MAPPED: Libertarians vs. Greens (1996-2020)

IPR’s favorite map maker Nick (@Mill226) has created an interesting match-up that combines the vote total for Libertarian presidential campaigns and the combined Green/Nader vote from 1996-2020 U.S. presidential elections. During this time period the Libertarians polled approximately 9.4 million votes to around 7.4 million for the Greens/Nader, a 56-44 margin.

In this fantasy scenario, the Libertarians carry 37 states with 375 electoral votes, while the Greens/Nader win 13 states & DC for 163 EVs.

The Greens struggled to get on the ballot in some states like OK, NC, & GA.

Here is the county-by-county map.

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3 thoughts on “MAPPED: Libertarians vs. Greens (1996-2020)

  1. Austin Cassidy Post author

    No Green or Nader campaigns to compare against. Adding any years before 1996 would just be running up the score for the Libertarians.

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