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Forward Party Celebrates Municipal and City Victories in Mid-Atlantic and New England States

The Forward Party celebrated several municipal and city victories in last Tuesday’s elections, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states.

In a press release received by Independent Political Report, the Forward Party listed five campaigns in which the organization played an active role, all of which were successful in their respective local elections. Leading up to election night, Independent Political Report had identified approximately two dozen candidates openly associated with the organization, with the majority running in Pennsylvania (10) and Connecticut (7).

It’s worth noting that some of the candidates who were successful in last Tuesday’s elections also did not necessarily appear on the ballot as Forward Party candidates but instead had their open support as formal affiliates. The Forward Party maintains an affiliate program for individuals who are members of other party organizations but align with the values and goals outlined in the Forward Party platform. These candidates are referred to as “Forward affiliates,” allowing them to retain their current partisan affiliations while still receiving the support of Forward Party state chapters.

Notable victories outlined by Forward in its recent press release include the following:

  • Danielle Chesebrough, Stonington, Connecticut, First Selectman

Danielle Chesebrough ran unaffiliated with the support of the Forward Party in a hotly-contested four-way municipal election in Stonington, Connecticut. Chesebrough emerged as the top vote-getter, securing a third term by earning 2,479 votes, surpassing the Democratic candidate (1,772 votes), Republican candidate (1,249 votes), and another unaffiliated candidate (500 votes). According to the party, Chesebrough is the organization’s “first Forward elected official who faced opponents.”

  • James Kole, Laurel, Maryland, Councilman

James Kole, an incumbent member of the Laurel City Council, ran as an unaffiliated candidate with the support of the Forward Party in a four-way nonpartisan race. Kole emerged as the frontrunner with 586 votes, defeating three other candidates who received 469, 405, and 170 votes, respectively.

  • Seth Bluestein, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, City Commissioner

Seth Bluestein ran for Philadelphia City Commissioner as a “Forward Republican” in a vote-for-three race featuring three total candidates. The City Charter mandates that only two officials can be from the same political party, leaving the third seat open to a minority political party. Bluestein finished third, behind the two Democratic Party candidates, with 58,135 votes. Independent Political Report has covered Bluestein and fellow Forward Republican Steve Zappala’s races in more detail in an available article.

  • Chris Woodward, Lower Heidelberg Township, Pennsylvania, Auditor

Chris Woodward ran uncontested for Lower Heidelberg Township Auditor and formally appeared on the ballot as a member of the Forward Party. Woodward won 1,270 total votes. His victory was one of the few among non-Forward affiliate candidates that night. Additionally, Forward stated in its release that it intends to continue focusing on uncontested races like Woodward’s as a part of its strategy.

  • Steve Zappala, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, District Attorney

Steven Zappala ran for re-election to the office of Allegheny District Attorney as a “Forward Republican.” He faced a rematch against a challenger who had defeated him in the Democratic Party primary earlier in the year. Zappala achieved one of the higher-profile Forward victories last week in terms of raw totals, garnering 188,215 votes, equivalent to 51.5% of the total cast.

Two additional successful candidates not identified in the Forward Party press release are Jennifer Arndt and Kyle Herman:

  • Jennifer Arndt, Fort Collins, Colorado, Mayor

While Jennifer Arndt faced no formally listed challenges on the ballot last week, she was challenged by a local write-in candidate who received periodic media attention in the weeks leading up to election day. Arndt won re-election with 91.3% of the total or 34,896 votes. Readers of Independent Political Report can read more about Arndt’s transition to the Forward Party as an affiliate in a previous article. 

  • Kyle Herman, Stow, Ohio, City Council

Kyle Herman ran for Stow City Council in a vote-for-three race that featured five candidates, including three incumbents seeking re-election. In the run-up to election day, he received an endorsement from the Forward Party’s Ohio affiliate. Herman, who serves as the Executive Director of Rank the Vote Ohio and previously worked in the Obama White House as a writer, garnered 6,098 votes, securing second place and outperforming two incumbents seeking re-election.

The Forward Party also stated that it plans to duplicate its strategy moving into 2024, focusing on state and local races where “extremist groups are gaining momentum.”

Independent Political Report welcomes readers to share local notable results from areas we may have missed.

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