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News & Notes: Philadelphia Greens Denounce Local Corruption, John Stossel Interviews Andrew Yang

PHILLY GREENS BLAST LOCAL CORRUPTION: Jarrett Anderson, a member of the City Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia, penned an editorial for Philadelphia Weekly.

“Democrats and Republicans have a business-as-usual culture that manifests in their policies, party structure, and how their elected officials conduct themselves in the workplace. Hence, corrupt Henon funnels money to his donors and considers it good economic policy,” writes Anderson.  Read the whole editorial >>

MEANWHILE IN MAINE: On January 4, the Maine Secretary of State refused to let members of the Green Party collect primary petition signatures from independent voters, even though the federal court ordered the Secretary of State to let Libertarian Party candidates get primary signatures from independent voters. Read the rest at Ballot Access News >>

STOSSEL INTERVIEWS YANG: Andrew Yang recently sat down with John Stossel to discuss the Forward Party. The interview has been chopped up into this heavily edited 10-minute video for YouTube…

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