does almost as well.
    The Constitution party and the third centrist parties, Reform/Alliance,
    Must be helped to get full ballot access. Then ALL significant parties should poll in low double digits.
    There must be a Green/Libertarian fusion ticket. And no more obstacles like bilaws.
    NO MORE 50/50 democrat/republican polling!
    And here we have an online rag, IPR, dedicated to coverage of third parties and Independents, and their candidates. Lopsidedly libertarian? Perhaps. So call upon the Libertarian party to accomplish these things!
    Do these things and we will succeed in 2022!

  9. Robert Milnes

    Just thought I would inform everybody that I got my third-booster-Pfizer shot.
    And FWIW I have formulated a hypothesis about why a significant number of people are refusing vaccination, thereby goofing up things.
    Most seem to be republicans, Trumpers, ultra rightists etc.
    I think they listened to King Donald the Foist. Then when the vaccination became available around the time the new administration came in, they were so-alienated- that they refused everything. That Trump is a moron, Biden is president, that vax is good. They do not want to admit anything or be appreciative etc.
    So yes, I think the present state of political polarization and alienation is causing, for the most part, vax resistance.

  10. Robert Milnes

    Come on. Trump recently got found out he got vaccinated and wishy washy admitted it and pat himself on the back that his administration created it.
    The audience-Trumpers- booed.
    IMO you are in for it when, not if, you are exposed. Maybe you will just get mild symptoms. Maybe not.

  11. Andy

    Robert Milnes: “IMO you are in for it when, not if, you are exposed. Maybe you will just get mild symptoms. Maybe not.”

    I have traveled around the country and gathered thousands of petition signatures and attended group gatherings, and I have not worn a mask most of the time, yet the only time I have gotten sick since February of 2018 was for 4 days in the summer of 2020. I don’t know if I had COVID or not, but the symptoms I had were the same as the symptoms I had when I got sick for a few days in February of 2018, which was well before the COVID-19 hysteria.

  12. Robert Milnes

    Good for you.
    How do you explain this?
    You have natural immunity? Asymptomatic?
    Extreme luck?
    Or covid is a hoax? What?
    I think it was on the tv news covering the recent Trump/O’Reilley event.

  13. Robert Milnes

    This might be part of secret negotiations to arrange a safe and orderly transition of jews from Palestine to Sinai.
    I hope I do not seem like a self centered egomaniac. But I recently wrote and sent to US District Court for Western Pennsylvania an Amicus Curiae brief. On my blog The PLAS Place. It is basically in defense of Robert Bowers. It includes a peace proposal that I call The Sinai Proposal. And my offer to assist Mr. Bowers’ defense pro bono.
    I have heard nothing other than receipt of the Certified US Mail return receipts from the Court Clerk, US Attorneys Office and Bowers’ defense counsel Judy Clarke’s office.
    I have written many comments about this in Ballot Access News.
    This case is over three years ago. Bowers has not plea bargained which I would advise against. There has been no trial date set, although it has been reported to be considered for next summer.
    Which begs the question, What is going to happen in this case?

  14. Robert Milnes

    Austin Cassidy,
    I request that my blog, The PLAS Place, be put on IPR’s list of Readers Blogs.
    Please note that IPR already has a PLAS Open Thread and a PLAS ll Open Thread.

  15. Ed Johnson

    Robert Bowers? The Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter? Wasn’t he captured in the act, with his weapon still on the scene and perhaps in his hands, and multiple eyewitnesses that saw him enter the synagogue, unprovoked, and shoot indiscriminately at people he didn’t know, killing some, wounding others, and terrorizing the rest? What is your pro bono defense of that?

  16. Sammy H

    Milnes is a virulent anti semite who rants about Jewish space lasers and mindcontrol. He would pro bono defend all the nazis at Nuremberg if he had the chance

    Is he even a lawyer? Doubt it

  17. Traditionalist

    As a member of MENSA, he should easily be able to define what a progressive is, and what exactly they are progressing towards. He should also be able to explain what actions he condemns some of us for being “reactionary” against, and why he thinks those actions are good and necessary. He has also derided people for being “counterevolutionary.” What revolution is he promoting, and why? You don’t have to qualify for MENSA membership to see that there’s something at the very least fishy about someone who does qualify for such membership refusing to tackle such basic questions.

    In the absence of a reply or alternative explanation being offered, the best explanation that seems to fit the available evidence is that he wants a globalist Marxist revolution . He probably won’t admit this, because he wants to boil the frog slowly enough that we won’t jump out of the water – that is, “progressively” – it sounds good to progress, and bad to impede progress, doesn’t it?

    The only problem here is that the notion that a leftist direction of social and economic “progress” being our inexorable destiny, akin to progress in science and technology, comes from the crackpot “science” of Marxism mixed with the methodology of Fabianism. The Marxist element can be further deduced from the promotion of revolution, as a corollary of opposition to “counterrevolution.”

    He is, of course, free to offer an alternative explanation whenever he wishes, if he ever does.

    As a means of linguistic defense of our civilization, I’ll offer sinister as an alternative descriptor to progressive for leftism. Sinister literally means leftist or left wing, and is a much more emotionally accurate picture of where the pied pipers of the left seek to lure us to than the deceptive progress that those following the herd to the tune of those pied pipers think they are making. As for their glorious revolution, gulags and killing fields ought to serve as sufficient reason to be wary. Thus, “real socialism has yet to be tried.” Baloney!

    The promotion of terrorism as an acceptable political tactic completes the impression of a Marxist operative. Marxists see terrorism as a great way to achieve their aims, and terrorizing the population as a great way to continue their “progress” once they take power. However, their “progress ” is incomplete until they turn the entire planet into a Borg cube. Beware!

  18. Traditionalist

    I think I will. I don’t think it’s a year which will make “progressives” happy, to say the least. By the way, what are “progressives” progressing towards?

  19. Robert Milnes

    This thread does not seem to be used much now. Austin wrote that it is the Open Thread for January.
    I for personal reasons, would like to see some further action on the Abbas-Gantz front. Abbas bad mouthed Israel on Friday, but he kind of had to. It has become a tradition. An anniversary of the First Palestinian attack on Israel.
    I would appreciate any news on this. Because I am in a bad way, so to speak. The story of my life. But…if Abbas-Gantz is actually progress on a possible Peace Plan, AND it gets traced back to me, well then maybe Bob Milnes isn’t so crazy after all. And maybe Bob Milnes’ ex girlfriend is not actually in that grave like he said. Maybe it gets dug up like he suggested. And maybe some good people start competing for the Presidency like Bob suggested. Instead of Bob… Alone in the Wilderness.
    And maybe Bob and his “dead” ex get together like he said, and go somewhere and live happily ever after. And Bob never has to click on IPR ever again.
    So, Come on people. Politicos or at least dilettantes. True, a scoop is not an IPR forte, but I’m sure you can handle it.
    America gets saved from King Donald the Foist and Bob gets to live happily ever after with his ex dead girl. In peace and prosperity, as the libertarians say, wistfully.

  20. Andy

    Robert Milnes said: “Maybe it gets dug up like he suggested. And maybe some good people start competing for the Presidency like Bob suggested. Instead of Bob… Alone in the Wilderness.
    And maybe Bob and his ‘dead’ ex get together like he said, and go somewhere and live happily ever after. And Bob never has to click on IPR ever again.”

    Why are you referring to yourself in the 3rd person?

  21. Traditionalist

    Careful readers might note that Mr. Milnes has once again failed to define progressive or reactionary. He has also once again failed to explain what kind of “leftist revolutionary” (in the words of his own website) he is. The impression that he is a Marxist commie termite/vampire is further strengthened not only by his apparent defense of terror as a political tactic, but now also by his odd fixation with graves and corpses.

    Communists often have a “thing” for caskets and corpses, perhaps because they generate so many. Their banners are red because they adore the bloodshed that comes with violent revolution, and then with bludgeoning and cutting down as many people as it takes to prove “scientific socialism” is correct. Since it’s not correct, and no number of corpses can make it correct, that’s a very large number of people, to say the least. They are, actually, the world’s biggest and deadliest death cult in all of humanity’s bloody history.

    Thus, should anyone be surprised that a follower of the same ideology that refuses to give mass murderer Vladimir Lenin a proper burial, or to dump his corpse in the trash where it belongs along with his putrid ideology which stinks worse than a decomposing body, would have a sexual fantasy about digging up his dead lover? Unfortunately for Mr. Milnes, she can no more be brought back to life than Vladimir Lenin or the reputation of his Frankenstein ideology. Unfortunately for the rest of us, its many millions of victims can’t be brought back to life either, no matter how many graves get dug up. Even more unfortunate for the fate of humanity going forward is that this undead monstrosity continues to haunt the living and claim more human victims, and to lure and deceive the unwary with many disguises, such as liberalism, progressivism, and environmentalism.

  22. Robert Milnes

    Palestinian Prisoner Ends Hunger Strike After Israel Says It Will Release Him Next Month.
    Is this a coincidence?
    Does anyone know anything about what, if anything, is going on in Israel/Palestine?
    Any contacts in the governments involved?
    White House, State Department, Justice Department? Congress?
    Media? Associated Press? Reuters?
    Austin, do you know anything?

  23. Sammy H

    Boomers sure love their John Wayne fantasy movies. Eventually they lost the ability to distinguish between these fantasies and reality. Sad.

  24. Traditionalist

    Sammy appears to have not made it past the illustration at the top of the article, perhaps due to limited literacy and attention deficit problems, which became epidemic among the overindulged “boomers” and their progeny. My generation has been referred to as “silent,” although I seemed to have bucked any such tendencies. Perhaps we were only silent in comparison to some of the pampered children who grew up after the war, or more tragically, many of whom never did grow up, even as they have aged. Many young people these days don’t even have any responsible elders to look up to, not that they are inclined to look up to their elders or seek any kind of wisdom from history.

  25. Robert Milnes

    I have a complaint.
    What is this comment material posted by “Traditionalist”? With link.
    What does it have to do with anything involving IPR?
    I say it is more trash. Filler. Disinformation.
    Diversion-from what we are really interested in here at IPR.
    Censor it.
    Run it through with hashmarks.

  26. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes, it’s no less relevant than what you post. The decline of our civilization is something that ought to be addressed with public policy, among other things. As we can all see by now, you’re just unhappy with me calling you out for being a communist. Communists don’t like to be reminded of what your economic and cultural Marxist attacks have done to this country and the West and our civilization as a whole. If you’re not a communist, please do explain what type of leftist revolution you want. Pretending I didn’t ask the question won’t make it go away .

  27. Robert Milnes

    I am not a communist. That is just an inflammatory word to try to discredit me. Anyone who knows me and my campaign knows I am a progressive. My campaign is based on Teddy Roosevelt and how close his Progressive Party came to winning in a close three way race in 1912. He was not a communist or a socialist. Leftist economics have proven to fail in the real world. What has proven to succeed in the real world, despite its flaws, is the American economy. We must not risk it.
    To me, traditionalist means status quo. The centrist, reactionary parties. The democrats and republicans. Controlled by Zionists. The Zionists want the reactionaries in power in America because they zealously support Israel. Lavishing American largesse on it, which it turns around to oppress the Palestinians and non reactionary parties and individuals in America. Like me.
    With the Abbas-Gantz meeting, we MAY be seeing the beginning of the end of Zionist control of America and occupation of Palestine.
    I anxiously await any news about any progress on that.

  28. Traditionalist

    Not a communist? Ok. This is the first time you’ve bothered to deny it. You call yourself a leftist revolutionary on your site. What kind of leftist revolution are you pushing? What is the end point of the progressive progression? What makes you think leftism is better than rightism, or that it’s our destiny to progress ever to the left?

    Traditionalism certainly does not mean status quo. Our status quo is woefully degenerated, as the link you asked to censor points out. I seek to restore our culture and civilization to greatness, whereupon we can make real progress, not the putrid progress towards Marxist dystopia which progressives seek to frog march us down.

    Traditionalism also doesn’t always mean the two major parties. At the moment, Trump has pointed the GOP in a good direction, but much remains to be done there, and victory is by no means assured. We need third parties and independent candidates to remain as options in case the rhinos take the GOP back.

    I’ve voted for third parties twice as often as Republicans for President. Goldwater, Reagan, and Trump were the only Republicans I voted for in the general election. Of the other candidates I backed in major party presidential primaries, Wallace, Robertson, Buchanan, and Paul, all but Robertson had previously or subsequently run as third party candidates. Trump did too, with the Reform Party primary in 2000. Many of the other third party candidates I backed – Schmitz, Maddox, Barr, Goode – had also been elected as Democrats or Republicans as well. To me, party is much less important than policy.

  29. Traditionalist

    Theodore Roosevelt was not a leftist revolutionary, but he was a decidedly mixed bag. The one thing about him I admire is his strident masculinism. Our culture needs a good dose of that to correct all the harm done by the pernicious effects of feminism. Female suffrage, which was not yet a reality in TR’s time, was one of the things that hurt our civilization in the long run, as this perceptive young lady points out:


    Subsequent waves of feminism have only done further harm. One of the great things about Trump is the revival of that masculinist spirit.

    One downside to Theodore Roosevelt was his support for imperialism abroad. Another was his progressive economic agenda at home. Over more than a century since, both of those have sapped the strength of our nation and other Western nations. I think Taft Republicans and traditional Southern Democrats were the better political tendencies of that time.

    In regards to the Jews and Muslims, their presence in Western nations has not done us any favours. The best thing would be to encourage them to return to their own nations in the middle east, north Africa, and central Asia, and fight their own wars amongst each other there. The US and the West should stay out of those wars, and unite with Russia to take on China, the real existential threat to the whole world today. As it stands, we’re wearing ourselves thin in third world countries, pushing Russia towards allying with China, importing third world populations, and doing much else to ensure a Marxist, Chinese led world order nightmare in the future.

  30. Sammy H

    If you really are 80 years old, that means all the same shit you just said about my generation would have been said about you by some cowboy who was born in the 1800s. Soft, weak, no respect, blah blah blah. Kids these days.

    Time moves on. Old generations always think young people are ruining the world but it’s not going to be your world for much longer, so don’t worry about it.

  31. Traditionalist

    They wouldn’t have been entirely wrong. One advantage we had, however, was that while my father was off fighting the yellow peril and my mother was working double shifts on the home front, my grandparents, who were indeed born in the 1800s, raised us. When father came home and mom could raise us again, my grandparents stayed involved.

    God and prayer was still in the schools, the culture was not degenerate, we weren’t swamped by third world immigrants and drugs, and everyone knew the commies were the enemy. Girls had some morals, because they couldn’t just get on the pill, and illegitimate pregnancy was still something that brought a great deal of shame personally and to a family.

    I’m worried, indeed, about what kind of world awaits my grandchildren’s grandchildren and their grandchildren’s grandchildren. If that’s not something you understand, you probably don’t have children yet, or perhaps never will.

  32. Sammy H

    You sound like a parody of an aging and irrelevant white man, pining for the Andy Griffith Show country you think used to exist.

    And it sounds like you subscribe to the fantasy of a Big Bang of American Greatness. The founding fathers as titanic supermen who clapped into existence, mythologically perfect beings. Each generation after is slightly weaker and more decadent, but still ‘Murica Strong until Your generation. Anyone after Your generation, shockingly, is a mere echo of the Greatness that produced You. Weird how that works, isn’t it? Your hero Donald Trump happens to be just about your age and your race, too. Another amazing coincidence.

  33. Jared

    I love that left-wing populists are leary of Jews because of their broad support for the state of Israel and perceived malignant Zionism—Jewish nationalism—that comes from being without a homeland and mistreated by other nations for over 1800 years, while right-wing populists are leary of Jews because of their cosmopolitanism and suspected disloyalty that comes from being without a homeland and mistreated by other nations for over 1800 years.

    Jews just can’t catch a break.

    Trad, if you want to expel Jews from the United States, the 9th of Av is a traditional day for such disasters to befall the Jewish people, so at least have the courtesy to wait until summer.

  34. Traditionalist


    Aging and White is correct. Parody and irrelevant are not. Compared to the rot we see everywhere now, I’d much rather have the country I grew up in back. But I’m not purely nostalgic; we had problems then, and I think we can do better. Doing better is not what’s happened. To see what I mean, revisit the link and actually read the article, not just the illustration.

    The founders were not perfect, and neither was any generation, including mine. But, yes, starting with the perpetual adolescence of some baby boomers and the radical overreach of the federal government and destruction of states rights starting in the 1960s, we’ve seen a major transformation of society for the worse. The rot has intensified with several generations that have now grown up knowing nothing else, and in most cases lacking even role models who know anything else.

    Mr. Trump, incidentally is a boomer, so your generational analysis does not hold there. To his credit, he never joined his generation’s drug culture. That doesn’t make him perfect, just better than the current realistic alternatives.

  35. Traditionalist


    You’re inventing things I didn’t say. Where did I call for a forced expulsion of Jews? I said encourage, not expel. I do believe we should expel those who would not be here except for the immigration act of 1965, but that would not include many Jews.

    What do I mean by encourage? Things like a return to acknowledging that we are a Christian nation, letting God and prayer back in the public schools, returning to the obscenity standards that were in place before the 1960s, shutting down the federal reserve and returning to sound money, ending the welfare entitlement state, ending the intervention in Mideast wars and affairs, restoring our manufacturing and energy production, fair trade not “free” trade, ending forced desegregation, ending the holocaust of abortion, ending no fault divorce, restoring foolishly abandoned voting safeguards, waging a real war against drugs, and so on.

    “Cosmopolitan” Jews may feel unwelcome in a country like that, and ought to go to Israel. Nationalist Jews may then wish too go there too, since the United States will no longer be fighting or subsidising their wars. If some patriotic, culturally conservative Jews want to remain in a Christian nation, I have not said that they should all be expelled.

  36. Robert Milnes

    Jailed Palestinian Activist Lands in France After Egypt Release. -AFP Agence France-Presse.
    Sorry, I was not able to include link. It is too long for my browser.
    I think something may be happening in the Middle East.
    Maybe Israel negotiated some sort of permanent lease of Sinai from Egypt.
    Who knows. Maybe this has been considered for quite some time.
    The dominoes fall from there. Abbas-Gantz meeting. Gantz goes around with the news.
    Egypt prepares for an influx of jews. etc.
    This would be a grand development.

  37. Robert Milnes

    I was kind of hoping people would share my interest in what may be happening in the Middle East.
    But no. Crickets.
    Now this by Nathan Norman.
    NN, are you referring to the death of Bob Saget?
    Pardon me, but why is that commented in Open Thread in IPR?
    Am the only one in IPR world interested in what may very well be the beginning of the end of Israel?

  38. Robert Milnes

    Does anyone here at IPR care, other than you evidently, about dead David Bowie’s 75th birthday?
    How old are you again?
    I do not know which is worse, your comments or NONE from IPR clueless political dilettantes about possible historic developments in the Middle East.
    Sorry to disappoint, but as I explained I’m in a bad way. And I have ALREADY wasted many years on disgusting political crap which I am hoping to end soon.
    I will GLADLY pass off to someone else my strategy, if I can find somebody with ANY amount of what it would take.
    Kevin Zeese is “dead” and Darcy seems to be involved with Duvergers Law dead enders.
    Is there anyone else?

  39. Robert Milnes

    IPR readers might be interested in that my house was hit by a brick again late night before last.
    The first time was a few weeks ago. Went through my front window. Cost me $150 to have fixed.
    Of course my first instinct was to rush out and try to catch the sob. But no, I called the fuzz first.
    This time it was not all that noisy and no broken glass. I though it was my next door neighbor bumping into my house in some manner or kids. When I heard nothing further, I thought no more of it. But when I went out in the morning on an errand, there was the brick and damaged vinyl siding. It hit just below the window.
    I thought the guy I suspected of this had moved out. Ray Bobiak, busted mugshots dot com.
    But I saw him going back and forth from his house to a lady across the street house.
    The landlord told me that this lady, Lois, “died” a few weeks ago.
    Ray had two cameras in his front windows. They are gone now.
    All of this is very suspicious to me.
    Especially if Ray is a jew, which I suspect.

  40. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes, I’m far more interested in how you would answer the so far unanswered questions in this thread than your personal disputes and travails with your neighbours. Specifically:

    You call yourself a leftist revolutionary on your site. What kind of leftist revolution are you pushing?

    What is the end point of the progressive progression?

    What makes you think leftism is better than rightism, or that it’s our destiny to progress ever to the left?

  41. George Phillies

    Massachusetts is now having a factional dispute with the Mises people. The mises supporters have been expelled from the State Association.

  42. Jared

    Phillies: “Massachusetts is now having a factional dispute with the Mises people. The mises supporters have been expelled from the State Association.”

    I’m not familiar with the situation, but Caryn Ann Harlos is crying “fascism!” from the sidelines and wants Ashley Shade’s head on a platter.

  43. Robert Milnes

    The US is on the Sidelines of a Historic Transformation in the Middle East. – Mark Green, Hallam Ferguson, The Hill.
    No, it looks to me like the ZOG scum Trumpist Abraham Accords have been abandoned.
    In favor of whatever the Abbas-Gantz meeting is leading to.
    Reminds me of the ZOG scum Trumpist abandonment of Afghanistan,
    So the US military can have a lot of well armed Islamic adversaries to keep them busy.

  44. Robert Milnes

    Recently I commented favorably about IPR’s progress under your new ownership.
    But I must say I am ambivalent. I believe Richard Winger must have complained about all the trash comments there. Garbage and gaslight.
    I think a new anti Bob Milnes strategy was developed. Sell IPR to Austin. Fill it with regular contributions by Austin and Tom and Darcy etc. And bring in paulie Traditionalist with his multiple fake names with personas.
    Let Andy, a prolific commenter. back also.
    It was predicted that I would leave BAN and comment in IPR if I could. Which I did.
    I did not like seeing Richard’s blog get trashed, but it was out of my hands.
    And strategic obfuscating comments like the one above here by George.
    George is a known detractor of me. I have been unable to determine whether he is jewish or not.
    Just saying.

  45. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes,

    What is your evidence for your claims that someone brought me in, that I am whoever you’re claiming I am, or that I have multiple fake names and personas? Please provide some evidence for your claim if you are going to make it. In reality, I’ve presented my views honestly, but even if I hadn’t, it would still be a viewpoint that you either can or can’t refute with logic. At the moment, it appears that you can’t, and your defensive mechanism is to call my comments garbage, call for them to be removed, announce you are not reading them – anything but answer perfectly logical questions about your beliefs or refute anything I said with evidence, logic, reasoning, or anything else except childish name calling and unsupported accusations.

    In other words, it looks like you are guilty of the very obfuscation that you project unto others.

  46. Jared

    Milnes: “And strategic obfuscating comments like the one above here by George.”

    It’s an open thread, broseph. I disagree with Phillies strongly on some issues, but there is nothing wrong with him posting what and when he did.

    “George is a known detractor of me. I have been unable to determine whether he is jewish or not.”

    Oh, FFS.

  47. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes, please explain what you mean by abandonment of Afghanistan. What was the U.S. strategic interest in occupying Afghanistan for decades or centuries? What would the exit strategy have been, and what should we have hoped to accomplish, other than to capture or kill Bin Laden and his associates, which didn’t actually require occupying Afghanistan or “nation building” at all to begin with? Afghanistan hasn’t changed very much over the course of many centuries, and it was always naive to believe that any superficial changes would last longer than the occupation. How much more taxpayer money , long term debt, and American troops should we have sacrificed to pretend otherwise, and what would we have gotten for it?


    Thank you for helping to expand my vocabulary. You led me to look up https://slangit.com/meaning/broseph, which in turn led me to look up “shawty.” At this rate, in just a few more months, I may achieve a working level of comprehension when I listen to my great-grandkids and their friends talk to each other.

  48. Robert Milnes

    ffs? No, please do not patronize me about the jews.. I have been through too much. I learned the hard way.
    NN, in that case if the police can prove that, they can charge me with filing a false report.

  49. Robert Milnes

    George blocked me from participating in a presidential candidate for LP nomination debate in Massachusetts. He used the word crackpot more than once against me.
    Nothing wrong with that either?
    I say no, George is a physicist but politically HE is the crackpot.
    Watch. His comments often follow mine directly and involve convoluted bylaws stuff. Huge distraction.
    Is George jewish or not?

  50. Robert Milnes

    The US had a minimal force for stabilization in Afghanistan that had been working for years.
    WHO would have an interest in destabilizing Afghanistan?
    The Taliban bastards and the Israelis.

  51. Traditionalist

    The US presence was failing to stabilize Afghanistan. The Taliban was already winning the ground war in most of the country before the US withdrawal was planned. The only alternative to withdrawal would have been massive reengagement.

  52. Robert Milnes

    NN aka paulie,
    The police sent a Sergeant in a K9 unit in response to my call.
    If I am trifling with them, do you think they would trifle back?
    A report of a brick being thrown in a residential area is pretty serious, don’t you think?

  53. Robert Milnes

    I already said that I suspect Ray Bobiak busted mug shots dot com. And I suspect he is jewish. Of throwing the bricks.
    Let the police investigation go where it goes.
    The US minimal presence in Afghanistan was not failing.
    It was after Trump Israel stooge made the agreement with the Taliban that destabilization began.
    Totally predictable.

  54. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes, you are incorrect about Afghanistan. The Taliban began to surge in 2014-5, and by 2018 controlled more territory than at any point since 2001. Repeated peace talks and cease fires failed. The writing was on the wall. This was why even the CCP puppet Biden regime proceeded to carry out the withdrawal, which they botched horribly in their monumental incompetence. Their only alternative was was massive reengagement.

  55. Robert Milnes

    No, the Biden administration continued to carry out the withdrawal because the democrats and republicans are equally ZOG.
    CCP has nothing to do with it.

  56. Traditionalist

    Mr. Milnes, the only thing CCP had to do with it is that Joseph Marionette Biden is a wholly controlled subsidiary of Xi Jinping and the CCP. His administration went along with the withdrawal because a Taliban victory was a fait accompli and thus, they had no practical choice. As soon as the bulk of US and allied troops withdrew in 2013-4, the Taliban started gaining ground again, and by 2020 the writing was very much on the wall.

  57. Robert Milnes

    I am looking for any link between the Abbas-Gantz meeting and the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting.
    And any developments in each.
    I have two items involved.
    An Amicus Curiae Brief and The Sinai Proposal.
    In US District Court and on my blog.
    I have heard nothing from anyone.
    In the very least I should be allowed to communicate
    with Robert Bowers, unless he forbids it.
    But again, I have not heard even that from anyone either.

  58. Traditionalist


    Regardless of whatever someone I never heard of said, the facts about the Taliban gaining ground in Afghanistan in the years leading up to the US withdrawal are documented. See, for example, wiki, History of the US War in Afghanistan or Timeline of the US War in Afghanistan.

  59. Robert Milnes

    I believe and propose that IPR should take a stand against the democrat/republican duopoly AND the resultant apartheid Zionist state of Israel.
    AND support any/all efforts to remove same such as Top Six and BDS, Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel.

  60. Robert Milnes

    Yes, The Colleyville Synagogue Attack Was “specifically” Targeting Jews. -Analysis. -Lahave Harkov, The Jerusalem Post.
    This looks to me like someone plotted to accomplish another Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting incident to complement it. However the FBI/CIA may very well have tracked it, then when the hostages were released and the hostage taker surrendered, he was deliberately killed-betrayed-murdered. IMO.
    The hostage taker would have had Constitutional trial rights and a high profile forum.
    But like Lee Harvey Oswald, not if he is dead.

  61. Robert Milnes

    Or if anything happens to Robert Bowers in federal custody.
    Like perhaps Jack Ruby aka Jacob Rubenstein.
    Or Jeffrey Epstein.
    Do not underestimate any amount of treachery and resourcefulness.

  62. Traditionalist

    Expanding on my remarks from another discussion here where Mr. Milnes also slandered the wise and rashly abandoned Apartheid policy of South Africa, let’s look at what has happened there ever since the communist terrorists took over, aided and abetted by our own leftist establishment. South Africa has gone from a nation that was relatively safe and wonderful , other than the occasional terrorism of the communists, to one of the worst criminal hellholes on the planet.

    AIDS now spreads freely, the White population is being literally genocided, horrific criminal attacks involving unimaginably brutal gang rapes, robberies, beatings, and murders, even gang rapes of infants and small children, have become so commonplace that they are hardly if at all even news. The economy is in precipitous decline, only a few steps behind what happened to Rhodesia (now “Zimbabwe”). Drug abuse and brazen criminal activity is everywhere. Terrorists have become the new political leaders and publicly venerated heroes of the nation.

    All of this horror was predicted by those of us who fought to keep Apartheid in place. Seeing it come to pass, however, brings no joy, only sorrow. Apartheid forestalled these disturbing developments by decades, and should have never been abandoned. To look at the ruin and wreckage wrought by the end of apartheid, and then continue to use apartheid as a pejorative, is no different than urinating on the graves of White babies raped to death by gangs of marauding blacks with AIDS. It should certainly tell you something that our sanctimonious leftist media and academic establishment has not acknowledged it’s complicity in this genocidal crime wave and sea of blood and filth washing over a once great nation.

    Which all circles back around to the questions Mr. Milnes keeps avoiding, such as just what kind of leftist revolution he wants.

  63. Jared

    A bit of LP news and drama:

    Joshua Smith censure motion passes at LNC meeting tonight. In related gossip, self-described Mises Caucus “den mother” Caryn Ann Harlos now opposes her former Radical Caucus and adds the handful of LNC members she still found tolerable after her own removal (Raudsep, Moellman, and Nekhaila — Nanna is safe for now) to her ever-expanding party enemies list for her misfit gang of simps and stans to destroy in Reno. It’s unclear whether anybody in the Paleo Caucus/Dave Smith Fan Club still supports her bid for Secretary or even remembers who she is, but Harlos evidently sees herself as a figurehead leading their charge to seize control of the LNC this year.

  64. Traditionalist


    Your insider gossip lacks proper context. I don’t see anything on what you reference that has anything to do with any actual issues, so it reads like schoolyard cafeteria gossip. If there are any actual real world political issues in there, what are they? I don’t know anything about any of the people or cliques you reference, so it reads like a dispatch from an alien planet. I don’t see any reason to care if personality conflicts or obscure differences over the fine points of your ideology are the only things at issue, but even the latter would be better than the playground gossip this most closely resembles based solely on what you said.

  65. Andy

    January 18, 2022 at 01:32
    A bit of LP news and drama:

    Joshua Smith censure motion passes at LNC meeting tonight”

    I thought that the motion got tabled until another online meeting that it supposed to happen next week, or a few weeks from now.

    The motion to censure Joshua Smith is of course completely ridiculous and hypocritical from those pushing for it.

    “It’s unclear whether anybody in the Paleo Caucus/Dave Smith Fan Club still supports her bid for Secretary or even remembers who she is,”

    If you are referring to the Mises Caucus, everyone in the Mises Caucus supports Caryn Ann Harlos, and intends to vote for her for to be on the LNC as Secretary again.

  66. Andy

    January 18, 2022 at 07:39

    Your insider gossip lacks proper context. I don’t see anything on what you reference that has anything to do with any actual issues, so it reads like schoolyard cafeteria gossip. If there are any actual real world political issues in there, what are they?”

    It is all just Libertarian Party infighting over stupid stuff. They waste lots of time on stupid stuff like this instead of doing things that are productive to get the party and the movement ahead. This is one of the reasons why the party is not more successful.

  67. Traditionalist


    Although I don’t know much of anything about this particular instance, it seems pretty clear that you are exactly correct on that last paragraph.

  68. Jared

    Better watch out, Andy. Harlos even refers to herself as an “SJW” and is extremely pro-open borders. 😉 She’s a much better fit for the Radical Caucus, but she has burned just about every bridge she has outside the LPMC. Once the Mises frat boys learn just how contentious she is, how difficult to work with, and how she goes from amiable to hating your living guts on a dime if and when you cross her, perhaps they’ll come to appreciate her earned reputation as a career drama queen from hell, regard her as a short-term asset but a long-term liability, and wish they had left her and her pink hair back in Colorado and off their reconstituted LNC.

  69. Andy

    January 18, 2022 at 22:50
    Better watch out, Andy. Harlos even refers to herself as an ‘SJW’ and is extremely pro-open borders. ? She’s a much better fit for the Radical Caucus, but she has burned just about every bridge she has outside the LPMC.”

    I already know about this, and I still like her. She’s a good person, in my opinion.

    Also, well she has called herself an “SJW,” at least she is closer to that in cultural preference, she actually does recognize that it has nothing to do with being a libertarian, and she has in fact agreed with the point that a person can be a racist or a bigot and still be a libertarian so long as they abide by the Non-Aggression Principle.

    I vote for Caryn Ann Harlos in her previous race for LNC Secretary, and I plan to vote for her again for Secretary in Reno.

    “She’s a much better fit for the Radical Caucus, but she has burned just about every bridge she has outside the LPMC.”

    I think a more accurate statement is that a couple of people in the Radical Caucus stabbed her in the back. The Radical Caucus does not really do much of anything. The Radical Caucus was around for a long time before the Mises Caucus existed, yet the Mises Caucus has accomplished far more, and is already much bigger, than the Radical Caucus.

    My main problem with the Radical Caucus, beyond their lack of activity and effectiveness, is their devotion to “No Particular Orderism” when is comes to reducing the size of government. I think that is an extremely foolish idea, as, like I have said before, dismantling government is like dismantling a bomb, pull the wrong wire out at the wrong time and the bomb blows up in your face. If it does not matter what order you cut government, how about stop the government stop enforcing laws against murder, rape, and other violent crimes, and theft as well, and release all dangerous criminals out of prison? Or how about shutting down state election departments and just declare that everyone in office can stay their for the rest of their livines, and then pass their office on to an heir?

    “Once the Mises frat boys learn just how contentious she is, how difficult to work with, and how she goes from amiable to hating your living guts on a dime if and when you cross her, perhaps they’ll come to appreciate her earned reputation as a career drama queen from hell, regard her as a short-term asset but a long-term liability, and wish they had left her and her pink hair back in Colorado and off their reconstituted LNC”

    Tbe Mises Caucus is not an all male club. There are women in the Mises Caucus, and in fact the Mises Caucus candidate for National Chair is Angela McArdle, current Chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County in California. Angela is an awesome activist. I think she has an excellent chance of being elected National Chair.

    There are people in the Mises Caucus who have known Caryn Ann Harlos for several years and never had a problem with her, myself included.

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