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Tax Wall Street Party Welcomes “Putin the Peacemaker” to New York

From the Tax Wall Street Party website:

The Tax Wall Street Party, alone among US political parties or organizations, today welcomes Russia’s President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to the United States, greeting him as a peacemaker and a friend and benefactor of the American people. This spirited demonstration was viewed by thousands at the corner of 2nd Ave and East 47nd Street, not far from the United Nations Secretariat building, at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. The meeting was addressed by Webster Tarpley of the Tax Wall Street Party, who delivered a speech explaining to New Yorkers exactly why Putin and Russia should be considered key strategic allies and the Us Russian relationship the most important in the world for our country. The rally was attended by correspondents from Press TV, RT and the Belarusian television news network. Participants had come from southern New Hampshire, western Massachusetts, Washington DC and other locations. The Tax Wall Street Party will be in action again Monday with a pro-Putin presence in the neighborhood of the Russian mission to the United Nations.

Putin will be speaking today, Monday September 28, before the United Nations General Assembly. The Russian press agency TASS reported that he is likely to speak about how the UN should adapt to an ever-changing world, that he will call for an international effort in fighting terrorism and also give his assessment of international relations as they stand today. Putin is making a call for a new unified world-wide battle against terrorism. This is something the US has not done because of the scheming of the cabal of putschist military brass and financiers represented by outgoing ISIS Czar John Allen.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on Sunday, noting Russia’s role fighting global poverty. Included in his speech was the demand to end the arbitrarily imposed embargo on Cuba and, implicit in his speech, the sanctions imposed on Russia. Lavrov rightly claimed that these sanctions bypass the UN Security Council and further claimed that one state taking unilateral coercive measures to force policy changes in another state violates the UN Charter. The Russian Foreign Minister is also planning to meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry later this week; Russian delegation members have told TASS that in the meeting, “Particular attention will be paid to Syria.”

Prior to Lavrov’s speech, the obscene ruler of Kiev Petro Poroshenko violated UN procedures by changing the speaking order during the General Assembly. Originally slated to be the 14th speaker at the UNGA, he chose instead to be number 26, right before Sergei Lavrov. Under normal UN rules, if a speaker cannot take the floor at his or her appointed time, they are pushed to the end of the speaking roster. During his speech, Poroshenko made a show of the $5 million a day it costs the Kiev fascist regime to fight the independent states of Donetsk and Lugansk, and blamed Russia for backing the Donetsk People’s Republic and other anti-fascist forces. After this shameful performance, all but one representative from the Russian delegation left the general assembly session and waited in the hall for Poroshenko’s charade to end. “We left the meeting hall in protest against his openly politicized and aggressive speech, which had nothing to do with the summit’s topic,” reported one delegate to TASS.

Reports also indicate the Putin will be meeting with Obama during his stay in New York to discuss issues such as Ukraine and Syria. While US frauds and humanitarian bombers like Josh Earnest and Samantha Power were quick to trumpet that the US policy of isolating Putin was the cause of Russia’s requesting a meeting. But Putin’s aide Yuri Ushakov has refuted this absurd claim that Putin had repeatedly asked for a meeting, and explained instead that it was a White House proposal for a meeting — with two optional dates — that Putin accepted. Ushakov said, “We do not refuse contacts that are proposed….We support maintaining constant dialogue at the highest level.… Americans knew that if President Obama wants to hold a working meeting in New York and proposes to hold it, we will hardly refuse.”

Tonight on CBS, the 60 Minutes program hosted by Charlie Rose is to feature President Putin. We reproduce here some selections of Putin’s interview with Charlie Rose published by the Kremlin website, and point out to readers Putin’s clarity on the subjects of NATO expansion and the role of Assad in fighting US-trained terrorists:

CHARLIE ROSE: We are expecting you to speak about the threat of the Islamic State and your presence in Syria that is related to that. What is the purpose of your presence in Syria and how does that relate to the challenge of ISIS?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: I believe I am pretty certain that virtually everyone speaking from the United Nations platform is going to talk about the fight, about the need to fight terrorism, and I cannot avoid this issue either. This is quite understandable because it is a serious common threat to all of us; it is a common challenge to all of us. Today, terrorism threatens a great number of states, a great number of people – hundreds of thousands, millions of people suffer from its criminal activity. And we all face the task of joining our efforts in the fight against this common evil.

Concerning our, as you put it, presence in Syria, as of today it has taken the form of weapons supplies to the Syrian government, personnel training and humanitarian aid to the Syrian people. We act based on the United Nations Charter, i.e. the fundamental principles of modern international law, according to which this or that type of aid, including military assistance, can and must be provided exclusively to the legitimate governments of one country or another, upon its consent or request, or upon the decision of the United Nations Security Council. In this particular case, we are acting based on a request from the Syrian government to provide military and technical assistance, which we deliver under entirely legal international contracts.

CHARLIE ROSE: Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States welcomes your assistance in the fight against the Islamic State. Others have taken note of the fact that these are combat planes and manpad systems that are being used against the conventional army, not extremists.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: There is only one regular army there. That is the army of Syrian President al-Assad. And he is confronted with what some of our international partners interpret as an opposition. In reality, al-Assad’s army is fighting against terrorist organisations. You should know better than me about the hearings that have just taken place in the United States Senate, where the military and Pentagon representatives, if I am not mistaken, reported to the senators about what the United States had done to train the combat part of the opposition forces. The initial aim was to train between 5,000 and 6,000 fighters, and then 12,000 more. It turns out that only 60 of these fighters have been properly trained, and as few as 4 or 5 people actually carry weapons, while the rest of them have deserted with the American weapons to join ISIS. That is the first point.

Secondly, in my opinion, provision of military support to illegal structures runs counter to the principles of modern international law and the United Nations Charter. We have been providing assistance to legitimate government entities only.


CHARLIE ROSE: Russia has a military presence on the borders with Ukraine, and some argue that there have been Russian troops in Ukraine itself.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Do you have a military presence in Europe?


VLADIMIR PUTIN: The U.S. tactical nuclear weapons are in Europe, let us not forget this. Does it mean that the U.S. has occupied Germany or that the U.S. never stopped the occupation after World War II and only transformed the occupation troops into the NATO forces? And if we keep our troops on our territory on the border with some state, you see it is a crime?

Among the more notable addresses to the General Assembly delivered on Sunday was that of the Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, who warned of another world war “if we make one more step toward global conflict,” and this ally of Russia made a not-so-veiled attack on Western efforts to address the conflict in Syria. “Why are you throwing a president out of office? How does this concern you?” Lukashenko asked during his speech to a U.N. summit on global development that has drawn a record number of world leaders. “What do you want? What are you striving for?” He was speaking of Western demands that Syrian President Bashar Assad step down. He lamented the “balance of power lost with the disintegration of the Soviet Union,” of which his country was a member.

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  1. Jed Ziggler Jed Ziggler Post author | September 30, 2015

    I’d be shocked if he doesn’t run for president in 2016 as the TWSP candidate. At least it won’t be as a Democrat like most LaRouchites.

  2. paulie paulie September 30, 2015

    You can take Tarpley out of the LaRouche organization, but…..

  3. Jed Ziggler Jed Ziggler Post author | September 30, 2015

    Only in LaRouche Land is the man who very recently instigated war against the Ukraine a “peacemaker”.

  4. Mark Axinn Mark Axinn September 29, 2015

    You can take the man out of the KGB, but….

  5. Wang Tang-Fu Wang Tang-Fu September 29, 2015

    LOL what crap!

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