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LNC Executive Committee 11/20/2022

This will be a live blog from when it starts. It is starting.  Minor electronic challenges, not with the LNC people.  Meeting called to order at 9:09. All of the LNC Excomm is present.

Public Comment: McMahon: Indiana elected 7 people.  Gave candidates much support thanks to CiviCRM.

Hagopian and Krauss will give a short intro.  Then Executive Session. McArdle: Based on historical trends, we are budgeting 1.7 Million dollars and in balance.

Hagopian: Income and outgo budgeted at 1.729 million each. Not underpromising but this is a belt-tightening budget.  Challenges: Huge ballot-access target over the next two years needed. Budget will not drill down below what is required so staff has flexibility.

Lainie Huston spoke.  Has visuals.

McArdle– no IT lines surprises.

Nanna: Moves for executive Session including LNC members and Lainie Huston.

Chair complains that material from executive session has been leaking onto Facebook.  She threatens removal.

Independent Political Report respects the privacy of its sources.

Moved for Executive session for LNC and Lainie Huston. They are advancing to a breakout room.

Addition: End of Meeting.

Emerge from Executive session.

Move that the Executive Committee approve the posted budget. Vote is 6-0-0 Chair not voting.

Discussion of next LNC Meeting to approve budget. 3PM Eastern on December 11.

Moved to adjourn. Adjourned without objection.

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  1. Steve n Steve n November 22, 2022

    Apperently one decision made at this budgetary meeting was to fire some of the staff. But the LNC assures us finances are great.

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