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Open Thread: March 2022, Help Wanted, IPR For Sale?

This is the open thread for March, please feel free to use this for discussions that don’t have a more appropriate home on another post.

HELP WANTED: With many minor parties currently nominating their candidates for 2022, the news cycle is about to get busy. Right now all of our contributors are volunteers, but there could be opportunities coming up for special paid assignments to cover conventions or other events. If you’re interested in contributing articles to this site, please shoot me an email with your pitch at

IS IPR FOR SALE? Someone recently messaged me to ask if IPR was for sale. My knee-jerk answer is no. But the real answer, as with everything in the world, is “make me an offer.” (again, the email is


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  1. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 3, 2022

    A research project such as this is what is needed to solve the question: Did north western Europeans cross the glaciated Atlantic about 20,000 years ago to eastern North America during The Last Glacial Maximum? This is called The Solutrean Hypothesis.
    This would be about 7,000 years before north eastern Asians(called Mongols) crossed the Bering Strait to north western north America and about 20,000 years after Aborigines from Australia(Africans) crossed the Pacific to western South America.
    If so, how far did the Solutreans and the Aborigines migrate into The Americas?
    Before being overrun by the Mongols?
    Did they encounter each other, perhaps midway, about Central America?
    Where and under what circumstances did the Mongols encounter them?
    There are prehistoric cave paintings interpreted as depicting perhaps Mongols ambushing and killing Aborigines in South America. Perhaps there was warfare.
    It has been proposed that the Clovis spearpoint skill originated with the Solutreans. Perhaps there was peaceful encounters with exchange of skills.
    Because the people encountered by Christopher Columbus, et al were descended from the Mongols.
    So what?
    If true, it would be basis for a claim by Europeans to the Americas, at least North and Central America;
    Africans to South America.
    If so, it would present a huge, consequential situation in The Americas present day.

  2. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 8, 2022

    Fellow IPR readers.
    I may write about this further on my blog.
    I have decided to try -again, to gold mine in CA.
    I have run out of money. I have not found very much support politically.
    I should have been living in a subsidized facility all these years, but when I found out there was a five year waiting list, I asked my father to help me get a trailer. He said ok.
    Over the years he helped me. I even took in my uncle who was my age and in effect the brother I never had. But we grew apart when he got involved with booze and drugs, Went to Florida. Well after years he finally got out of rehab and came to NJ. I took him in. After a few years he went fully subsidized in a facility. I stayed in my trailer. I got an rv. Old, in terrible condition. I eventually was illegally evicted. I loaded my rv and wound up homeless in an alley behind a truck repair shop. My dad used his credit card. I eventually moved into another trailer. A lady gave me another rv. In a little better condition. But it needed a rebuilt transmission. Hey Dad!
    A friend drove it to AZ, The plan was for three old guys to try gold mining again. We did it years before.
    My dad “died”. My sister gave me some money from him but it has run out.
    So I have to sell the trailer and wait about three years to get into a subsidized facility. Or,,, I could try again to mine.
    We did find some gold years ago. But not much and it was only about $300/oz. Now it is about 1900/oz.
    So it is a gamble. Just thought I’d give it a try. And let all you fellow political losers know about it.
    Instead of leading the GP and LP to victory, I will be out in the forest somewhere panning gravel.
    Which I am pretty good at, if I do say so myself.
    I’m not sure if my computer rig will work out there, but I will try to keep in touch and keep up on the news.
    When you decide you would like to try-and succeed-to win some elections, you come get me,
    As long as you can. Note that I am getting old.

  3. Ryan Ryan March 8, 2022

    Libertarian Party of Indiana State Convention over the weekend was a success. We had more than 130 delegates from across the state. James Sceniak won the nomination for U.S. Senate over 2020 Lieutenant Governor nominee William Henry. Both individuals though would’ve been fine representatives for the partyf They had a debate Friday evening with 60 people crammed into a room listening to them. The party also nominated Jeff Maurer for Secretary of State (important, that’s the ballot access for the next 4 years race), State Auditor, 3 Congressional candidates, and 6 candidates for the state legislature.

  4. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 10, 2022

    My The Sinai Proposal directly involves the Bedouin. There are an estimated 400,000 in Sinai. Their nomadic culture is an issue. They must have a seat at the table.

  5. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 11, 2022

    Yesterday. I had a very suspicious experience.
    When I got home from Walmart I parked in the back. I usually park in front but a neighbor who rarely uses her car parked in my spot in front of my house. My two next door neighbors started calling my name saying come over here we want to talk. I have never talked with either. (a man and woman with a son about 10. They have been there nearing a year.) After a while I said come over here to talk. The guy, Dylan, said no I am on the john, just need to wipe.
    Here I was talking to people I have never talked to before who are in their house next door asking me to come over, one of whom says he is on the toilet! So I finally walked into my back door thinking if it is important and he wants to talk he knows where my front door is!
    What do IPR readers think about this?
    Hint: I know what I THINK about it!

  6. Morey Morey March 11, 2022

    I was going to ask if this is the Milnes containment zone but a glance at the sidebar shows he’s everywhere. I guess Paulie has moved on then?

    Anywho, a bit of trivia for you: I just came across This will likely be the second time that domain name has been used in a failed mission. The first time was by me.

  7. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 11, 2022

    paulie, I mean Morey,
    Whenever I make a significant comment, you or George follow immediately with a bland comment, usually something about the lp.

  8. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 11, 2022

    IPR readers,
    Guess what? I have been unable to get to knappster dot blogspot dot com
    I used to go to it quite regularly.
    Now I just noticed I can no longer find busted mug shots dot com
    I had found Ray Bobiak, my neighbor, on that.

  9. NewFederalist NewFederalist March 11, 2022

    Good luck panning for gold.

  10. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 21, 2022

    My gut feeling is that the Amnesty International Report has dealt the terrorist apartheid state of Israel a mortal blow.
    Thank God.

  11. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 21, 2022

    I will need all the luck I can pan out!
    And I am part Irish!
    But I have not left yet.
    Needless to say, if there is any political support forthcoming, I would stay home.
    And I will be available if I am called in the Bowers case.

  12. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 21, 2022

    I love my rv.
    But a huge drawback of an rv is it uses fossil fuels, gasoline and propane.
    I had my rv at home, getting ready to possibly go to Pittsburgh if called to the Bowers case.
    But my landlord gave me notice that he was charging me $10/day.
    So I asked a friend to drive it to his desert lot in AZ.
    So now I must drive to AZ to pick up the rv to go to CA!

  13. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 21, 2022

    But, on the other hand…
    He is using my rv rooftop solar panels for free electricity.
    Instead of using a gas powered generator!

  14. Ron Paul Caesar Ron Paul Caesar March 22, 2022

    That’s nice and all but, more importantly, on the other hand…

    What’s going to power your fleshlight?

  15. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 22, 2022

    Ron Paul Caesar,
    Endless LOLZ, paulie!
    Garbage and gaslight, gaslight and garbage.
    Where do you come up with all these wild and crazy, fake and anonymous names?
    Couldn’t be that link to an Israeli supercomputer, could it?
    I wonder how many Russian Oligarchs are jewish?
    Anybody here at IPR know?
    Idk. So I am asking.
    So Russia with all those oligarchs invades Ukraine.
    And are met by this charismatic President who happens to be jewish!
    WOW! What a pure coincidence.
    He keeps talking about WW3. Did you notice?
    Bet that scares the crap out of well just about everybody.
    So they just about kind of forget about the Amnesty International Report.
    And Robert Bowers.
    And Bob Milnes.
    So what if Bowers gets Jeffrey Epsteined?
    And Milnes, could get bit by a rattler.
    Right through his brand new Interceptor tactical steel toed boots?
    Well just over the top of them.
    And we are left with our friend and ally Israel
    And a hero Ukrainian President.
    Who pure coincidence is jewish.
    So it would be wrong to do anything against Israel, through the UN.
    Which created it by partitioning Palestine in the first place.
    Amnesty International must be mistaken.
    Amnesty International who?

  16. Ron Paul Caesar Ron Paul Caesar March 22, 2022

    “Here is the moral of all human tales,
    Tis but the same rehearsal of the past.
    First freedom and then glory; when that fails
    Wealth, vice, corruption, barbarism at last.
    And history, with all her volumes vast,
    Hath but one page.”

  17. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 23, 2022

    The beginning of the end of Israel!
    Thank God.

  18. Ron Paul Caesar Ron Paul Caesar March 23, 2022

    Madeline Albright is dead!

    Millions of Iraqi children rejoice.

  19. Andy Andy March 24, 2022

    I had an awesome conversation with Jo Jorgensen at the Libertarian Party of California Convention this past February, but unfortunately, my camera cut out less than half way through it, but some good stuff from it did get recorded. Here is part 1.

    Interview with Jo Jorgensen at the Libertarian Party of California Convention, Part 1, 2/20/22

  20. Morey Morey March 24, 2022

    I’m quite sure he did. It would be really strange for any serious LP discussion to omit mention of you.

  21. Andy Andy March 24, 2022

    Robert, no. Why would I mention you to Jo Jorgensen? Thw thought of bringing your name up to her never even occured to me.

  22. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 24, 2022

    How is it you would NOT mention me?
    All these years commenting here at IPR. And BAN. BOTH of us.
    Didn’t you get ANY of it?
    I had communication with her many years ago. She was at Clemson. I do not see how I did NOT mention my strategy to win and her possible place on the ticket as vp.
    Maybe that is it. As soon as I mention seriously possibly winning, all must assume I am mad.

  23. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 24, 2022

    How come I got HUGE numbers of requests for donations from her campaign?
    Somehow my possible access to significant funds got through at least to her campaign.
    I am supposed to just throw sacks of cash at her?

  24. Ron Paul Caesar Ron Paul Caesar March 24, 2022

    As easy as it is to lampoon Milnes, we must recognize his activism and strategic thinking. I too find it quite queer Milnes was not a topic of discussion with Jorgensen. Due to the ubiquity of Milnes, I do not believe Andy when he claims he never thought of asking about Milnes. Andy ought to be ashamed of this intentional and egregious slight.

  25. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 25, 2022

    Here is one for you all.
    Perhaps a boycott of Green and Libertarian Fundraising?
    It sounds counterintuitive, but it might could work?
    Why should anyone contribute to political parties and campaigns that COULD WIN, but continue to lose?
    As much as I wanted to contribute to Jo Jorgensen’s campaign, I did not.
    Why? Because I knew damn well that it would lose. Further, it could win but nobody seems to be listening. Why should I contribute to continued foolishness?
    Well maybe they would listen if a LOT of people said NO!
    No more contributions to losers. Especially when there is a viable strategy to win that languishes from neglect.
    And I would include Christina Tobin’s organization also. Free and Equal Elections Foundation.
    And COFOE. Committee for Free and Open Elections.
    Who are these people? Richard Winger is one. How can my strategy exist for well over a decade yet nobody seems to support it?
    How can Jo Jorgensen, Darcy Richardson, Tom Knapp et al continue with business as usual when to WIN elections is necessary to get anything serious and significant done?
    I guarantee the Green and Libertarian parties and just about all their candidates will lose AGAIN next election.
    Because of Duverger’s Law.
    Elections are not political events, they are sociological events.
    What is wrong with this picture?

  26. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 25, 2022

    Ron Paul Caesar,
    May I ask, what is your interest in commenting, here at IPR?
    If you are interested in supporting me and/or my strategic thinking,
    by all means, write away!
    But if you have questions about fleshlight use, sorry, I do not have one or know much about it.
    Try asking paulie.

  27. Ron Paul Caesar Ron Paul Caesar March 25, 2022

    That was a typo. I meant flashlight. I don’t know what a fleshlight is.

  28. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 26, 2022

    It is long past time the charges against Robert Bowers are dismissed.
    The defense should cite the Amnesty International report and other related reports.
    And other information.
    Motion for dismissal.
    Get with the program Judy Clarke.
    Do your job. Dismissal, hung jury or best- acquittal.
    No plea bargain this time!

  29. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 27, 2022

    Another possible covert operation to report to IPR readers.
    I just saw on the news that there is a fire in Boulder, Colorado. My old political stomping grounds.
    Near the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Hence it is called the NCAR fire.
    This is in an area of South West Boulder near Table Mesa. My ex girlfriend Nancy McCusker Benson, PHD, “deceased” lived on Heidelberg Drive in Table Mesa. She is buried near there in Green Mountain Cemetery in South Boulder.
    What if, say, some machinery at the cemetery like a backhoe had to be moved due to the fire. And “accidentally” smashed into her grave. It gets dug up/repaired and the body gets reported “missing”?
    Or something like that.
    Incidentally there was a fire about north west of this fire not very far away near where her school is. TreeHouse Learning in Louisville in late December.
    Just saying.
    There was a fire near where I was camping and prospecting in Placer County, CA. The Star fire. It started across the Middle Fork of The American River in El Dorado county, evidently jumped the river into Placer
    County. It went up the ridge at Red Star point, hence called The Star Fire. My camp was on the west facing ridge near Red Star point.
    There was a fire in my father’s duplex where I was living while I was in CA. Getting ready to go camping and prospecting.
    Now I am getting ready to-you guessed it, go to CA camping and prospecting. Just saying.
    I have considered stopping in Boulder to visit the grave. Maybe contact Nancy’s now adult daughters or husband and/or ex husband.

  30. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 27, 2022

    Addendum to above comment.
    Correction: The Marshall Fire in Louisville was north EAST of the present NCAR fire, not north WEST.
    Nancy told me she was from Pittsburgh. Larry was her husband, into real estate. She told me it was an “open marriage”. Whether she told him about me, I do not know. I never met or spoke with Larry. They got divorced. One reason I tried going camping and prospecting in CA was to stop by Boulder on the way there and back. I never fly. Visit especially Dr. McFarland. And try to get back with Nancy. She always hanged up on me.
    She remarried in the last year of her life. I never met or talked with Ralph Vickrey. His name is on their gravestone.
    Now, if the grave was smashed into and required repair, the casket could possibly get dug up. The body “accidentally” cremated. Or some such scenario.
    The point is, I have repeatedly stated that I do not believe she died. That she cannot possibly be buried in that grave. That a clear proof of that would be an exhumation. Her earthly remains are not in there. She is not dead. Where is she? I do not know. She told me “I will be the first”. Those were her exact words to me. Then she “ghosted” me to use a present internet slang. At the time I did not understand. But I do now. She had traveled back in time farther than me.
    But if the grave is tampered with, there goes my proof.
    BTW, during the Star fire, I was alone at camp. My mining partner, Mark, had gone into town, Foresthill. Then home, Galt. I woke up that morning and smelled smoke. I was concerned. Then I saw smoke to my south near Red Star Point. Then I saw helicopters then planes dropping fire retardant. I figured I had better get out of there. This was in the summer of 2001.
    Mark is the person who a few years later contracted ADEM. Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis.
    Germ warfare against a friend of a political opponent.
    Fire weaponized against a political opponent. I say yes.
    Further, germ warfare as political weapon. ADEM. Covid 19?
    War weaponized for political reasons. Invasion of Ukraine?
    I say yes.
    I say again, do not underestimate the treachery and resourcefulness of The ZOG.

  31. NewFederalist NewFederalist March 27, 2022

    Bob- I do not believe much of what you say in the narrative above BUT… you tell one hell of a story! Have you ever tried your hand at writing a novel? I’m being serious. You might be surprised.

  32. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 27, 2022

    Would this novel be fiction or nonfiction?
    Or science fiction?

  33. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 27, 2022

    I just watched Face the Nation.
    What an excellent episode!
    I was hosted by John Dickerson.
    What happened to Margaret Brennan?
    Her name was not mentioned.

  34. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman March 27, 2022

    The proper title is “Deface the Nation”.

  35. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 27, 2022

    Typo: It was hosted by John Dickerson.
    NN, what does deface the nation mean?
    I would have thought you would rather write some perverted something about Dickerson’s name.

  36. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman March 28, 2022

    You listen to too much mainstream media and so you’re out of the loop. If you watched Trump rallies and studied them closely you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.

  37. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 28, 2022

    NN, No, thanks.
    I overdosed on Trump nonsense a long time ago.
    I am still recovering.
    No more Trump mind pollution, please.
    I do not know which pos is more disgusting,
    Trump or Putin.

  38. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 28, 2022

    Would you be so kind as to explain it to me?
    As briefly as possible, please.
    Like I willfully know as little as possible about Trump.
    And would like to keep it that way.
    Deface the Nation?
    What kind of twisted, tormented, perverted logic could come up with that?
    I really like FTN and follow it zealously.
    I speculate Brennan did not moderate the last show because her birthday was Saturday.
    I would not blame her to take a break from the complicated, awful domestic and international political issues.
    I actually hate politics.
    Unfortunately I seem to have some sort of knack for it.

  39. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman March 28, 2022

    “Deface the Nation” is what Trump calls “Face the Nation” because the show is bullshit and fake news.

    Don’t the anchors watch you through your television set or is it just Norah O’Donnell who does that?

  40. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 28, 2022

    Wannabe King Donald the Foist could never be a real President of the USA, He is a fake President.
    I am not sure about what is going on with tv surveillance.. Evidently a lot is classified for national security reasons.
    Evidently major news is considered to be like military service. It is networked. So what is available to Norah is available to all. Including production staff. M and F.
    Those guests on the discussion panels on FTN, Meet the Press etc, all know about it.
    It is probably Top Secret.

  41. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 29, 2022

    I note that Austin has posted the monthly Open Thread for April. But it is not April yet. That is unusual, maybe even unprecedented. If anything, the Open Thread is often late to be posted.
    I am eagerly anticipating any April Fools posts. Quite the tradition here at IPR. But they were often posted by paulie. And paulie is… “gone”. So it will be interesting to see what happens under Austin”s new benevolent dictatorship.
    Another anecdote for fellow IPR readers:
    I was half asleep about 2:30 am the other night. There was a front going through; heavy rain. All of a sudden there was a very loud BANG! I thought what in Hell was that? That was close! And there was a sort of humming sound, like a low flying plane, slowly going by almost directly overhead. And there was a sort of low flash of light. I thought it must be a lightning bolt. But there was no other lightning or thunder. I thought that was strange. Didn’t lightning and thunder usually go together for a period of time for many times?
    So I decided to call the fuzz. I do not need a fire caused by a lightning bolt. Maybe somebody will report it, maybe not. So I will. I reported, the cop said they would check it out.
    I heard nothing further.
    The next morning I went out and saw nothing out of the ordinary. So I texted my sister. She said what was it, a gunshot? I said Idk. I do not think so (to reassure her). Then I thought about it. I said if I had to guess I would say it sounded like a low flying aircraft that dropped a flashbang near my front yard.
    Then I thought: What? Who would do such a thing? And Why?
    Then I thought maybe there was somebody out there getting ready to throw another brick into my house. But… in order for that to be true, I would have to be under intensive surveillance. By somebody not to attack me but defend me. The low flying plane could have been a drone.
    So here I am, days later. I have heard nothing further. I do not actually know what actually happened. Writing about it for IPR readers to figure it out.
    Let me know!

  42. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 29, 2022

    Why is there a delay in actually DOING SOMETHING about the Amnesty International Report by the US government in the United Nations about Israel?
    Instead we have our Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is jewish attending a summit in the Middle East with Israel and Abraham Accords arab states. A fake summit.
    And why has there been no consequential motion for dismissal in the Robert Bowers case due to the Amnesty International Report?
    Reports by credible people and/or organizations MUST HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Otherwise why bother to have institutions like the United Nations and US Courts?
    Are we civilized people with a vested interest in truth and justice or are we NOT?

  43. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman March 29, 2022

    You text your sister? I thought she was a ZOG agent.

  44. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes March 30, 2022

    I am not certain about my sister and father.
    My father I suspect was possibly involved with the Department of Defense about me. Someone would have had to convince him that it was in my interest and that of national security.
    My sister and I were estranged for many years. But recently I believe she was providing information about me to the democratic party as she was involved with them. However I think that changed from the democratic party to the Department of Homeland Security. Again for national security reasons.
    There may be surveillance in effect. Whether that could overlap to protection, I do not know. Possible the argument could have been made to the Secret Service pursuant to 18 USC Section 3056.(a)(7). After all I am a declared presidential candidate. If I have been targeted by the Mossad, again the argument could be made for surveillance and protection.
    This could explain the flashbang, if that is what it was.
    I never asked my father. I have asked my sister many times. She has always denied it.
    In any event I have no proof. Not even much in the way of evidence.
    Just mostly strong suspicions.

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