Dean Barkley or Jesse Ventura?

Ballot-Access News just reported:

The ballot-qualified Minnesota Independence Party holds a primary in September. Filing is in July. Press reports from Minnesota indicate that both Jesse Ventura and Dean Barkley are considering running for U.S. Senate. Each defers to the other and says, “I won’t run unless (the other) doesn’t want to run.” The party must poll at least 5% for the U.S. Senate race this year, in order to remain on the ballot.

Dean Barkley was appointed to fill a two-month vacancy in the U.S. Senate by Governor Ventura, in 2002, after incumbent Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in an airplane crash. Both Ventura and Barkley have high name recognition in Minnesota.

h/t to Richard Winger

10 thoughts on “Dean Barkley or Jesse Ventura?

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    In my opinion,this could be the biggest 3rd party race in the Country. Either Dean Barkley or Ventura could score double digits.

  2. G.E.

    Ventura won a state-wide race once. I think double digits is shooting kind of low.

    Is Franken the Dem nominee, though? That would hurt Ventura, I think; and Ventura would hurt Franken.

  3. Mike Theodore

    “Is Franken the Dem nominee, though? That would hurt Ventura, I think; and Ventura would hurt Franken.”

    That’s what I think. I like Ventura, but I have nothing against Franken. One could bring down the other, and the republican could play a woodrow wilson. My recommendations to ventura: wait. Your just back in the public eye. Wait.

  4. Austin Cassidy

    Dean Barkley would be my choice, simply because Ventura has said some wacky things as of late. Barkley, who already served a couple months in the Senate, would be a formidable candidate.

    Ventura will probably have a hard time ever winning elective office again with some of the stuff in his recent book. It’s not like last time where no one saw him as a threat and he came out of nowhere to win it. His rivals would gang up on him right away with some of these statements.

  5. Fred Church Ortiz

    I disagree Mike, waiting isn’t really conducive to reviving a political career. Gravel, anyone?

  6. Mike Theodore

    No need, Gravel will clinch the LP nomination. muahahahaha!
    To be honest with you, I can’t really see Ventura going anywhere in ’08. I hate to think it, but I think all he can do is sit this one out.

  7. Fred Church Ortiz

    My hopes aren’t high for Ventura to take it either. Actually, I wish he’d move over to CA and wait out Arnold. He has some local street cred here for involving himself with some Indian casino measures we had on the ballot.

  8. Mike Theodore

    His roots are pretty set in Minnesota politics. He doesn’t want to look like a carpetbagger. I’m thinking like crazy, but I can’t see a place for him. To late for Presidential. Senate race would screw everything up. Former Governor turned congressman would be wacky. Plus, he’s against political parties as a whole. This could be a plus, or minus for him.

  9. Fred Church Ortiz

    That carpetbagger complaint came up at the time too, but it didn’t really stick. I wonder if he made some friends in the politically active tribes here.

  10. Trent Hill Post author

    Im not sure Ventura could win a Senate seat–because of his wacky remarks. But some constitutional office would probably be appropriate.

    As for Barkley, I think he’ll jump in the race and likely score 20+%.

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