It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Features Third Party Candidate Storyline

Last week on the season premiere of the hit FXX comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the main characters reveal they supported a third party/independent candidate in the 2020 presidential election.  That candidate was rapper Kanye West of the Birthday Party.

The show, currently in its 15th season, follows a group of five dysfunctional adults who own and operate a pub in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Throughout the episode, entitled “2020: A Year In Review” the characters repeatedly make reference to a candidate they supported in the election with clues suggesting the candidate was incumbent President Donald Trump.  In the end, the gang revealed Kanye West as their guy.

Overall, West received 66,641 votes across the 12 states in which he attained ballot access in the 2020 election.  With write-in votes included (where they were tallied), West received a total of 70,296 votes.  He did not appear on the ballot in Pennsylvania where the characters from It’s Always Sunny would have voted.  Voters in Pennsylvania could have cast a write-in vote for West but the state did not tally them.

Another recent TV show with a third party/independent angle is HBO’s Succession.  In a secondary arc, the character Connor Roy, portrayed by Alan Ruck of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Spin City fame, son of the main series patriarch, runs for president as a Libertarian.  Whether that is a capital “L” or lower case “l” is not specified.  On a recent episode, Roy commented he had approached one percent in the polls.

Can IPR readers recall any other recent references to third party/independent politics in pop culture?

6 thoughts on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Features Third Party Candidate Storyline

  1. Austin Cassidy

    Good catch on the Succession storyline. It seemed like he was running or “exploring” a run as a Republican for most of last season and then in the last few episodes they revealed that the timeline was already post-primaries and he was suddenly talking about polling at 1% and bargaining power, etc.

    Did they ever reveal who the GOP nominee is? Seemed like the 3 main candidates were stand-ins for Mike Pence, Marco Rubio and someone like Matt Gaetz.

    With only 1 episode left and most of the remaining action centered around the wedding in Italy, maybe this is just material for next season? I could do with a full episode or two on the fictional presidential race.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Do you know WSS?
    Have you met him?
    Is there a photo of him somewhere on the interweb?
    How about Darcy Richardson?
    I have a vested interest in these two.

  3. Austin Cassidy

    I have not met William, I’m not sure if that is a real name or a pen name. Either way, it doesn’t particularly concern me.

    I do know Darcy and have met him many times. Darcy was generous enough to allow me to republish some of his work on IPR as we help ramp up content production here after a long period of inactivity. I haven’t seen him in a little while, but I believe he’s busy with work and is involved in local politics in the city where he lives.

    I have not spoken to either of these individuals about you. But if someone isn’t contacting you or replying to your messages, you might just want to take a hint that they’re not interested in interacting with you. And I say that not to be harsh — they may just have other things on their plate at the moment.

    Anyway, that would be my 2 cents of advice.

  4. Robert Milnes

    Why thank you, Austin, for your two cents of advice.
    Worth much more IMO.
    I did notice the ramp up of content production.
    And Richard’s comment that Darcy is involved in the Mayoral race in Jacksonville.
    No party affiliation though.
    I had an extensive email correspondence with Richard, it may interest you. And Tom Knapp.
    And William Saturn. He contacted me. He informed me about evident communication between Pierre Crevaux in Florida and Tiffany Briscoe I believe in Maryland and Darryl in New England somewhere. NH.
    I think she was getting coached on what to say in the BTP 2011 debate. Perhaps word for word. Over time I asked WSS for IT help with various problems I had. It was wishful thinking but sure enough my computer slowly lost glitches.
    I began to figure William was highly intelligent and skilled. And maybe plugged into an Israeli supercomputer system.
    Then I tried to befriend him but that went nowhere. He clearly had a limit to his friendship or whatever it was. Then I started to think it was paulie. Never was able to prove it though.
    Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to you if it WAS paulie? I never found any ID for WSS on the interweb. Photo, person who met him or talked with him. Never went to a meeting, no zoom etc.
    Yet somehow he continues here at IPR.
    Would you be so kind as to ask Darcy for me if he really wants to be President , or is he a dilettante, a trifler?

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