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Political Independents to Meet in Texas for a National Convention

Political independents and major party critics from across the country meet in Texas later this spring for what they call the “greatest convergence of independents in US history.”

The United Independent Movement is hosting its second Independent National Convention, scheduled for the first weekend in April at the Austin Convention Center. The convention will feature over one dozen guest speakers and numerous workshops and panels, including discussing ways to work together, manage power dynamics, create an independent national media, implement electoral reform, and drive civic change. The first convention, held during the 2020 election cycle, also featured a presidential debate sponsored by Free & Equal Elections.

“INC ’23 Austin is a national convergence of independent leaders coming together to learn from each other, coordinate efforts and celebrate our resolve to activate a brighter, Independent, American future,” reads the convention website tagline.

Research into the convention organizers shows that California-based political activist Christopher Life oversees the event as executive producer. Life, who has worked in that role since 2021, is also the founder of the One Nation Party USA and a proponent of conscious evolution.

In addition, supporters of the United Independent Movement, the organization responsible for the event, abide by several key issues outlined in what they termed the Articles of United Independents. Examples include choosing independence from “groupthink, self-serving ulterior motives, and tactics of manipulation,” focusing on improving the overall quality of life, the reduction of harm, stewarding the natural world, and following the unifying principles of good governance.

While the event primarily seeks to engage political independents and move past the two-party system, a diverse lineup of speakers will address the convention, including several active members of other established political parties, such as Libertarian National Committee Chair Angela McArdle, Democratic ex-Rep Dennis Kucinich, Republican Utahn County Commissioner Amelia Powers Gardner, Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and recent presidential candidate ex-Rep Tulsi Gabbard. Other speakers are more apolitical but possess a background in conscious evolution or changing society’s critical elements, such as the media.

One of the more unique speakers to address the convention is not a person but an entity of artificial intelligence. Listed as a “synthesis of collective intelligence,” the AI entity will host a conversation discussing the general considerations for a United Independents Movement. However, it’s unknown at this time how a being of artificial intelligence will address the convention and who is responsible for its specific algorithm and model.

Listed partners and sponsors of the event include the Libertarian Party, Ethello, the Liberty Dollar Financial Association, and the New Law Business Model, among others.


  1. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly February 9, 2023

    It looks not at all interesting, contra Jeff. OneNation is a wingnut party IMO, and Chris Life is a new agey transhumanist or transhumanist fellow traveler.

    This secularist leftist wouldn’t go near that with a 10-foot pole but wonders why Peter Thiel isn’t there. This is up his general alley. Oh, for people who don’t know what Austin, and even more, the greater Austin metro is like these days? This is more like what Austin is like than Willie Nelson, sadly.

  2. Jeff Davidson Jeff Davidson February 9, 2023

    This looks like an interesting event, and I hadn’t heard of it before. Thanks for sharing! One note – if Gabbard is to be listed as an ex-Rep, then Kucinich should probably be listed as an ex-Mayor.

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