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Vermin Supreme Interviews LNC Chair Angela McArdle in New Podcast

Vermin Supreme sat down with Libertarian National Committee Chair Angela McArdle on Tuesday night for the first episode of his new podcast, “SUPER TUESDAYS.” For almost an hour, the satirical former presidential candidate and ex-LNC Judicial Committee member challenged McArdle on several decisions and statements she had made during her LNC Chair tenure.

The two discussed a wide range of topics, including McArdle’s recent video calling the previous leadership “drunken rats,” the Libertarian National Committee intervening in state affiliate affairs, and the FEC complaint filed against one of the two Libertarian organizations in Michigan. The conversation also touched on the messaging of the Libertarian Party, accusations of McArdle courting anti-semites, and her “anti-woke” makeup brand.

Both personalities had differing opinions on specific issues, including about Vermin himself, leading to moments of conflict during the interview.

At one point, McArdle told Supreme that she did not believe he was a good fit for the Libertarian Party and that the party was not a good fit for him. “I don’t think you’re a good fit for us at all. I wish you the very best of luck,” she said. “There’s nothing I can do to technically block you, […] but I don’t think you’re a good fit for us.” Despite this, Supreme laughed it off and said his involvement was and is dependent on those in the party who support him. However, McArdle did acknowledge that Supreme and his running mate, Spike Cohen, had the most put-together campaign from the beginning of the 2020 presidential election cycle.

Vermin also pushed McArdle on the concept of a “National Divorce,” or the division of politically “blue” and “red” states into two different countries.

“The Libertarian Party has this pro-secession plank, but why not just leave the country?” When asked to explain his question, Vermin clarified that he meant why not renounce individual citizenship. “I’m sure there are reasons we could do that, reasons we couldn’t,” McArdle said, but wouldn’t go further.

When pressed about declining fundraising numbers and losing elected officials in the form of a clip video Vermin put together and played on screen, McArdle refused to talk about her relationship with candidates and did not immediately address the other slides. When questioned about the recent leaving of Robert Kraus, McArdle pushed back herself.

“I’m not going to discuss staff on these calls with you. Are you out of your mind?” she stated.

On the topic of what’s next for the Libertarian Party, McArdle teased viewers with the promise of something big coming on June 1, 2023, but said she couldn’t yet share more. She also announced that the party had several upcoming summer initiatives and would build more single-issue coalitions outside the party, including with “communists” on anti-war issues. McArdle also expressed her desire to see more candidate training events online.

McArdle and Supreme teased a second appearance at varying points in the video, although it is unknown if or when that would happen. Viewers can access the full episode on Vermin Supreme’s official YouTube channel.


  1. Joe Joe May 27, 2023

    Gene, you don’t think an actual libertarian is a good fit for the party? Angela is the best chair the party has had in years.

  2. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood May 25, 2023

    Interesting show. They obviously had not fully prepared, and the clips were poorly coordinated and frequently cutoff either too soon or too late, but for a first show I give it a B.

    Vermin spent almost half the program thanking his guest. For what? She looked bored, and her body language indicated a clear disgust that she was there.

    Not being a member of the LP, I will resist the urge to comment on the content of the questions and answers given. But I will comment on the way they were answered. If I were politically unaligned and somehow ran across this, hoping to see what a libertarian stands for, I would leave thinking it was full of boring idiots. While I give the show a B, I give the guest a D. She could have easily made Vermin’s questions look foolish, but instead she just kept guzzling liquids with her hand glued to her chin.

    One of the worst interviews I have ever seen.

    But I have put Vermin on my calendar to watch next week. Regardless of whether you agree with his politics, he can be entertaining.

    Thanks to IPR for reporting on this.

  3. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman May 24, 2023

    ” McArdle told Supreme that she did not believe he was a good fit for the Libertarian Party and that the party was not a good fit for him.”
    That so far is the only thing Angele McArdle has said that I agree with.

    If Vermin Supreme had responded that he “did not believe she was a good fit for the Libertarian Party and that the party was not a good fit for her.” that would be the one thing he could say that I agree with.

  4. Jeff Davidson Jeff Davidson May 24, 2023

    Credit to her for doing the interview.

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