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Jill Stein Seeks Green Presidential Nomination

Former Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein of Lexington, Massachusetts has filed as a candidate for the Green Party Presidential nomination.  Since the start of2023, her pre-existing campaign committee has raised $29,191.72 and spent $12,101.68, leaving it with $70,402.44 cash on hand and $43,010.00 in debts and loans owed by her committee.  A more detailed article is expected soon.


  1. Chris Powell November 13, 2023

    It looks to me like Stein taking one for the team here, lest they go into convention and have to ask for a volunteer.
    The over/under for states where the Greens will have ballot access has to be in the low thirties at best.

  2. Stewart Flood November 11, 2023

    Good point. I’m not a huge follower of the Green Party either, however both she and West are in the seventh octave of life so maybe it is time to find new leadership.

  3. Jeff Davidson November 11, 2023

    I’m not up on Green Party internal stuff, but as an outsider I don’t sense any great chaos in their process thus far. It’s not like the chaos of the GOP, with 15 or so candidates fighting for spots on a debate stage or something. Stein’s just bigfooting, IMO. She’s done what she can, for better or worse depending on your perspective, for the party. It’s time for her to step aside and let some new leadership develop and let new candidates help define the party to younger generations of voters. Boomers like me hanging on too long is what gives us Biden v Trump round 2.

  4. Stewart Flood November 11, 2023

    I would assume that this makes her the immediate “front runner“ for the nomination? And it would seem to me that it could completely marginalize West and possibly end his campaign quickly.

    It is likely that prior name recognition would increase her vote totals next November. But what would happen if the Democratic Party wakes up and selects another nominee other than Biden? We are a long way from their convention, and Biden is not doing very well either in the polls, with the economy, with foreign policy, or with his personal fight against age and a visibly growing infirmity.

    Would a replacement (a live one, not Harris), reinvigorate the Democratic party and deflate Stein as an alternate choice, or would she gain momentum?

    With RFK in the race, and a likely no labels candidate as well, would the Green and Libertarian parties be squashed or would their visibility be improved?

    Having past campaign debt is a minor issue, and I really doubt it is a factor in her getting in the race. Looking at it from the outside, this looks like a very good strategic move for her to make to further the Green cause.

  5. NewFederalist November 10, 2023

    Perhaps she’s just a dedicated party member who wishes to avoid chaos since Cornel West decided to change direction.

  6. Jeff Davidson November 10, 2023

    Jim nails it. She’ll primarily raise the money not from Green donors but from wealthy GOP donors hoping to peel a point or two off of Biden’s vote in swing states, a la West. That doesn’t include the under-the-table money she’ll get from Russia.

  7. Jim November 10, 2023

    I assume Stein still owes the FEC $175,000 for matching funds from 2016 and that a new campaign is how she intends to raise the money to settle that debt.

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