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LNC Chair Angela McArdle on Timcast IRL: “Look into German New Medicine”

On Friday evening, Libertarian National Committee Chair Angela McArdle appeared on Timcast IRL, a culture and news podcast hosted by Tim Pool. Very soon into the evening, McArdle recommended Pool look into a form of medicine known as “German New Medicine,” prompting a backlash on social media.

“There was a period [when] everyone had that same cough despite not being around each other,” Pool remarked, […] I get viruses go around real quick or whatever, but some of these people didn’t know each other.”

“So I’ll be careful how I phrase it because of where we’re streaming to,” McArdle responded, “but if you want to go down a rabbit hole on health, you can look into German New Medicine, which is a very different view of germ theory and virology.” McArdle could not elaborate further as Pool cut her off soon after, saying, “save it for the show.”

Libertarian social media took notice and quickly responded, with numerous members remarking on the controversial nature of German New Medicine.

“Last night, LP chair Angela McArdle told Timcast viewers to look into a crackpot theory called “German New Medicine.” It was thought up by Ryke Geerd Hamer, who claimed that traditional medicine is a Jewish conspiracy to decimate non-Jews,” wrote Fakertarians, an online libertarian organization, and podcast frequently critical of the current Libertarian Party leadership. “Is this supposed to be the functional and not embarrassing part, Angela?” added Archie Flower, former chair of the Vermont Libertarian Party.

But what is German New Medicine, and why has it provoked such a strong response from some in the Libertarian community?

German New Medicine, also sometimes called Germanic New Medicine, is an outlook on health pioneered by the late German ex-physicist Ryke Geerd Hamer. It follows five “biological laws,” with different laws examining specific topics such as the role of microbes and diseases, the body’s response to “biological shock events,” and the types of conflicts that impact human health.

According to Hamer, what the established medical world understands and regards as a “disease” is instead a “Significant Biological Special Program.” Such a program is brought on by a sudden and isolating shock event that negatively impacts microbes naturally found in and on the human body. In Hamer’s view, microbes aren’t inherently harmful, nor are diseases contagious. Instead, they react to the “biological conflicts” created in the psyche, brain, and organ by this event and can even play a vital role in the healing process.

McArdle remarking on German New Medicine years before her Timcast IRL appearance.

Adding to the controversial nature of Hamer’s professional work are also his perspectives on modern medicine, many of which are rooted in conspiratorial thinking. The Prindle Post, a philosophy publication examining ethics maintained by The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University, noted the anti-Semitic nature of Hamer’s beliefs.

“[Hamer] believed medicine is dominated by Jews, who poison patients with conventional biomedical treatment, but who secretly treat Jewish patients with the principles that Hamer defended,” writes Professor Gabriel Andrade of the Universidad del Zulia.

Last Friday’s Timcast IRL appearance was also not the first time McArdle remarked on German New Medicine. In an earlier example, McArdle recommended German New Medicine in a 2021 response to a comment by one Twitter user about the nature of the COVID-19 virus. “What virus? This so-called virus has never been isolated, never purified. Therefore no virus,” wrote one user, to which McArdle responded with “German New Medicine.”

Independent Political Report has contacted Angela McArdle for comment about her beliefs toward German New Medicine, the history of Ryke Geerd Hamer, and if she feels research into such an approach benefits the Libertarian Party in the United States. The editorial team will update this article with additional information if it becomes available.


  1. Jared Jared March 22, 2023

    McArdle apparently has a soft spot for creepy conspiracy theories. She has also made remarks indicating that she buys into the pseudo-legal nuttery of the sovereign citizen movement.

  2. J.D. J.D. March 21, 2023

    Might as well have recommended folks read about salubrious living from the Creativity Movement. Boy howdy lots of anti-semitic tropes floating around these days. Guy at work used to spout all sorts of that kind of stuff. Everyone told him he was spouting anti-semitic garbage, even people that weren’t that political or conspiritological. It seems he finally got it that he was tricked into believing the stuff. That, or he just gave up trying to convert people. Either way we don’t hear about it any longer.

  3. George Phillies George Phillies March 20, 2023

    Readers will note that there are two separate issues here, one being the claim of the creator of “German New Medicine” that the germ theory of disease is wrong, and the other being the matter that the creator of “German New Medicine” claimed that normal modern medicine is a Jewish plot to kill the world’s gentiles. In my opinion, Libertarian leadership should not be associated with either of these claims.

  4. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly March 20, 2023

    “German New Medicine” aside, the fact that McArdle appeared AT ALL on Tim Pool’s show is a “tell.”

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