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Constitution Party’s 2020 Vice Presidential Nominee Bill Mohr Dies

William “Bill” Mohr, chairman of the Michigan Taxpayers Party, member of the Constitution Party executive committee, and the 2020 vice presidential nominee of the Constitution Party died Thursday at the age of 62.  A cause of death has not been reported.

Here is his obituary, published January 16 through 18 in the Grand Rapids Press.  It indicates Mohr’s funeral will take place tomorrow at the New Life Baptist Fellowship in Byron Center, Michigan, which is just south of Grand Rapids.

Mohr was the running mate of 2020 Constitution Party presidential nominee Don Blankenship.  Here is a link to a short interview I did with Mohr for Wikinews during the 2020 presidential election.

Thanks to Dr. Don Grundmann for the news tip.


  1. Sammy H Sammy H January 20, 2022

    Only 62? Huh

  2. Jared Jared January 19, 2022

    He seems to be channeling James A. Garfield in that pic.

    Ed: “He took his pro-life views seriously”

    Holy cow. That’s half the Constitution Party in one obit.

  3. Don Grundmann Don Grundmann January 19, 2022

    Mises – Your post gives a clue as to why not only Libertarians are doomed to defeat but our country as well if you are the product of public schools.

    The wisdom of ” old farts ” like Bill Mohr made this a great nation. I will take his knowledge any day over whatever you could possibly ” bring to the table.”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C.; Chairman, Constitution Party of California, a party that values all people of all ages – from pre-born to those with knowledge from years of being blessed by their Creator.

  4. Mises Fanboy Mises Fanboy January 19, 2022

    Who cares about some old fart from some old party. We got get them in and rock liberty, finger banging all the old farts out and making liberty libertarian.

  5. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes January 19, 2022

    William Saturn,
    I have been asking questions about you. And Darcy and Tom Knapp.
    I would appreciate some answers.
    Like who in Hell are you? How about some proof?
    Is there a picture of you anywhere on the interweb?
    And why are Darcy and Tom posting a lot of articles but no comments?
    Why can’t I get Knappster on my browser anymore?
    Can somebody get in the IPR dashboard and figure out who Traditionalist is?
    I think it is paulie.
    Is paulie banned? Or did he like an old soldier just fade away?

  6. Andy Andy January 19, 2022

    I thought I had heard that Scott Bradley passed away. Maybe I am mistaken. Anyone know for sure?

  7. William Saturn William Saturn Post author | January 18, 2022

    I don’t believe so. Did you hear something about that?

  8. Andy Andy January 18, 2022

    Did the Constitution Party’s 2016 vice presidential candidate, Scott Bradley, also pass away?

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