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Green Party representative testifies against ‘Jim Crow’ stop-and-frisk policy before Phila. City Council

From the Green Party of Philadelphia:

A representative of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) testified against the stop-and-frisk policy at Philadelphia City Council hearings on Tuesday, December 14. Stop-and-frisk has been enforced by Mayor Nutter, City Council, and the police for the last three years. Stop-and-frisk involves a police officer running his or her hands along the outer garments to detect any concealed weapons.… Read more ...

Hugh Giordano to Philadelphia union leaders: ‘It’s time to put an end to the two party system’

The following is an open letter written, sent to various Philadelphia unions and published by Hugh Giordano, a union organizer and Green candidate for state representative in Philadelphia who received over 18 percent of the vote in a 3-way race this year.  I, Ross Levin, worked on Giordano’s campaign as a volunteer and continue to volunteer for the Green Party of Philadelphia.… Read more ...

In Philadelphia, ‘Green Party acts to build membership’

The following article ran in several newspapers in the Philadelphia, PA area (you can read the full thing here):

On November 30, the monthly meeting of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP), www.gpop.org, provided a look at a rejuvenated political organization…

Much of the discussion focused on Hugh Giordano, www.hughgiordano.com

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Green Party of PA and Philadelphia holding 3 events in the city this weekend

There will be a meeting of the state party’s committee, a fundraiser dinner featuring Green Party activist Mike Nance answering the question, “Was Hericletus right?” and a pancake breakfast the next morning at the house of Green Party activist Hillary Kane, which is part of an effort to form a new West Philadelphia Greens group. … Read more ...

Activists hope for a ‘mass party of labor’

At Hugh Giordano’s election night party in Philadelphia, there were two volunteers from this effort present, collecting signatures.  Incidentally, the numbers for Hugh’s race are wrong in the article below.  He actually got about 18 percent of the vote and came in about 2 percent behind the Republican.  Now, from the website In Defence of Marxism:

Unfortunately, the labor movement leaders did not offer any alternative to voting for the parties of the rich.

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Green candidate for PA state rep. Hugh Giordano thanks supporters; announces effort to organize local Greens, possible 2012 run, and more

From the Hugh Giordano campaign in Philadelphia (I volunteered for Hugh’s campaign, and he received about 18 percent of the vote, while winning a few precincts):

To My Supporters,
 I have sat back and thought about what to say, and all I can say is – Thank you! Thank you to all the thousands of citizens who opened up their mind up and didn’t just vote “A straight corporate ticket.”… Read more ...

IPR Exclusive: Democrats turn to dirty tricks against Green in PA state rep. race, DA might investigate

I am a volunteer for Hugh Giordano’s campaign for state legislature in Philadelphia, and today we had some interesting events unfold.  What I’m writing here I know from talking to Hugh and one of our campaign workers.

The campaign worker was in the Philadelphia neighborhood Wynnefield, and she noticed that some of Hugh’s signs which he had just put up the night before were missing. … Read more ...

Green Party of Pennsylvania pre-election press release

From the Green Party of Pennsylvania:


Green Party offers viable alternatives in tomorrow’s election

As the exchange of missives between the two large corporate-dominated
parties intensifies while the campaign season for the November 2010 general
election winds down, the Green Party of Pennsylvania continues to offer a
viable alternative that puts people before profits, and forwards a prospect
of real change instead of the tiresome rhetoric and empty promises of the
status quo.… Read more ...

PA Green state rep. candidate Hugh Giordano endorsed by teachers’ union, promises to give 10% of salary to education

From Montgomery Media (disclosure: I’m a volunteer on Giordano’s campaign):

Hugh Giordano, the independent Green Party candidate in the 194th District is making waves in this election and continues to shock and amaze. This week, the Green Party candidate made a huge announcement in which Giordano promises to give back 10 percent of his salary to the school system.

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In Philadelphia, ‘Green Party Candidate Giordano Goes For Upset in State House Race’

An article in the Roxborough-Manayunk Patch profiled Green Party candidate for state legislature in the 194th district Hugh GiordanoYou can read the full thing here.

“When I get elected, I’m excited to go to Harrisburg and seek out progressives—Democrats, Republicans, whatever. We need to build alliances and actually get things done,” the Roxborough resident said from Crossroads Coffee House on Ridge Avenue.

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Phila. Bulletin: Third Parties Want Ballot Laws Changed

From the Philadelphia Bulletin:

When threatened with a legal challenge to the signatures on the nominating petitions, third party candidates do not have the necessary funds to fight back, said Bonita Hoke, executive director of the non-partisan League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania.

“It is all too easy for major party candidates, with access to large sums of money, to successfully challenge the nomination petitions of minor party candidates who may lack the resources needed to defend their candidacy and pay the fines if the challenge is successful,” said Ms.

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Green candidate for State Rep. in PA receives Democrat’s endorsement, plus other campaign news

In July, Green Party candidate for State Representative in PA’s 194th district Hugh Giordano received the endorsement of Bill Morris, a Democrat who ran and lost in the May primary.  (Full disclosure:  I’m doing a lot of volunteer work for the Giordano campaign.)  The news made several newspapers, including the Philadelphia Public Record, which ran the headline “Green Party Candidate May Liven Up 194th State House Race:”

Giordano is not your usual Green Party advocate.

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