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Video of yesterday’s vice presidential, chair and vice-chair debates at LP convention

The vice presidential,chair, and vice chair debates held last night at the Libertarian Party convention can be watched in the 3 hour video below (via American Third Party Report):

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  1. Paul C. G. Paul C. G. May 28, 2016

    Thanks Rebel. i am guessing he was just doing this just for publicity and attention. No great loss to the movement.

  2. Rebel Alliance Rebel Alliance May 28, 2016

    Weiss did not collect enough tokens from delegates to be included the debate; the VP candidates needed 30 each and he got 17. Perhaps he was not aware that he needed to be working on doing that before the debate.

  3. Paul C. G. Paul C. G. May 28, 2016

    What happened with Judd Weiss. That guy has been making all those flashy vids making it look like he’s was McAfee’s top choice?

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