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Davi Barker: Who is Will Coley? (Libertarian Party VP candidate)

13278108_10209561709548676_363072396_nWill Coley describes himself as “your average a camo wearing, bow hunting, East Tennessee redneck who runs a small farm dedicated to the conservation of endangered livestock species,” except he also happens to be one of the most sought after Muslim voices in the United States. While accepting every opportunity to speak powerfully to university and radio audiences, he also knows first hand how to apply laissez-faire voluntaryist principles in his personal life as an entrepreneur.

Currently running for the Libertarian Vice Presidential nomination, Coley cut his teeth as co-founder and national director of Muslims 4 Liberty, a coalition of Muslims and their allies struggling to present an underrepresented confluence of values between enlightenment philosophy and Islamic teachings. In this role, his message has circumnavigated the globe, planting seeds which blossomed in the establishment of a Libertarian Party in Pakistan and Turkey, a thriving alternative currency movement in Malaysia, as well as underground networks in many places where advocating freedom is risking your life.

As the preferred running mate of presidential hopeful, Darryl W. Perry, Coley has literally brought crowds to tears and standing ovations at Libertarian Party events around the country. As a principle of his campaign, he consistently promotes civil discourse over confrontation, inviting his own political opponents to promote their candidacy on his nationally syndicated radio program, Call To Freedom.

Will Coley brings an expertise in both domestic and international affairs which is not borrowed from libertarian writers, but experienced first hand in his immediate surroundings. He demonstrates, through the success of his own activism, that the battle of ideas is best won by the example you set, not the countries you bomb, and liberty is best spread by the pen, not the state.

Davi Barker is the Editor of the Daily Anarchist and author of Authoritarian Sociopathy.