News & Notes: No More Bread and Roses, Socialist Survives Recall Attempt, Yang Clarifies Party Status

SEATTLE TIMES CALLS RECALL RACE FOR SOCIALIST: Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant has turned back an effort to recall her from office after a 10-day vote count. Supporters of Sawant — Seattle’s only socialist council member and the first in the city’s history to face a recall — narrowly outdid those in favor of a recall, claiming 50.4% of the vote. On Thursday, just 306 of the 41,000 votes counted separated Sawant from the recall effort, with results to be certified on Friday.

NO MORE BREAD AND ROSES: The socialist Bread and Roses Party, a single-state party in Maryland, has asked the state to dissolve it as an entity. Jerome Segal, the party’s founder and 2020 presidential nominee, will be running for governor in the Democratic primary next year.

It’s unclear if the national Bread and Roses organization (a socialistic non-profit) will continue in some form, despite folding the Maryland party. The Bread and Roses website describes itself as “An Electoral Organization for both New Socialists and Non-Socialists, One with a Strong Utopian and International Orientation, One in Pursuit of a New American Dream.”

YANG CLARIFIES… SOMEWHAT: In a brief interview with the Washington Post, Andrew Yang was pressed on the question of whether or not the Forward Party will be a real political party. The new entity formed only a few weeks ago and is currently organized as a PAC.

Yang was somewhat clear on the point: “It’s a great question. I do think of it as an inclusive popular movement of Americans who want to try and change our system so that it’s more genuinely representative and is more resistant to authoritarianism. If the Forward Party has its way and we do transition into a more vibrant, dynamic, modern democracy, the goal is to fulfill requirements to be a formal party and to have a convention and have those activities as early as next year.”

Obviously the country isn’t going to suddenly “transition” into a more vibrant democracy within a few months, so that must not be an absolute prerequisite to formally founding the party if he’s also talking about holding an organizing convention as early next year.

3 thoughts on “News & Notes: No More Bread and Roses, Socialist Survives Recall Attempt, Yang Clarifies Party Status

  1. Austin Cassidy Post author

    I wouldn’t be that harsh, but it does seem like the “Yang Gang” has splintered a bit, and I’m not sure if it made sense to announce as early as they did. It’s possible that the Forward Party is in the ‘United We Stand’ phase of organizing, but this doesn’t seem quite as grassroots as the Perot movement.

    Launching something that sounds like a new political party (The Forward Party) without the infrastructure or cash to fund it out of the gate sets people up for a letdown. A smarter play might have been to create “Forward America” or something as a PAC and use that to push ballot initiatives and support candidates for a couple years.

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